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Fire Emblem: Awakening - The Beginning

Let's talk Fire Emblem: Awakening, shall we?
I'm on Chapter 16 because I'm not crazily grinding my characters to max stats yet. My curiosity is for the storyline and I have to fight the urge to get them to level 20 promoted for a long time because their stats will not be maxed at all without second sealing once or twice.

THE GAME'S SOUNDTRACK IS SO DAMN GOOD. /loves instrumental music
The master seal music that plays after they promote <333
And the sort of sad music they play first in the mission with the bones and the rain <333
I don't even know... <333 *wibbles*

To my friends playing the game, here's my understanding of the Second Seal:

If you reclass at a base unit at Lv. 10, you gain 5 inner levels, meaning your now Lv. 1 unit will gain EXP at the rate of a Lv. 6. So if you wait until Lv. 20 to reclass, then they'll gain EXP at the rate of a Lv. 11.

If you reclass a promoted unit down to a base unit at Lv. 10 (which is technically a Lv. 30), then you will gain EXP at the rate of a Lv. 16. BUT if you reclass a promoted unit to another promoted class at Lv. 10, then you'll gain EXP at the rate of a Lv. 35 unit. O.O So if you wait to learn that promoted Lv. 15 skill and reclass to another promoted unit, you'll be getting EXP at the rate of Lv. 37/38 unit, so it's best to go allllll the way back down to base class if you want to reset the inner levels by promoting them with a Master Seal once they reach Lv. 10 again or Second Seal them so they get only 5 inner levels if you want to keep going with stat building.

Even though Frederick is now a Wyvern Rider at Lv. 6 after being a Great Knight at Lv. 6 and a Wyvern Lord at Lv. 10, his stats are finally starting to equal my main party. The kids, however, still are stronger at Lv. 20 of their base class than some of their parents.

EDIT: I'm here dying reading any conversations with Gregor, Virion, or Gaius in it because they are just HILARIOUS. And having <3333 for conversations with Cherche and Krom. And Stahl and Frederick are just great. Tharja's speech is also evilly funny.

The Game
The 3D graphics are beautiful (the glowyness of the opening sequence and the maps! Particularly the Wyvern Valley and the boat battle one - sooooooo gorgeous). There is PLENTY to do in the game between the Downloadable Content Maps, SpotPass Teams, World Map, and the main story line. And so much level grinding with the Second Seal reclassing options and marrying x with y to produce children with certain classes they can reclass to and getting the skills that you want to pass down. It's a bit new with me because the way I play does not cater to this at all ahahahaha...

Normally, my team consists of the most handsome guys and then some of the strong ones (STRENGTH!) and a magic user or two (who are usually guys). So somehow that's worked out to include three or four paladins every time (hooray fast movement except for in deserts and unable to climb mountains). This time, there aren't that many handsome ones, and the girls that I decided I could handle were a pegasus knight (which is the unit I have never used in a main party and the first one I ditch when I start running out of room in my early party) and a wyvern rider (she's amazing). And of Chrom's available mates, I liked Olivia the best (because the pegasus rider he's canon to be with, I don't like, and Maribelle annoys me, Miriel does not fit at all with him, and Sully is too hardcore).

This is also a game where my level grinding makes me overpowered starting in Ch. 9 LOL. And then when I beat Ch. 14, I seriously recruited all of the kids that I had available despite how difficult their levels were (I wonder if you were supposed to have waited for some of them?? Laurent's mission's reinforcements were so strong and there were so many of them!) I'm about to second seal all of the kids back down to level 1 of their base class to max out all of their stats, with a class change for Severa and Owain (Inigo had already had the second seal to a cavalier). For the adults, they're at Lv. 11 of their promoted class, so I might as well wait until they get their skill at Lv. 15 before second sealing them allll the way down to their base class to give them a chance to make their stats better.

I suppose something that I miss that I really enjoyed about PoR/RD (and made them significant longer, what?) was that in-between chapters, conversations usually included more main characters. Here it's just Chrom, Yagyuu, Frederick, sometimes Lissa, and then the one character that is a main for just that scene.

My Main Team
People know that I have a hard time fitting in the people I want in my party, and an even worse time figuring out who to remove. I develop feelings for them, I really do, and especially their friendships. Also, when I play, I usually have two pairs in a group and then a groups so that everyone can be at equal level and close in experience level (balance!!!). And that works out because there was a limit to support conversations in the old games, but that is no longer the case. Some peoples' convos are so hilarious I must try to collect almost all of them now so that means people fight next to each other so I can have conversation later and not for any kind of strategic purpose. It's fine because I'm totally overpowered anyways that I can do this. But let me tell you, Radiant Dawn is still the hardest one of the series, and even though you can max out all stats by the end, those enemies put up a heck of a fight and you had to play smart.

Here's my main team (of adults):

Chrom - Great Lord: I made a list of which I shall photoshop sometime of the most handsome amazing men (I also made a list of the ones whose personalities I just can't get enough of), and Chrom is like No. 3 beneath Zelgius and Seth. Just a;fljfj;kasjflkfja;lsj what a stud. He's noble, polite, humble, strong, endearing, and diplomatic. Olivia is his wife, but there is no room in my party to always take her.

Yagyuu - Grandmaster: Because I couldn't find a look that looked like 'David', my normal avatar, but man, I found one for a young-ish Yagyuu. Magic user + sword user = yes! I like how smart he is and how he does his best for the team. Very courteous man and doesn't like to be outsmarted.

Frederick - Wyvern Lord: Starts out as a Great Knight and is the Jagen character of the series. But he is good-looking and his conversations are adorably kind, and I am using him to talk to everyone. The convo with Chrom was just... so epic(ally awkward for Chrom). Also, voiced by Ono Daisuke means using his subpar stats before reclassing and such is a must.

Virion - Bow Knight: My first thought: Atobe. With frillyness and longer hair. I CANNOT get enough of this guy. He's very good with words - suave and confident. He's totally a lady killer (but not that annoying kind). What he says when you're about to sell something from him just had me ROFL and won me over completely. Yet he hides a big secret for a while and omg... I love him... and his cravat. Also, his conversations with Yagyuu are very interesting - they play table battle maps essentially, which is something I see my Atobe and Yanagi doing sometime over tea XD

Gaius - Assassin: Another one of the good-looking ones. I enjoy how casual he is when he talks and how nonchalant he appears even when he's talking about all the sweets he enjoys. It must be his facial expressions, but the coolness is awesome. He gives nicknames to people too based on events, which are amusing. Bubbles and Blue!

Stahl - Paladin: My only paladin on Team Adult. He's just so sweet and simple - how could you not love him? And he's helpful and really gives to others. Working on getting some more conversations with him. I totally wish I had someone to pair him up with, but alas, no females are left that I like...

Lon'qu - Swordmaster: Let me point out that I found out by accident when my game reset back to English that he is voiced by Travis Willingham (voice of Roy Mustang). OMG I LOVE TRAVIS WILLINGHAM, but I leave the game in Japanese so darn it. Maybe when I get the support playback window, I'll listen to him in English. Anyways, he's quiet and keeps to himself, and I want to find out more about him, which gives him kind of an allure. Unmarried due to the lack of more awesome females.

Gregor - Hero: I happened to get him at the time I had one more slot open up in my party so I kept him because I didn't have a mercenary yet. Well, this dude talks in PoR/RD Mordecai-speak, but is quite a bit more hilarious. His convo with Yagyuu that I got today (because my unit can speak with everyone and he's slowly getting around) just killed me in hilarity. I'm glad I kept him because he is on par with my units and is just too funny.

Vaike - Warrior: I must have one warrior on my team (had Boyd in PoR/RD and Barst in SD/NM) and Vaike was the first choice. He grew on me because of the energy and semi-ridiculousness of his speak.

Cordella - Pegasus Knight: The best looking female that I googled for I got the game. She just looked... I dunno, well put-together and not overtly "get at me" (some of that character art for the girls... too much is showing). She's very dutiful and quiet and strong - yes, yes, yes. And she's actually got some strength as a unit so I'm happy with being able to keep her on my team. Cordella is married to Yagyuu and their conversation was very mature and supportive. <3

Cherche - Wyvern Lord: The chapter she appears, she talks to Virion in which he reveals the big secret, and their relationship was one where she appears nice, but isn't afraid to be firm and put him in line... oh yeah, that totally won me over (Cherche and Virion, the feels I have for you). All of her conversations are pleasant and she is invested in learning (and I love her love for her wyvern, Minerva). Also, I like wyverns, and Frederick had been reclassed already, so it was perfect for them to marry each other. Their conversation touched on how they both served their lords and have a very caretaker feel... polite and courteous <3

Lissa - Sage: I initially dismissed her as "Omg, the lord's annoying little sister *coughMistcough*" but then she leveled up the first time, and I thought "Well... dang, I do need to keep a healer early game for once" (my healer in NM was Merric, who you get halfway through the game... and I had Etzel for a few chapters... never have I used so many vulnaries in my life). She turned out to be way less annoying than Mist and I found her kind of endearing in her non-princess-like ways. I thought that her youthfulness would be a good match for Gaius (and I like Gaius and Chrom together, so what's better than marrying your best friend's sister? XD). She attempts to fail!sew (Gwendal from Kyou Kara Maou, anyobdy) and Gaius with his nimble fingers of thievery helps her. Sweet <3

Miriel - Dark Knight: I was using her as my only magic user, and the first support convo that appeared for her was with Virion. Well, she's like the super crazy Type A/analytical personality character, and the way their tossed their sentence phrasing back and forth in their conversations led me to marry them to see what their S rank convo would be. Her and Cherche are the two that can get him at a loss, which is all the amusing to witness.

My Team of Children
Plus some that didn't make the cut that will hang out with the children. :D

Inigo - Cavalier: Hooking up Chrom and Olivia meant that this Shiraishi-clone would have blue hair. And I love blue hair. Plus he would be considered an heir to the throne, so then he gets more of a BA status. Inigo looks like Shiraishi, dances like Shiraishi, and is flirty and friendly with girls like Shiraishi if Shiraishi liked girls. The only thing different is that he's incredibly shy and tries to ask girls out on dates to build his confidence. Reclassed him from a mercenary to a cavalier to make him a paladin (because my life says he is the best looking one from the game aside from Chrom).

Lucina - Lord: Sister of Inigo. The lord character of the children. Very dutiful to the point of not having a sense of fun of humor, but respectable. Makes for sibling rivalry conversations.

Morgan - Pegasus Knight: Children inherent their mother's class so the child of Yagyuu and Cordella is a Pegasus Knight. I was considering reclassing her to a wyvern rider (because she has all available classes) to get a griffon rider ('cause I don't have one of them yet), but then I found out that Dark Fliers get Galeforce at Lv. 15 and so I might as well leave her to promote that way. Then her mother can be a Falcon Knight and she can be a Dark Flier - awwwww! Anyways, she's friendly, happy, and charming, and wants to be just like her dad. Another awwww!

Owain - Myrmidon: RADIIIIAAAAAANT DAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWN!!!!!! This guy, where do I begin? I LOVE his personality. Charismatic, get-the-job-done without a problem type of character who believes giving his weapons EPIC names makes them all the more powerful. I totally get him and his ridiculousness (because arguably, I'm the same way with confidence and charm and I do name my weapons Kratos, Zelgius, Forcystus...). He is the son of Gaius and Lissa, so against Gaius's casual personality, he just seems all the more zanier.

Severa - Mercenary: She bothers the hell out of me, but alas, she IS the daughter of Cordelia and Yagyuu. It's because she puts on this loud, obnoxious (she says "Oh my GAWDS") personality that's rather delinquent-y because she doesn't want to be associated with her perfect mother. So I totally understand, but it doesn't make me like her. Since it isn't possible to reclass Owain or Inigo to wyvern rider -> griffon rider, and I'm keeping Morgan to turn into a Dark Flier, she is my choice to become a griffon rider. I'm sure when they get to an A support, she'll stop acting over-the-top.

Gerome - Wyvern Rider: Was a candidate for griffon rider because he's already in the right class, but with that mask and his particular wyvern, I can't see him being anything else other than a Wyvern Lord like is mother. He isn't my favorite or my least favorite - his personality is cold, standoffish, and lonely because of certain events, but then people see through it and try to be there for him. He's polite like his mother at least and has a deep love for wyverns.

Laurent - Mage: He has a lot of strength because of his father, but umm… that hat in archer attire???? Nope. So magic user he remains (which is where I see him anyways). Someone put it as 'He's a fusion of Yagyuu and Yanagi's personalities' - very serious, analytical, dry and to the point, with shiny glasses. So poor Virion has two people in his life that are nothing like his beauty and loud confidence.

Henry - Sorcerer: Not one of the kids. He's a strangely odd character, but yet, I want to use him and find out more about him.

Libra - War Monk: Also not one of the kids. I like him a lot though, and was very reminded of Lucius from Blazing Sword XD


( 13 Admirers — Katsu no wa Hyotei )
Feb. 13th, 2013 04:32 pm (UTC)
Ok I'm not the only one that thought Libra was like Lucius. XD That's good.

I wish I could make my own names for some of these people. I got Gerome recently and I can't help but call him 'Batman' XDDDDDD Black armor, black mask, dark hair. Cryptic and distant. He is vengeance, he is the night. He is BATMAN

Owain ended up bein a child of Lissa and Henry, which actually makes a little sense personality wise if you know how Henry is. Omg I love Henry so much. "Special Delivery!!"

STAHL YOU ADORABLE MAN WHY YOU NO REAL?? *sobs* But he is amazing. And he sounds like Flynn, that part amazes me even more because their personalities are so friggin similar.

And Gaius...words cannot explain how much I love him. Joins you over candy, has a bear on his clothes, takes Chrom out to see a man juggle flaming hams. Seriously, how can someone NOT love him??

I'm with you, I could seriously write a book over Fire Emblem. I love the legendary weapons like Roy's Blade too, that bring back old memories. =3 I just finished Ch. 22, I am doing some hardcore backtracking and support buildups. XD
Feb. 15th, 2013 01:48 am (UTC)
Nope, I'm sure a lot of people took one look at him and thought of Lucius. Then I was wondering if there was a Raven around XDDDD

LOLOL, Gerome does hide behind a mask. The Dark Knight! Ahhhhhhh so much win there! But then he does have Minervykins and I don't know about Batman having a wyvern named that lolol. The map for Gerome's paralogue is just freaking gorgeous.

Henry is one special nut. I am very intrigued by him, but seriously, he is an odd one. Is this my blood? *lick* XDDD I am having a hard time imagining their conversation though so I'll have to go try it out and see.

Stahl is just so genuine and simple and kind - I'm glad that I put him on my initial team! It's too bad I can't chime in on the Flynn comparison from my lack of exposure there.

Flaming hams is the total cover-up for the red light district. XDD

Virion: I enjoyed a brief but fruitful collaboration with the Claives once upon a time. Well, specifically with one young and VERY beautiful Claive… She gave me this blade as a token of our everlasting…friendship.

Frederick: I see. And when exactly did you find the time to foster such a bond?

Virion: Ah, my dear Frederick. Not all bonds take equal time to form, you know! Some are forged in a lifetime, while other spring to life in a moment. … Others still take but one very good night.

Oh Virion... you're tainting innocent Frederick!

Words words words words words. I got Hector's Axe early on and I was like "YUSSSSSSSS HIS AXE!!!!" I got like three of Micaiah's Pyre and was like "Wait... she doesn't even use fire magic!".
Dang girl - you move fast! I'm still on Chapter 16 - I did not play at all today since I was driving home and then I got my edition of Hyrule Historia today so I read a bit of that.
Feb. 15th, 2013 01:56 am (UTC)
I'd have loved more than anything to have a Raven in this game. Unf that man.

Batman's wyvern would have been Robin. >>

Henry appears surrounded by birds and I was like 'Holy crap Kilvas is in this game!!!! Ahhh!!'

Well you said it yourself, genuine, simple and kind. It's totally the same as Flynn....cept Flynn has Yuri and they drive each other nuts. Stahl needs a Yuri.

<< I want to know what they were doing there...


I got Hector's early on too, but I found no one worthy at the time to use it in his name. No one to HECTOR SMASH everything...Micaiah's useless....and you're right! She didn't even use fire magic. wtf.

Actually I was on 24. I don't know how to read. XDD I'm still doing side missions though. Lucky you!!
Feb. 15th, 2013 02:25 am (UTC)
Raven is in my stud list oh yeah.

Top 10: Zelgius, Seth, Chrom, Geoffrey, Hector, Rody, Lloyd, Inigo, Kent, Abel
Top 20: Kain, Rhys, Harken, Ephraim, Oscar, Raven, Pent, Naesala, Astram, Sedgar
Then there's 20 more characters that would be in the "handsome/good-looking list".

Ahhh I had that moment too! That reminds me actually... since they tweaked a lot of Olivia's conversations, it seems as though they took out a major part of her convo with Donnel. In the original, she sings a tale of a raven prince and a heron princess that fell in love and then they continually discuss their life in terms of that story. I was like "OMG NAESALA AND LEANNE HURRRRRRR"!!!

Also, one of Nowi's convos (I don't use her because omg 1) Childish child and 2) Ridiculous lack of clothing), she names this bird 'Janaff'. Seriously. Now I want Ulki to appear!

Owain would have the other references to past games XDDDD

Hmmm... who would be Stahl's Yuri? I can't imagine anyone successfully driving Stah nuts - he's much too calm.

Eating honeycakes of course!!!

Virion is a manipulative player and Frederick is blissfully innocent. XDDD Oh Virion gets with who he wants to get with for gain. XD

I'm terrible with weapon usage. They'll be using steel weapons until the final chapter and then I'll be like "Okay, now you can use your silver weapons and such". I don't like breaking my weapons lol and steel has more uses than silver... and I forget to use legendary ones because I feel like protecting them?? /is crazy

I'd shoot at Micaiah with those Glass Bows I keep finding... >.>
I wonder if it's because this game doesn't have light magic that they gave her a different weapon?

It is an incredibly beautiful book (although there are two mysterious scratches on the front cover and corners are a little bent... never had that happen to any books B&N sends to me, but then again, those are usually manga). And Barnes and Noble online was selling it for a discounted price of $20 new instead of the given price of $35 and I had a 15% off coupon. Shipping cost me like $4 I think. Worked out well! I wonder if they're still selling it for a discount since it was just recently released?
Feb. 13th, 2013 06:04 pm (UTC)
I love the game to death but there was a part of me that the recuse was still there because I have fucking NPCs I need to safe RUNNING INTO ENEMY TERRITORY AND THEY ALL DIE. I swear to god the AI in this game.

It's interesting what they did with the second seal. Once Lissa was level 20, I debated if I wanted to make her go back to level 1 but decided against it because FUCK YEAH SAGE.

I love everyone in this game but I still don't know who I want to marry. (◕‿◕✿) I keep marrying off my female units to other guys. Whoops.

I need to get further in the game soon. I spend my time trying to get money and raise supports before going into a new chapter, or being a derp in the DLC chapters (I cried when I had to kill Roy. And laughed when Leaf was trying to attack me) I just leave the game off over night and then later, BAM, enemies on the map. Also I try to get the merchant to sell Master Seals. Need more plz
Feb. 15th, 2013 02:13 am (UTC)
The AI is vicious in this game - that's for sure. I haven't poked at the harder SpotPass teams yet (Seth just appeared today!!!!! I LOVE HIM). I hope that the AI plays a little bit nicer with you.

Yeahhhhh we both made Lissa a Sage!!!! \o/ !!!!

LOLOLOL. My problem is that I have too many males I like and hardly any females I do like. In my world, many people would be married to Cherche because she is just awesome. Or they could marry other guys like Chrom/Gaius XDDD

Oh Leaf... I laughed too actually. But more at his name since I never played anything pre-Blazing Sword aside from the SD/NM remakes. Once you beat Ch. 12, a shop will sell you unlimited Master Seals (same for second seals later). Merchants will discount the seals from time to time though.

I was like "Wait... why is Roy a Myrmidon???" when I first saw him. Awww Dee <333
Feb. 15th, 2013 07:12 pm (UTC)
The AI is pretty smart or really stupid. I'm going to give the spot pass teams another try since I THINK I should be able to beat some of the non-promoted teams. I would think. All of FE8 units are up on SpotPass I think. Fucking Moulder, who's bright idea was that seriously.

Oh yeah, Lissa is a BEAST. She and Lon-qu just go kill things. I didn't really think I needed her to have an axe, I already have Sully as my new axe user *_*

I tend to use everyone for the most part. I don't use pre-promoted characters though but with the second seal, maybe I should. Cherche does look awesome but I don't know who I'm going to pair her with. All the girls are married in my game. Sorta.

It's a reoccurring joke with some of my Fire Emblem forum/livestream chat group that Leaf sucks XD We're going to make fun of him when DLC is out. Oh sweet, I always buy Master Seals when I see them pop up but unlimited is even better! Especially with the new DLC that's out now. MONEY

Ahhh I love Roy T_T I need to actually use him though lol. Been leveling up Donnel, Nowi, and Panne like crazy so I haven't started chapter 12 yet
Feb. 15th, 2013 08:36 pm (UTC)
The AI is bipolar. What level are your units at? I've been at Chapter 16 for the last three days from the lack of playing or working on making sure that everyone's levels and exp are practically identical.

Yesterday night, I was like "You know, I'll try getting Seth" because he appeared on my game just before I left Three Rivers last night (and wireless internet zone so I'll have to wait until I go to a coffee shop tomorrow night to download the updates of CoY 3 and other DLC plus the rest of the FE8 units). Two of my units died (thank the gods for casual mode), but I got him. And then I went for Hector (that was scarier than Seth's group) and today I got Eliwood and Ephraim. STUDS ALL OF THEM. Team Adult is now sitting at Lv. 16 promoted because of the difficulty of the maps (I seriously played Seth when I was Lv. 13 /o\ ). So tonight, everyone is going down to their base class (including Team Children who are waiting on Lv. 20). When I get more of Team Studs, I'll reclass them down to and make them into what I want them to be XDD

Errr.... who be Moulder?

Lissa has been my SpotPass lifesaver because she's a heavy hitting magic unit, can heal, and has supports with a lot of my characters. Total BEAST for sure.

In this game, yeah, I would be able to use the others that normally wouldn't get to be used because of the infinite EXP. I think I'm just too used to playing with my final party as early on as possible.

Lol. Sorta married?

I shall have to make note of Leaf sucking. *jots it down* Oh yes, MONEY. Can't wait to get that new DLC. Heard it gives you a lot of money, but it also costs us real money. What is this... OTL


PS - My copy of Hyrule Historia came in the mail yesterday. The corners were slightly bent too (Ayla's was worse) and there are two random scratches on the front cover. Odd considering how books I get from Barnes and Noble usually arrive in nice condition (although all I've ever ordered were PoT manga books lol).
Feb. 16th, 2013 07:19 pm (UTC)
Freaking AI Chrom and my unit are level 2 promoted while Lissa and Maribelle are promoted level 8. Everyone else ranges from 14 - 20 right now, excluding some units which I ended up not using much.

Yeah having casual mode is nice if you are one to worry about losing units. There are so many times when losing a unit was the down fall of my chapter. Hector is NUTS oh my god. I'll try to get some of the SpotPass units after I finish chapter 12

Moulder is a priest from FE8, you get him early on in the game but he sucks so much as a unit and he's boring as hell. I don't understand why did they pick him to be on the SpotPass, FE8 has so many other better characters than him.

Ahhhh I love Lissa T_T She can honestly hold up on her own in my game.

Well I had some units that I was working on their support to S so I wanted them to marry but was not there yet XDDDD

He just sucked in FE5, his game. Who knows about the DLC :D Yeah this new map all the enemies drop a ton of gold. That's FE DLC for you. I did vow to buy all of it so...... yeah. That's a lot of money but it's to support FE and I'll do it because I love this series... Thought I like these packs that are being offered.


PS Oh score you got it too! :D Man I don't know why the book is damaged for you guys. Mine was fine. Though I ordered mine via Amazon but I doubt that would make much of a difference... gah.
Feb. 13th, 2013 10:46 pm (UTC)

Today, I bred a Shiraishi. \o/

Patiently awaiting your FE stud list. XD
Feb. 14th, 2013 12:00 am (UTC)
I took a picture of that screen too! Only mine has blue hair XDDD Congratulations on your accomplishments! (Who was the father, btw?)

My stud list is epic. I should get started on that now.
Feb. 14th, 2013 12:13 am (UTC)
Thanks! The proud father of his skirt-chaser is Libra, the devout priest. XD I bet he looks cute with blue hair, too. <3 Going to keep both Libra and Olivia in the party a bit longer to get those support convos.

Oh! Your book came in yesterday!! The cards that came with it are too cool! I'll start reading it soon~ Thanks again <3<3
Feb. 14th, 2013 12:33 am (UTC)
That is too funny XDDDDD I like blue hair so.... yeah... *___* I'll share some screenshots soon... I've taken so many lol.

All of my children are at Lv. 20 and my adults are at Lv. 12. Once I get to the weekend, I'm reclassing everyone down and grinding their stats to something much better. I'll start with the children and get them to a level where they can handle encounters on the map and then I'll reclass the adults down to their base class to give them another shot at better level ups. That way I always have a strong team until everyone is all set and ready to go.

I'm also working on the children's support conversations with their parents, and soon with each other. Not to say that I didn't spend three hours yesterday reading support conversations online... /is spoiled

Yay - the book made it safe and sound! :D You can use the cards as bookmarks or something. I hope you enjoy the story and that it captures the essence of Fire Emblem enough.
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