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tumblr - DaiSuga Week

The prompts were listed for DaiSuga Week (Aug. 23-29) and I'm contemplating if I should go for all of them ahahahaha. I'm thinking this will be a good exercise in how to write under 10K again. Or even 5K. And out of my Fire Emblem universe too. My mind can't even process them outside of being Raven King Sawamura and Heron laguz Sugawara LOL.

Update: 1st story. A bit halfway through at 4,576 words with e-zuka's composition of GRANRODEO's Rose-Hip Bullet for violin+piano playing on repeat. This one is focused one one scene from each season, going from the beginnings of a relationship to one year later.

2nd story will be the confession scene from the HQ/FE crossover since it can really stand alone for the purpose of this appreciation week.

3rd story I'm thinking Halloween for the holiday theme. However, juggling ideas of what everyone is dressing up as (Doctor Sawamura is a for sure thing... but Suga?) You think that Free! ES could help me out on careers here.

4th story. Alternative universe and ironically enough I was tossing around a Teacher AU idea last night that will become a multi-chapter story. Because Junjou Romantica's Kamijou Hiroki is one of my secret loves and I want Sawamura-sensei to be sharing an office space with someone and be dressed up in a shirt and tie XD Sugawara is a new sensei to the school :) Debating if the other characters will all be teachers or some be in professions that they stop by at (like the coffee shop or flower shop). Unrelatedly, but one day I will write that Doctor Midorima and Airplane Pilot Kise one... I don't know what it is with KnB and me not being able to write anything for it >__>

5th story. Not sure if I want to go after the travel prompt or the first time prompt. I was going to do the first time, but it was sort of covered already in the seasons one.

6th story. I've got nothing for the family promt, so fluff it is. Got this terribly cheesy idea for them baking something and making it fluff-tastic.

7th story. It's a free choice. It might make sense to use a stand alone scene from the Teacher AU. Gah, I wish I could draw something!!!


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