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Fire Emblem - Radiant Dawn

My first non-Prince of Tennis post (other than my about me section). I had started my second play through of the game during my winter break, but was five chapters from the end before school started again. I finally found time over the last three days to finish it (hooray). Anyway, anyone who knows me and my video games knows that I hardly ever start anything over (Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Mario, Kirby, Tales of Symphonia, you name it...) because I spent all of that time getting everything possible in the game so I'd rather not do it again. However, this is one of my favorite games and I gathered up my courage and did it again (partly out of boredom, but also because I wanted to set up my characters better for the final chapters since I now knew what was going to happen).

I wanted to get the stats of my first play through, but I realized I had erased the file when I replaced it with something of my recent play through. So I will have to do that again at some point so I can compare how much better my second time through was compared to the first. I did make it a point to actually train Sothe since I didn't realize I was going to be stuck with him the first time through and he was a really useless unit in the final chapters. Now I wonder why I didn't train him before...

Got the idea from lucathia_rykatu :)

Final Party

Ike - Ragnell! His speed and strength made the Black Knight easy. Plus I gave him a hammer to give massive damage to the Black Knight xD
Micaiah - Thani (lol) She is my primary healer so that Rhys can attack as much as possible. I also fail at training her.
Sothe - S-level Peshkatz! It took all my willpower to take it away from Volke.
Sanaki - I have to force myself to remember to use her. Her initial low speed drives me crazy, but she turned out fairly well in the end.
Soren - SS-Rexcalibur! One of my primary attackers - I love using him because he is well-balanced and strong.
Rhys - SS-Rexaura! I try to use him as an attacker as much as possible. He maxed out his stats before anyone else.
Boyd - SS-Urvan! My strongest unit for attacking. He is beasty :) Except for his resistance - oh my.
Oscar - A forged lance called 'Forcystus'! He also had the Brave Bow on him.
Kieran - A forged axe called 'Kratos'! He also had the Brave Axe on him.
Geoffrey - A forged axe called 'Aurora'! He also had the Brave Lance on him (until I gave it away to Gatrie to be blessed... I ran out of money to forge another weapon). But he did have the Silencer Bow on him :)
Haar - A forged axe called 'Zelgius'! (In Path of Radiance, he also had an axe named that because I immediately liked Zelgius when appeared). He is my second strongest unit for attacking.
Nephenee - SS-Wishblade! Since she was my ultimate MVP from the first playthrough (and most of everyone else's), I try to not throw her in the middle of enemy territory to keep her kill count down. And she still ranked very high in the end.
Volke - SS-Bashlard! Every time he hits a critical or a skill activates (which is pretty much every time), I get excited. Nothing beats the sudden noise that is a critical hit (or several critical hits in a row). I think it's because he's an assassin that the noise sounds cooler with him.
Gatrie - (Geoffrey's) Brave Lance! Very sturdy unit and a fantastic blocker. I usually sent him with the magic users since I like to keep my knights together.
Kurthnaga - He fell asleep in the first final chapter. So he lost out on some experience for two turns, but still turned out decent.
Ena - She never gets up even one level. I use her for her skill bonuses because my other units need the experience more.
Reyson - I got better at setting my units up so that he could make three or four of them move again. I kind of failed at using him efficiently in my first play through.

Alternates (highly trained units that would not fit my party, but will use in another play through for the fun of it... I have a save file on the beginning of the Rebirth chapters): Shinon, Mia, Zihark, Tibarn, Naesala, Volug. I really wish there was room for these guys because I think they're quite awesome!

Other Thoughts

Alondite is useless if you don't take a swordmaster with you :P
I have an overabundance of lance users (and axe users) and there is only one SS weapon for each.
Which meant I had to go forging-crazy to get weapons that were decently strong for my other units.
This time I made sure that my thunder magic was at the highest level possible (stupid dragons).
Plus Kieran had a Wyrmslayer and Sothe had a Beast Killer for weapons. And I put 'Dragonfoe' as a skill on Boyd and equipped him with the Arbalest for range (otherwise I used Urban). Those dragons stood absolutely no chance this time around XD


Ike - Gatrie (because they were on the frontline together for most of the game)
Soren - Rhys (because I like keeping my magic users together... and I absolutely love these two)
Micaiah - Sothe (because it makes sense)
Oscar - Boyd (because I send these two off on their own to one of the sides to attack)
Kieran - Geoffrey (because I send these two off to round up loose enemies)
Haar - Nephenee (because I always have these two together)
Volke - Reyson (because Volke joins super-late and he was the only one left 

I always had the pairs grouped together. I always have a hard time splitting them up if they have to on certain courses where I need additional help with a group of enemies.

(The data below is almost completely accurate. I had to record the TV with camera and a black strip appeared once in a while to obscure the results, which I wrote a ? in. I might fix it if I ever get the time)

I'm a fairly slow player... my brother can play each chapter almost twice as fast as me...

Part 1 Prologue - 7 turns - 00:06:29
Part 1 Chapter 1 - 9 turns - 00:14:37
Part 1 Chapter 2 - 10 turns - 00:21:06?
Part 1 Chapter 3 - 16 turns - 00:42:48
Part 1 Chapter 4 - 13 turns - 00:29:04
Part 1 Chapter 5 - 6 turns - 00:31:52
Part 1 Chapter 6 - 17 turns - 00:54:29
Part 1 Chapter 7 - 18 turns - 00:48:36
Part 1 Chapter 8 - 9 turns - 00:39:58
Part 1 Chapter 9 - 18 turns - 00:12:52
Part 1 Epilogue - 12 turns - 00:55:05
Part 2 Prologue - 9 turns - 00:15:09
Part 2 Chapter 1 - 17 turns - 00:15:19
Part 2 Chapter 2 - 9 turns - 00:26:36
Part 2 Chapter 3 - 17 turns - 00:54:08
Part 2 Epilogue - 12 turns - -1:35:13
Part 3 Prologue - 8 turns - 00:28:35
Part 3 Chapter 1 - 10 turns - 00:37:15
Part 3 Chapter 2 - 13 turns - 01:14:15
Part 3 Chapter 3 - 12 turns - 055:33
Part 3 Chapter 4 - 14 turns - 01:00:01?
Part 3 Chapter 5 - 10 turns - 01:09:20
Part 3 Chapter 6 - 12 turns - 00: 44:00
Part 3 Chapter 7 - 13 turns - 00:59:07
Part 3 Chapter 8 - 9 turns - 00:52:22
Part 3 Chapter 9 - 12 turns - 00:41:42
Part 3 Chapter 10 - 8 turns - 00:47:26
Part 3 Chapter 11 - 13 turns - 01:08:28
Part 3 Chapter 12 - 8 turns - 00:51:22
Part 3 Chapter 13 - 13 turns - 00:55:06?
Part 3 Epilogue - 6 turns - 00:42:52
Part 4 Prologue - 11 turns - 00:53:31
Part 4 Chapter 1 - 11 turns - 00:59:11
Part 4 Chapter 2 - 16 turns - 01:17:53
Part 4 Chapter 3 - 13 turns - 01:26:15
Part 4 Chapter 4 - 22 turns - 01:41:43
Part 4 Chapter 5 - 27 turns - 01:51:20
Part 4 Epilogue Area 1 - 7 turns - 00:55:07
Part 4 Epilogue Area 2 - 6 turns - 01:01:46
Part 4 Epilogue Area 3 - 12 turns - 01:35:23
Part 4 Epilogue Area 4 - 4 turns - 00:34:49
Part 4 Epilogue Area 5 - 3 turns - 00:35:37

MVP by Chapter
I always try to make sure that all of my favorite characters get at least chapter where they are MVP. And I was completely caught by surprise when Soren took three of the Rebirth (Part 4 Epilogue) chapters by himself.

Part 1 Prologue - Edward
Part 1 Chapter 1 - Micaiah
Part 1 Chapter 2 - Sothe
Part 1 Chapter 3 - Micaiah
Part 1 Chapter 4 - Sothe
Part 1 Chapter 5 - Sothe
Part 1 Chapter 6 - Sothe
Part 1 Chapter 7 - Zihark
Part 1 Chapter 8 - Volug
Part 1 Chapter 9 - Black Knight
Part 1 Epilogue - Black Knight
Part 2 Prologue - Elincia
Part 2 Chapter 1 - Nephenee
Part 2 Chapter 2 - Nephenee
Part 2 Chapter 3 - Kieran
Part 2 Epilogue - Haar
Part 3 Prologue - Titania
Part 3 Chapter 1 - Soren
Part 3 Chapter 2 - Soren
Part 3 Chapter 3 - Nephenee
Part 3 Chapter 4 - Boyd
Part 3 Chapter 5 - Boyd
Part 3 Chapter 6 - Nolan
Part 3 Chapter 7 - Ike
Part 3 Chapter 8 - Shinon
Part 3 Chapter 9 - Geoffrey
Part 3 Chapter 10 - Mia
Part 3 Chapter 11 - Haar
Part 3 Chapter 12 - Volug
Part 3 Chapter 13 - Zihark
Part 3 Epilogue - Boyd
Part 4 Prologue - Haar
Part 4 Chapter 1 - Gatrie
Part 4 Chapter 2 - Oscar
Part 4 Chapter 3 - Naesala
Part 4 Chapter 4 - Ike
Part 4 Chapter 5 - Tibarn
Part 4 Epilogue Area 1 - Soren
Part 4 Epilogue Area 2 - Soren
Part 4 Epilogue Area 3 - Soren
Part 4 Epilogue Area 4 - Ike

Kill Count
Somehow there is a surprisingly large gap between 5th and 6th place, which is completely strange to me. I could have sworn that my knights killed as much as Gatrie did (or at least Oscar and Kieran... poor Geoffrey had a disadvantage). And because it was my second play through on a normal or higher difficulty and I fulfilled several conditions, I was able to get Pelleas and Lehran in my party :)

Laura - lv7 - 0 wins
Renning - lv16 - 0 wins
Reyson - lv23 - 0 wins
Lyre - lv17 - 0 wins
Leanne - lv9 - 0 wins
Rafiel - lv15 - 0 wins
Mist - lv2? - 0 wins
Fiona - lv9 - 0 wins
Vika - lv13 - 0 wins
Giffca - lv36 - 0 wins
Garreth - lv31 - 0 wins
Kyza - lv18 - 0 wins
Caineghis - lv36 - 0 wins
Oliver - lv8 - 0 wins
Lehran - lv20 - 0 wins
Ena - lv23 - 0 wins
Meg - lv3 - 1 win
Pelleas - lv13 - 1 win
Nasir - lv34 - 1 win
Tanith - lv16 - 1 win
Bastian - lv11 - 2 wins
Mordecai - lv16 - 2 wins
Makalov - lv8 - 2 wins
Stefan - lv8? - 2 wins?
Sigrun - lv20 - 3 wins
Kurthnaga - lv25 - 3 wins
Rolf - lv3 - 4 wins
Nealuchi - lv22 - 5 wins
Astrid - lv9 - 6 wins
Jill - lv18 - 6 wins
Lethe - lv21 - 7 wins
Lucia - lv? - 8 wins
Janaff - lv? - 8 wins?
Calill - lv11 - 9 wins
Edward - lv7 - 11 wins
Heather - lv10 - 12 wins
Leonardo - lv14 - 13 wins
Tormod - lv5 - 14 wins
Titania - lv19 - 14 wins
Brom - lv8 - 14 wins
Elincia - lv? - 14 wins
Danved - lv11 - 14 wins
Ranulf - lv28 - 15 wins
Skirmir - lv26 - 15 wins
Illyana - lv18 - 16 wins
Tauroneo - lv18 - 17 wins
Muarim - lv23 - 18 wins
Marcia - lv10 - 18 wins
Ulki - lv31 - 19 wins
Nailah - lv33 - ? wins
Aran - lv5 - 22 wins
Naesala - lv30 - 26 wins
Volke - lv20 - 29 wins
Sanaki - lv20 - 30 wins
Rhys - lv16 - 40 wins
Tibarn - lv34 - 44 wins
Volug - lv24 - 44 wins
Geoffrey - lv20 - 54? wins
Shinon - lv10 - 54? wins
Mia - lv11 - 55 wins
Nolan - lv18 - 57 wins
Micaiah - lv8 - 61 wins
Zihark - lv9 - 71 wins
Sothe - lv15 - 81 wins
Oscar - lv20 - 82 wins
Ike - lv19 - 84 wins
Kieran - lv20 - 84 wins

5th - Gatrie - lv20 - Used 17 chapters - Engaged 185 Battles - 99 wins
4th - Nephenee - lv19 - Used 19 chapters - Engaged 180 Battles - 100 wins
3rd - Soren - lv20 - Used 18 chapters - Engaged 133 Battles - 105 wins
2nd - Boyd - lv20 - Used 18 chapters - Engaged 177 Battles - 109 wins
1st - Haar - lv20 - Used 17 chapters - Engaged 201 Battles - 109 wins

I think Haar is the MVP over Boyd only because he engaged in more battles. Go super powerful axe users!!


( 3 Admirers — Katsu no wa Hyotei )
Mar. 26th, 2011 06:08 pm (UTC)
I missed this post somehow! XD;

Wow, all of your characters have such great weapons. Lots of forged ones too! (and some names inspired by ToS, hehe?) Huh, I should have forged a weapon or two too...Can you get forged weapons blessed? I don't think I forged a single weapon. Ah, Micaiah as a healer and Rhys attacking! I wish I could have done it that way, though I did give Rhys the SS light magic and Micaiah was just stuck with her own. I had all of my mages with heal staves though, so whenever anyone was in a pinch...

Sanaki always scared me whenever enemies doubled on her... I had meteor blessed for her, so usually I kept her safely out of enemy range. And since she was slow, blasting once with meteor was actually okay...

I love critical hits (when we're the ones doing them *g*). Volke truly sounds badass.

You don't have a single swordmaster?? XD

Your times for each chapter are pretty much all shorter than mine. XD; I can't believe I have one that's over 2 hours!!

Eee, Soren was your MVP a lot for the Epilogue chapters! :3

Oooh, you got Pelleas. :D I haven't ever completed the games twice, so I never manage to unlock the extra characters. ^^

Your top 5 are all so close together! Only a few wins in difference. Haar!! :D I think he'd have been higher for me if he didn't hit his cap so soon (I didn't have a class changing item for him yet at that time). Maybe I should play the English version sometime and see how I fare. XD;

Looking at the number of wins and engagements, I have to conclude that you must have had a lot more enemies on your maps. XD
Mar. 27th, 2011 01:02 am (UTC)
I love Tales of Symphonia. Kratos and Yuan are love (but naming a weapon 'Yuan' sounded a bit tacky... I guess I could have used his last name 'Ka-Fai', but I didn't think of that until now. And it sounds like a sword's name anyway). Forcystus isn't one of my favs, but I like his name :D

Yup - all of my forged weapons were blessed. I didn't forge any weapons until the first rebirth chapter because I didn't need the strength until I chose my final party. Forging costs quite a bit of money so I wanted to wait until I had enough money and knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Forging... I always pick the steel weapon, raise up the attack, hit, and critical to max (and leave the weight alone). It will give you a chance to use a coin which will give your weapon some kind of bonus. What I do is make a bunch of unaltered iron axes and use up all of my coins (the screen gives you a chance to select from four cards, but it doesn't really matter what you choose 'cause it will give you the same bonus anyway) without saving the game. As I do this, I write down which coins gave me the bonuses I wanted (say the 3rd, 4th, and 7th coin used were attack+ and hit+). Then I restart and forge the weapons I want on the 3rd, 4th, and 7th coin so I save money and get exactly what I want for the weapon.

Micaiah in both of my playthroughs hardly gets used as an attacker (because I never take Mist on any missions). And Rhys is usually attacking so... Soren used a heal staff maybe twice lol.

I have to really remind myself to train Sanaki and to be careful where I put her. Oh Meteor is a good idea to be blessed :) She was fine for me after two final chapters so I was able to bless her strongest weapon and use her.

Volke is badass. His whole demeanor is badass. Lol. I like mystery and stealth.

Well, my first playthough I had Mia as my swordmaster. But I really wanted Gatrie this time around. Mia is at their level though, and since i always have a file at the start of the rebirth chapters, I can play through for fun with Mia and Zihark (who is also trained this time around). And Shinon (I actually didn't like him in PoR, but he grew on me in this one). They limit your party too much in the final!! :P

My first playthrough for time was very similar to yours... I had quite a few chapters go over 2 hours and some around 3 hours.

And I really didn't plan on Soren doing that. Every time I thought it was someone else (Boyd or Haar), it turned out to be Soren. I'm sure he took it by one kill each time too.

I think I had more enemies than you because I played on normal and I think you played on easy (because your characters have a +5 bonus on all of their stats).
Mar. 27th, 2011 02:16 am (UTC)
Yuan sounds like a fine name to me, haha, but Ka-Fai definitely would sound quite pretty for a sword name. Forcystus is a cool name. 8D

Ahhh, smart way to go about forging weapons. I never tried to forge a single weapon, so all the coins were left unused. I probably had a lot of money left over too, since I mostly bought the cheapest weapons for the longest time. I always like using iron weapons as long as I can. I don't think I managed that for this game though. XD;

Oh wow, your Soren attacked a lot then. Poor Soren for me was stuck as a healer most of the time since his level was so vastly different than everyone else's (way too high). A lot of enemies swarmed at him because he was equipped with a heal staff. I bet if I hadn't played it that way, I could have finished a lot of chapters quicker. XD

Sanaki was a bit hard to train at first... on top of her slow speed, she's also weighed down by her tomes because they're so heavy while her attack is terrible. I think I gave her an item that upped her attack, though I don't think it helped much.

I didn't use Volke here, but I did for PoR since only he could promote between him and Sothe. XD; Volke's a cool character.

I had Gatrie and Shinon trained too, but I had to leave them out! If only we could bring more people into the final chapters, or not bring some of the required characters. Like those dragons, gosh.

My version doesn't have an easy mode. The first option is labeled as normal. I started with the second option thinking it would be "normal", but it turned out way too crazy. XDDD There seems to be quite a few differences between the English and the Japanese version though. I wish I didn't need class changing items! (But the +5 bonus was quite fun. I don't know if the bonus exists for the harder modes in this version, or if it exists for the English version at all).
( 3 Admirers — Katsu no wa Hyotei )

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