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Tensou Sentai Goseiger - Epic 26

Because anything with GoseiBlue looking extra confused in a screenshot is a good place to go :) Thanks [info]maya_hayashi! Epic 23 will be next, but it hasn't finished downloading yet. -.-

- Hyde doesn't get why things are funny. Figures lol. Things like that probably don't logically compute. xD Now he sounds like a robot.
- "I, Tengu no Hitto, will suck up all that nonstop laughter". You know it's going to be a crazy episode with that opening statement. And his voice haha. It makes me laugh *gets sucked into a gourd*
- "Tomato! Didn't work?" Definitely crazy character. I mean... who says that?
- The disclaimer screen at the beginning with their megazord epically striding towards the screen (and not getting anywhere btw) with explosions occurring everywhere is comical ^^. Especially to my brother.
- "Zetsubou da! Zetsubou da! Zetsubou da!!" Oh the despair!
- The purple cyclone of tickling power. Omg. Poor GoseiBlack and GoseiPink (and GoseiYellow who had already been captured).
- Also the GoseiKnight sounds like… Tezuka? "I must fight alone" said in a serious tone. And then when he won't take credit for being helpful. I have to think more on exactly who he reminds me of...
- *dies* That almost naked suit that GoseiRed wears to make Hyde laugh killed my brain cells in a not-so-good-way. Not that the flashy yellow suit is much better.
- Ono's laugh kind of high and absolutely ridiculous… probably on purpose too. Or maybe not. Anyway, it's quite contagious - I started laughing a lot too.
- By the way, the lame jokes remind me of Davide from Rokkaku. But I love them so.
- The finisher: SUPER SKY LAND SEA DYNAMIC! Kintarou Tooyama seal of approval here.
- I giggle every time the bad guy says "I'll send the ticklish wind".
- "Shinai to" (a pun about the GoseiKnight) :D As GoseiBlue laughs uncontrollably, GoseiKnight shakes his head.
- Did I mention I love the ending song? Although I've seen it with dancing first so it's weird to see actual battle scenes. I normally dislike happy/peppy/bright/higher-pitched songs, but this one won me over lol.

Perhaps I should watch the episodes in order to see their megazord evolutions occur chronologically? Even by Epic 26, it seems like there are a hundred forms for their megazords (and a ton of weapons and attacks). Sounds like a good idea. Maybe after I see a few more choice ones.


Mar. 31st, 2011 11:51 pm (UTC)
I know, right? The buckets were amazingly hilarious with his bold expression. That whole episode proved that the most serious character can be the most dorky character. Kind of like Kane-chan as Sanada in Fuurinkazan haha...

And I will be watching the ones you recommended next tomorrow! I love all of the recommendations :)

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