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NaNoWriMo 2014

The last week of October through the third week of November was insanely busy and then I had Thanksgiving Break in which I had to make up for being behind in NaNo since Day 5. Still alive and lots of wonderful things have been happening at both jobs =) Yaaaay band! Also, teaching private lessons three nights a week (usually I just do summer lessons) and working out at the Rec for 1.5-2 hours + volleyball self-practice and/or volleyball pick-up games after that for 1-2 hours two nights a week (gonna be as fit as Daichi lol). A few Saturday work commitments thrown in. Could barely keep up with anything fandom-related... no LJ updates, not watching any anime, only reading Haikyuu!!, and participating in some merch splits. I also miss cooking more than two days a week.

2014's NaNo Stats Graph - Haikyuu!!/Fire Emblem; DaiSuga Teacher AU; PoT/FE Side Stories continued
53,007 words! Crossed 50K on Day 29!

2013's NaNo Stats Graph - PoT/FE Side Stories

2012's NaNo Stats Graph - PoT/FE Part 4, Prequel, and a Side Story

2011's NaNo Stats Graph - PoT/FE Part 3

2014 lacks consistency LOL
Next up: December's project - A massive pile of Christmas cards for all of my wonderful friends <3


Dec. 5th, 2014 06:58 pm (UTC)
Thanks thanks thanks <3 <3 <3
I suppose that means I'm never bored, but I do feel like a complete vegetable on days where it's like "Wait, no events scheduled? Wait, I can catch up in fandom? Wait, where do I start?" lololol.

Hopefully school's off to a great start for you! X amount of days left 'til the next break (figurative for me, I have the national music educators convention right before the official school break and a potential football bowl game that we won't know the date for until Sunday)

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