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30 Days of Hetalia Axis Powers - Day 1

Your favorite character(s)
Ah, the most standard first question (to me at least)... 

Austria. Because he's a musician and also because he is drawn to elegance and class. He also tries to be serious, but it doesn't come across the strongly. He's so proper! And he does care for other people deep down in his own kind way.

England. Because he's hilarious and so annoyed with people. He's a tea-drinking bugger that really doesn't want to give any thought to other people, but rather likes competing with them. He's awesome as a pirate and he is awesome as he is now. And then he's super adorable when he is being sweet and shy. I also really like his uniform.

America. Because he's simply crazy, loud, and obnoxious. The episode where he is constantly eating through the meeting and then slurping his drink is so funny! I love his relationship with England - no matter how much they fight, bicker, and make fun of each other, they still love each other deep down.

Prussia. Because he's made of awesome (according to him, but me as well). I like his little chick that follows him around! His relationship with Austria is priceless - other than invading his vital regions, he just loves to tick him off in every way possible.

Sweden. He's just... odd, but in a charming kind of way. He is quiet, non-revealing, and give chills to people that don't really know him unintentionally. His relationship to Finland is quite intriguing. And he has a sword. I love swords.

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