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Fandom Acquisitions

Merchandise Haul update.

Rounding out my fairly substantial doujin collection.

Vivace is shorter than I thought it was going to be (read more carefully at product descriptions?) and it would make more sense if I could read Japanese. It seemed sweet though and had Shiraishi and Kenya with aprons!
Beautiful (key)hole is from the circle 'bed' and just <3 The feels I get from their facial expressions. Platinum Pair!

The top one and the lower right hand one are from the same circle that did this one that I have and enjoy. Color Chart 3 was the one I missed getting because I was just leaving Japan.

Dry Weather is from the circle '30.' which is one of my most favorite KnB circles. Such beautiful and precise art and I love their Takao and Midorima. The one with the most adorable chibis is an early birthday gift from kedi_kedi and alk;fjalfjkasfj very PRECIOUS. <3 Thank you for the wonderful gift, darling!

Giving a few Aomine/Kise circles a try. They are less story and more adult compared to a lot of what I have lol!
My favorite circle for that pairing is Escapzima, but they didn't have anything in stock until a few days ago, but there are scans out there so I held onto my money.

From Color Chart 3:

Looking good Akashi.

LOL poor Midorima... and Aomine I suppose ;)

Lookit the cat!

Just rofl.

Ah, so that's how they get him to carry them! :D

From Dry Weather:

A section of the back cover. Penguins \o/

You better work.

Not sure what's funnier: Midorima having that kind of chapstick or Takao freaking out about using it.

Come on Takao! It's touched Midorima's lips - you can do it!


The megane hand push.


Takao just does and it's amazing.

From MAJIバーガー:

This one is hilarious and I love it.

Generation of Miracles!!! <333

Kise just looks so happy in the uniform. If he was on staff at a fast food place here, I would be there all of the time. XD

LOLZ Aomine's expression. Kuroko looks normal :)

Midorima giving the order to a little girl - awww!

My loves - Kise and Midorima.

Akashi :)

Murasakibara looks unusually happy here.

Ahhhh I love all of the expressions on their faces!

From Pudding a la Mode:

Nice cover :)

Momoi and Akashi.

Aomine with corn and Kise petting Kuroko's head.

Midorima appears!

Murasakibara is sort of the main character in the story.

He was trying to accomplish some goal having to do with food. :)

From one of the AoKise doujins:

Athletic bodies :)

From one of the GenMira doujins:

GenMira <3

Also adding to my pamphlet collection. Persona 4 for Baba Toru <3
The four postcards at the bottom were surprise gifts from andweewoo!!! Thank you so very much for everything <3 The postcards from DL7th are among my favorite Tenimyu merchandise ever.

Baba Toru with megane.

Going to have a gaming tournament.

Of course he won ;)

Baba Toru with a sword.

Baba Toru in an apron.

Love the face he's making here!

My copy of Hyrule Historia in the shrinkwrap still. Thanks to kedi_kedi for posting about this and making it known that it was finally in English!


( 2 Admirers — Katsu no wa Hyotei )
Feb. 25th, 2013 07:13 am (UTC)
XD You're developing such a lovely KnB collection now. I need to get my butt in gear and buy more doujins for that series. I love the P4 pamphlets too - it's awesome when they have the actors doing silly competitions or cooking XD Ohmi as Kanji gave me life. I can't wait to see the next live stage.
Feb. 25th, 2013 07:56 am (UTC)
LOL, Color Chart 3 is CATS! CATS EVERYWHERE!!! /O.O\ But it's too funny though, I think it's the best out of the Color Charts XD. Although the other Color Charts have Kuroko trolling Midorin with his megane, raiding each other's lockers and them being lulzy styling Kuroko's bed hair. Yeeaahhh Inumog does crack on-point ;Db

You're welcome, lovely! I'm glad you liked it! It looked so presh :3 dxlghld;dfgkl

Of course, you know my feelings on Hyrule Historia...*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*♥
( 2 Admirers — Katsu no wa Hyotei )

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