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Today is not Tarundoru!

To my favorite Tenimyu actor (who is quite the MANLY MAN and completely adorkable!)...

Congrats on your 27th birthday!
Hope it was filled of joy with family and friends ^^
Best wishes for the upcoming year!
Keep on smiling that beautiful smile :)

In not-quite-so-related news... Got some time to get more of that Prince of Tennis/Fire Emblem fic done. So many chapters omg Spar practices, training, strategy meetings, a walk in the garden, archery practice, recruiting people, Yanagi giving Sanada a hard time, Yukimura giving Sanada a hard time, castle break-ins, mercenaries... and continuity errors, silly typos, countless misspellings of the word 'thief' as 'theif'...

Still a lot to go - can't post anything because I'm writing quite out of order and I have to constantly be readjusting things so they tie together. *structural nightmare* But I had to say that progress is being made!

And lastly, I finally got Tenipuri Festa '11 onto my computer and I am in the process of watching it. Is it okay that I mentally squeal every time I hear Oshitari's seiyuu say "Oi, Atobe"? Because I do. Sexy Kansai voice. Suwabe lives for the spotlight - in a past life, he WAS Atobe. Then he said "Tenipuri no bigi ni... yoi na" in an equally sexy voice.

Don't shoot me, but I'm an avid Yagyuu (the character and the Tenimyu actor) lover... just not necessarily the anime voice. I don't know... too deep perhaps? The seiyuu is super cool though - one of the best looking ones and he's got this charm. Anyway, finally heard that song "Laser Beam" for the first time and I like it. :) Now I must go listen to the CD recording...

Also, I find it completely hilarious that Shitenhouji sings "Speed Star" (which is Shiraishi's song) even though Kenya wasn't there. I love that song.

For those of you who don't know me super well, I'm extremely particular to what I watch because I'm always limited on time/I stick to a pretty strict schedule that normally doesn't include fun. I tend to listen only to music that I know has voices I like (I have a voice obsession)... which also means I've only watched bits and parts of 100 Song Marathon and Tenipuri Festa '09. This is from the person who doesn't care about skipping around in things Especially Harry Potter books.

In Festa '11, from the jumping around I did, I landed on quite a few of my favorite songs. Of the many Shiraishi songs there are, he sings some of my top favorites. *thumbs up for Shiraishi*


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Jun. 3rd, 2011 01:37 am (UTC)
Suwabe = Atobe. Oh yes, anh.

Ack, I forgot that was posted. Damn work for frying my brain. Runs off to start the DL...
Jun. 3rd, 2011 03:34 pm (UTC)
Ahhh! The 'anh'! I love the way he says it. It's just full... of cocky brilliance.

Remind me where you work (if you don't mind)? Work does that to people unfortunately. Hopefully you get to enjoy some Tenipuri Festa '11 to un-fry your brain :)
Jun. 3rd, 2011 04:09 pm (UTC)
Cocky brilliance indeed!

Content editor would be the shortest description. ^^ Small website/onoine training systems company work for. Main customers are English as second language providers. I'm working mostly at home of late (So really no excuse in not DLing on other computer but project deadlines kinda erase fandom thoughts).

Used the torrent to DL, started last night, it only finished a couple hours ago. Gotta work on packing so probably can't watch too much in one go.
Jun. 3rd, 2011 02:03 am (UTC)
Mm...there is just something about a Kansai accent, isn't there?

And I totally get you on Yagyuu *grin*

I haven't seen Festa '11 yet...but oh, I'm so looking forward to it...

And thank you for posting about Kane-chan's birthday! Yay! How awesome that he's just getting better as the years go by :-)

I look forward to reading more of your PoT/FE fic, too!

*hugs you*
Jun. 3rd, 2011 03:43 pm (UTC)
I can't actually hear much of a difference in Japanese accents ('cause I think Shitenhouji and Higa all have accents too?)... Maybe it's just Oshitari and his voice of SMEXYness that he really tries to put a lot of Kansai in?

I think I'll plan to watch the rest of Festa '11 today. I skipped around because I was short on time. Suwabe just wants everyone to know that he is king! That man <3

How could I miss Mr. Manly Man's birthday? Sorry, I like typing that Anyway, for some reason, I didn't think he was 27. I don't know what I thought he was actually. Maybe it's because I've never really thought about most of their ages... except that I knew Baba was quite young compared to the rest of the Rikkai team.

Now I have 5 chapters done in a row in Part 1! So technically you could read that... still working out some random kinks and stuff. There's so much crap that tie together and I'm a balance freak so I'm having a mental nightmare. Now onto Yagyuu's first chapter - some fail!archery and Yanagi talking with him. I like Yanagi/Yagyuu, but they never seem to stay together. Platinum/Kinky override go!
Jun. 3rd, 2011 08:53 am (UTC)
THIS IS A SPAM/SCAM..whatever :D
TeniFesta 2011 :D I still don't have it because MU is being pain in ass and I have to ask my dad to download it for me and he's away so I have to wait, but I'm sure it must be awesome :DDD (I wanted to buy it, but because it is damn expensive, so I had bought some mags instead) :D
AHHH, I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait and you have to read this spam :D
Oh yes, Laser Beam :DDD And Speed Star, I do love these songs XDD And yes, Kansai ben :D I love Kansai ben :D

Oh yes Kane-chan :D I did remember :D
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOY...OH MAN :D His smile/laugh is addicting, makes you smile too :D
Jun. 3rd, 2011 03:50 pm (UTC)
Re: THIS IS A SPAM/SCAM..whatever :D
MU tends to be a pain in the ass. With some stroke of luck, I was able to get five parts of it before it gave me that stupid "you have downloaded too much limit please wait an hour". The wireless internet at the nearby community college in my hometown has some wicked fast internet in the evening (when most of the students aren't around).

Ooo... what magazines did you get? I don't own any Japanese DVDs for your reason. Saving my money for other things (5 years of college and looking for my first real job... means no money at the moment).

Spam is okay :) Go for it! My journal is completely spamable.

Isn't it funny that I can't actually tell if someone is talking with a Kansai accent? I just know that Oshitari has one. Although I think Shitenhouji and Higa do as well, but I never really noticed. Oshitari's voice of epic hotness is only enhanced by (what I think) sounds like a Kansai accent.

I could talk about that man's smile all day. I don't recall many moments where he laughs really hard (but his little chuckle is cute!), but in the "How to do On My Way/FGKS" video where he makes everyone else laugh really hard is completely contagious!
Jun. 3rd, 2011 05:08 pm (UTC)
Re: THIS IS A SPAM/SCAM..whatever :D
Since I created an account on MU, it doesn't work for me at all :D Since that time, I love MF :D secretly wish that somebody would upload it :D

I got Cast Prix Zero 15 and Awesome vol. 3 and photobook Innocent :D Innocent is more like SINnocent, it's nice..Cast Prix Zero and Awesome were pretty random choices :D (There are many TeniMyu actors..as always :DDD So...pretty cool :D) Heh, but I hope to get one day into my hands DL7 and TeniPuri Festa 2011 :D

"Spam is okay :) Go for it! My journal is completely spamable."
Really? :D Then remember this, you might regret it one day XDD *just kidding*:D

Oh yes, Oshitari's voice is really hot ... Oshitari himself is very very ... ahhh :D More than handsome :D

Mmm, Kansai-ben...If you know some basics, so Echizen (with his ... dunno, probably Tokyo/Kantou acctent, he says...
Mada mada da ne :D

So Kin-chan says: Mada mada ya :D
Da/desu = IS in Tokyo accent, in Kansai they use YA = IS, so you hear a lot of ya :D Shiraishi sings in Kansai ben..I guess in TeniFesta 2009 in Dear Prince he sang "Tokoro ga daisuki YA" Instead of "Sa" and such, also you hear a lot of "HEN" and such :D I dunno I don't speak Japanese somehow good, but I like Kansai-ben, it sounds great :D They have also different intonation than in Tokyo, which makes a lot of confusing scenes XDD

Lol, that vid was awesome :DDD

Also, I forgot to add, but I told you before that I'm lookinf forward to seeing your fic :D Give us some chap or teaser please? :DD
Jun. 3rd, 2011 05:36 pm (UTC)
Re: THIS IS A SPAM/SCAM..whatever :D
Mediafire has to be one of the best things since sliced bread. And pineapple glazed chicken. xD They do have a torrent link up - and I think someone else is working on Mediafire links. Hopefully you can get this somehow!

SINnocent. I am using that word from now on. It explains Yukimura oh so perfectly! I wonder if I have seen Cast Grand Prix 15? I know for sure I haven't seen Awesome anything.

I like notifications. The more the better so feel free to comment on everything if you want. Gives me something to read that's enjoyable each time I log on :)

Oshitari has to be the only character with longer hair that I like. His super cool mysterious sexiness wins.

You know... now that you pointed out the basics, I do recall noticing that. Thanks for letting me know!

Drop me your e-mail address and I'll send you the three chapters of the Prologue. The first part is half finished and so are a few random chapters through the other parts. I won't release any of those chapters until I solidify some story progression choices.
Jun. 4th, 2011 11:38 am (UTC)
Re: THIS IS A SPAM/SCAM..whatever :D
Ahh, I spotted the torrent, downloading it currently XDD (now only main show...25,9%...hmm :D I hope it will be finished today, I can't wait to see it :DDD Part two of the concert is almost done...hm XDD Okay, so I'll skip part one and will watch part two instead :D

I think you did, it's not so new, it was released..about two months ago and more :D (http://pali-mari.livejournal.com/183645.html#cutid1)
I haven't noticed any volume of Awesome being up for d/l or something. But it has a lot of pictures and it's different from other mags. When in other mags, you have pictures together with some interviews or comments and then you actually see nothing, here it's like 5 pages just of pictures and 2 or 3 pages of interview, so..it's cool :D It's more focused on those who had some breaking through roles than to stage actors :D (the hell 46 pages of D-Date :D I like them a lot, but this was...too much :D) So there were people like Kento, Renn-chan, Chiba (gosei Red), Kaku Kento and such :D If I am not lazy, I'll scan it some day XDD (like scanning of Sato Hisanori's Ii Kanji, I was scanning it one year and then somebody else share it faster than me XDD)

Okay, then I'll be spamming :D

Oh really, you would do that?! YAHOO! THANK YOU!! :D
Here: majkajaj@seznam.cz :DD
Three chapters? You are awesome :DD I gotta repay it to you somehow :D -hugs-
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