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30 Days of Prince of Tennis - Day 27

Tenimyu actors you wouldn't mind dating
Changed the question because I had no idea how I would answer "the plot of a dream novel you liked or would like if it existed". So now I'm doing this one because I miss watching Tenimyu. Darn school. Anyway, I left off my other favorites like Kato Kazuki, Takumi Saitou, Kamakari Kenta, Irei Kanata, Furukawa Yuuta, and Watanabe Daisuke because as much as they are attractive/hot/gorgeous/sexy, I don't know if I could date them (something tells me our personalities wouldn't quite fit together past a close friend).

Baba Toru / Kanesaki Kentarou (They're so close for me so some days I lean more towards Baba, and other days, I lean more towards Kane-chan)
Nakagauchi Masataka
Shirota Yuu
Yagami Ren
Masuda Toshiki


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Mar. 9th, 2011 05:21 pm (UTC)
"Kato Kazuki, Takumi Saitou, Kamakari Kenta, Irei Kanata, Furukawa Yuuta, and Watanabe Daisuke"
They are all awesome, I thinkg I would choose Yuuta. He looks soe kind and soft :) He!s a nic guy xDD Other's are sexym pretty, yeah, I like them, but I like Yuuta the most xDDD

Baba :D He used to be so handsome, now, he!s weird, but I love his role as Yagyuu xDD Nobody can do it better :D (But no BabaMasa D:::) He changed so much during 3 years xD I want him to have long hair again :D

Shirotan...hey, he's going tohave nude photobook for Anan xDDD srsly, can!t wait to see some pics :D

Ouji :D He was for me god of smexiness, but somehow, I ended to do not love him as much as in the past D: I can't forgive him leaving TeniMyu :D Massu is way better Yukimura XD He has awesome voice :D
And Kane-chan and Masa xDD Kane-chan is so funny XD Masa when he doesn't have blonde hair, he's gorgeous :D
Mar. 9th, 2011 11:34 pm (UTC)
I was just thinking about how much Baba had changed over the years... And yeah, I've always associated him with handsome with his longer haircut (the short looks so awkward on him... almost like Masa with blond hair).

Ahhh... I miss the days of BabaMasa <3

OMG. Will die for Shirotan nude pics.

Ouji is like the most stylish person out of the cast of actors. Must have been his old haircut where the ends flared out and how he always seems to be in button down shirts with or without ties or something kind of elegantly cool casual. I like Ouji as "hospital" Yukimura and Massu as "back in action" Yukimura. It just worked out.

Kane-chan is adorkable like me. That's probably why I like him so much. He has the bright smile and he's so darn passionate about things that he does. ^^
( 2 Admirers — Katsu no wa Hyotei )

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