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[sticky post] About Me


The roommate and I had brainstormed a bunch of volleyball puns that suited these two characters XD

[cosplay] DaiSuga in Formal Attire

Had an idea for Valentine's Day cards with these two that I will post later. My roommate took a few picture sfor me last weekend so it's been kind of rough not being able to share with friends. lol - secret keep!

For now, here's a preview of Daichi and Suga in button down shirts and ties :)

Tumblr - Cosplay Sideblog

Started a cosplay blog on tumblr to share some pictures and hoping to update it fairly often for mainly nostalgic purposes: http://karasuno-captain.tumblr.com/

Lots of hard work has gone into my cosplays and also so many wonderful memories were made at conventions. It would be nice to share with more people :)


Fandom Meme Comparison 2012-2014

For data purposes. Also amusement since some things stay the same and it's cool to see how interests shift.

3rd anniversary2nd anniversary of this day. おめでとうございます Atobe-sama <3
He also has a J-World Tokyo exhibit right now too. (news article from tenipuri.jp)
The King of Hyotei \o/

Happy Birthday Daichi! <3

Happy Birthday Sawamura Daichi!

This took several hours to create but it was totally worth it.
Absolutely love my Karasuno Captain <3 <3 <3

Best wishes for a wonderful new year filled with great experiences, joy, friendship, and success everyone!

[tumblr #s:
sawamura daichi, haikyuu!!, karasuno captain. favorite character to cosplay, papa daichi, dorky guy with powerful thighs, writes fanfiction for this guy, has a collection of art commissions and merchandise for this guy, works out to have thighs and biceps like this guy, plays volleyball like this, guy completely in love with this guy]

NaNoWriMo 2014

The last week of October through the third week of November was insanely busy and then I had Thanksgiving Break in which I had to make up for being behind in NaNo since Day 5. Still alive and lots of wonderful things have been happening at both jobs =) Yaaaay band! Also, teaching private lessons three nights a week (usually I just do summer lessons) and working out at the Rec for 1.5-2 hours + volleyball self-practice and/or volleyball pick-up games after that for 1-2 hours two nights a week (gonna be as fit as Daichi lol). A few Saturday work commitments thrown in. Could barely keep up with anything fandom-related... no LJ updates, not watching any anime, only reading Haikyuu!!, and participating in some merch splits. I also miss cooking more than two days a week.

2014's NaNo Stats Graph - Haikyuu!!/Fire Emblem; DaiSuga Teacher AU; PoT/FE Side Stories continued
53,007 words! Crossed 50K on Day 29!

Previous years' graphs...Collapse )
Next up: December's project - A massive pile of Christmas cards for all of my wonderful friends <3

Aug. 6th, 2014

I used some Google-fu today and found Haikyuu!! Chapters 117-120 pretty decently translated because I have been dying to know exactly what was said before and after my beloved captain had an unfortunate occurrence happen. Feelings, so many feelings! First of all, he's so solid as a supporter (pillar of strength anyone?) and such. a. man. I love his powerful thighs too but anyways >__> But the feels of teamwork, dedication, people stepping up to fill a role under pressure, pride, determination, just everything ;----;

Of course then I watched Episode 6 of Free! Eternal Summer and then the feels were immediately back again. MAKOTO TACHIBANA <3 <3 <3 HOW ARE YOU SO DARN PRECIOUS?! And the dynamics of his friendship with Haru have developed too (hooray for complexity!) and he's really growing as a person. But gahhhhh I love Makoto. Captain Momo reappears too! \o/ I MISSED him. Baby Momo is still his crazy ridiculous self and it remains humorous. And Rei. Oh Rei. <3

/going to die from Daichi and Makoto feels today


tumblr - DaiSuga Week

The prompts were listed for DaiSuga Week (Aug. 23-29) and I'm contemplating if I should go for all of them ahahahaha. I'm thinking this will be a good exercise in how to write under 10K again. Or even 5K. And out of my Fire Emblem universe too. My mind can't even process them outside of being Raven King Sawamura and Heron laguz Sugawara LOL.

Update: 1st story. A bit halfway through at 4,576 words with e-zuka's composition of GRANRODEO's Rose-Hip Bullet for violin+piano playing on repeat. This one is focused one one scene from each season, going from the beginnings of a relationship to one year later.

2nd story will be the confession scene from the HQ/FE crossover since it can really stand alone for the purpose of this appreciation week.

3rd story I'm thinking Halloween for the holiday theme. However, juggling ideas of what everyone is dressing up as (Doctor Sawamura is a for sure thing... but Suga?) You think that Free! ES could help me out on careers here.

4th story. Alternative universe and ironically enough I was tossing around a Teacher AU idea last night that will become a multi-chapter story. Because Junjou Romantica's Kamijou Hiroki is one of my secret loves and I want Sawamura-sensei to be sharing an office space with someone and be dressed up in a shirt and tie XD Sugawara is a new sensei to the school :) Debating if the other characters will all be teachers or some be in professions that they stop by at (like the coffee shop or flower shop). Unrelatedly, but one day I will write that Doctor Midorima and Airplane Pilot Kise one... I don't know what it is with KnB and me not being able to write anything for it >__>

5th story. Not sure if I want to go after the travel prompt or the first time prompt. I was going to do the first time, but it was sort of covered already in the seasons one.

6th story. I've got nothing for the family promt, so fluff it is. Got this terribly cheesy idea for them baking something and making it fluff-tastic.

7th story. It's a free choice. It might make sense to use a stand alone scene from the Teacher AU. Gah, I wish I could draw something!!!


Current Fandom Interests

This is a random entry, but I've been organizing my computer and trolling around online today and made a few observations about my fandom interests.

My tumblr routine is check these tags every day:
Sawamura Daichi. DaiSuga. Suwabe Junichi. Taniyama Kishou. Maeno Tomoaki. Suzumura Kenichi. Baba Tooru.
One character. One ship. Four seiyuu. One stage actor.
I tend to check Sawamura Daichi more than once a day.
Like things. Sometimes reblog.

Myanimelist gets updated with Haikyuu!! on Sunday (Daichi's VOICE), Free! on Wednesday (Makoto! Rei! Sousue! Captain Momo I miss you!), and Kuroshitsuji on Thursday (OnoD back as Sebastian YES).
Watched all four released episodes of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and that's going on the list for Sunday (Nozaki and Hori are my favorites so far… curious about Wakamatsu but he hasn't appeared yet).
Diya no Ace is on the to-watch for August for sure before I fall ridiculously far behind.
Space Dandy is the most outlandish thing I've ever picked up (I'm through Episode 6 of Season 1), but Suwabe gets to go to town with his character so that's awesome to listen to XD
K Project is the backlogged August to-watch series. Fushimi is my pick from the movie to be my top favorite.
As for current manga: Haikyuu!! (they're several chapters behind the RAWs) and KuroBasu (when is this final match ever going to end?! so many superpowers!) online… Kuroshitsuji, Hetalia, and Pandora as they are released in printed book form.

Current Top 10 Favorite Characters ('cause MAL won't let you have more): Roy Mustang (FMA), Atobe Keigo (PoT), Sawamura Daichi (HQ!), Conrad Weller (Kyou Kara Maou), Tsukimori Len (La Corda), Kise Ryouta (KnB), Frau (07-Ghost), Tachibana Makoto (Free!), Usui Takumi (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!), Takishima Kei (Special A). Yes, Daichi shot way up the list and there are a lot of favorites from long ago <3

I'll check pixiv once or twice a week to see new works from artists I'm following. Most of them were from KuroBasu (either Midorima/Takao or Aomine/Kise) or Prince of Tennis (Rikkai primarily and this one incredible Oshitari/Atobe artist). It's interesting to see who shifted to Free! and/or Haikyuu!!

I found my old deviantart account and added some artists I met at Anime Expo. I need to remind myself to poke in once in a while.

Myfigurecollection has a few group orders I'm in and I did add as many entries as I could find for what I owned.

cosplay.com. I need to actually update it with pictures from AX with my cosplays in it. /puts on to-do list

Writing-wise: Haikyuu!! extension of my Fire Emblem universe at the moment. I played Radiant Dawn today. I was about to move all of my units to get the WishBlade from Levail and I didn't think this one enemy unit moved… and he went around and killed Micaiah and then it was a Game Over. SO ANGRY BECAUSE I WASN'T PLANNING ON SAVING OVER MY FILE AND DIDN'T MAKE IT TO MY ZELGIUS TALKS WITH SEPHIRAN SCENE.

So basically, I can't get enough of Sawamura Daichi since watching Haikyuu!! <3
Atobe. I still love you lots.

May 27, 2014

- Spent 3.5 hours massively styling and cutting down a wig I bought at ACen to be my Sawamura Daichi from Haikyuu!! cosplay. Pictures tomorrow of the final product.
- Found black volleyball kneepads at Wal-Mart for $5 that look perfect. And say ACE on them lol. But volleyball kneepads (the good kind) can run you $20-$30 so I was happy I found these.
- 3,000+ words for my Daichi/Suga Fire Emblem verse fic so far. And that's only 1/5 or maybe 1/6 of what I'm planning. LONGFIC WHY?!
- Middle School Band Concert Thursday night. Kids are well-prepared so it should be a great concert!
- A major drama llama is happening at school. More info will present itself tomorrow, but it's been going on since last week :(
- One month and two days left before my trip to LA! Wheeeeee!


Haikyuu!! - Part 2

When I find the most suitable DaiSuga userpic, I will add it to LJ asap.
Anime Central post coming up later tonight, but for now... more Haikyuu!! art!

Sources HERE and HERE

And my Daichi cosplay came in yesterday too! \o/ Got preliminary pictures of the wig I bought to go with it that still needs to have the bangs cut shorter and a few layers shorter for more gentle spikes, but I honestly couldn't wait to try it out. XD



Watched all four episodes of Haikyuu!! Fell in love with it. Read up to the latest chapter (105) in three days in all of my free hours. Was inspired to write fanfic for the Sawamura/Sugawara pair - have two ideas, one of which takes place in my Fire Emblem universe. Bought a cosplay outfit for Sawamura Daichi to use at Anime Expo. This all happened FAST.

Can't believe I was able to find time to get through all of that.

Suga on the left. Daichi on the right. Vice Captain and Captain.

In their sports uniforms. Suga is a setter. Daichi is a wing spiker that is really good with receives.

GORGEOUS fanart of the team found here. Karasuno is their school name, and they are often referred to as crows.

Other favorite characters so far: Nishinoya Yuu, Kageyama Tobio, Oikawa Tooru, Kuroo Tetsurou, Tanaka Ryunosuke.


In Minneapolis now

Slept pretty well in the hotel in Wisconsin and had a good breakfast. Four hours later, we have made it to our destination. Going to check into the hotel and then get lunch and then it will be game time! Really excited to jam out with the pep band on the trombone. Being in pep band for four years at university was really fantastic!


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