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[fic] Restricted Satisfaction

Title: Restricted Satisfaction
Genre: General/Romance - AU (Harry Potter universe)
Pairing: US/UK
Word Count: 4,646
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 (kissing, indication of adult concepts)
Summary: Studying in the library, a test in Potions class, Patronuses, and a late night adventure. Just a day in Hogwarts with Alfred and Arthur.
Notes: For the usxuk Summer Camp challenge (Day 12 prompt - Literature)

Arthur Kirkland, a 6th year Slytherin, was sitting in a quiet corner of the library, reading his copy of Advanced Potion-Making, looking over material for his upcoming quiz. He was sure that he was going to do just fine since Potions was one of his better subjects, but it never hurt to make sure. Arthur had already finished his Arithmancy homework (three feet of an essay and he cursed his miniature handwriting!) and had also read the material for Transfiguration class tomorrow.

With my study habits, perhaps I should have been in Ravenclaw?’ Arthur thought amusedly to himself. However, he knew the reason he was sorted into Slytherin was because of his limitless ambition and shrewdness. He really didn’t mind it since he got along with the people in his house, but he did feel that the Slytherin common room needed more light though. However, that wasn’t really possible since it was underground and it needed to have that powerfully sinister feel to it.

“Yo Arthur!” a voice interrupted his ponderings and Arthur looked up from his book with his eyes narrowed in annoyance. It was Alfred F. Jones, a 6th year Gryffindor, that had befriended him in their first year at Hogwarts, despite the fact that their two houses really did not get along. At first, Arthur was very distant with him, but after dealing with Alfred’s exceeding amount of persistence, he eventually caved in and gave him a chance. He couldn’t have been happier with his decision with how things progressed with him through the years.

“Keep your voice down in the library!” Arthur hissed as Alfred pulled out the seat across from him and threw his books onto to the table loudly. “What do you want with me?”

“I need to study for that potions test too,” Alfred said, searching through his books for his copy of Advanced Potion-Making. “What do you think will be on it?”

“Weren’t you listening to Professor Snape in class?” Arthur asked irritably, immediately covering his notes when Alfred tried to snatch them.

“No… I hate that guy.”

“Then why did you continue on in Potions then?”

“Because I like the subject. Just not the teacher,” Alfred said as he prodded Alfred in the arm repeatedly. “Come on, let me see your notes! Please, please, please?”

“I swear they should send you all the way back into your first year for how childish you can be,” Arthur said, finally relinquishing his notes and Alfred took them gleefully. “It can be anything we’ve covered… so up to Chapter 3.”

“Oh sweet, I can do this,” Alfred said as he started reading and writing down notes into the margins of his battered book. Arthur noticed how he bit his lip when he came across something that didn’t look familiar or scratched his quill behind his ear when he was thinking. It was quite cute to watch him.

Arthur resumed reading his own book, looking at the various antidotes for poisons and mentally testing himself to see if he could match them. He smirked when he looked back in the book a few minutes later and saw that he had gotten them all right. Alfred was still immersed in reading so Arthur remained silent as he closed his book, stretching his arms, and closing his eyes for a light nap.

“Hey Arthur,” Alfred said softly some time later. “I’m done and we have ten minutes before class.”

“Hmmm?” Arthur murmured as he slowly opened one eye and saw that Alfred was leaning over him. He immediately flailed out of surprise as Alfred put a hand over his mouth to prevent him from protesting vocally.

“Shhh… calm down,” Alfred said as Arthur let loose some muffled, incomprehensible words before stopping everything he was doing. “Geez, by the way you reacted, it was almost like you expected some kind of attack.”

“I’m fine,” Arthur said, pushing his hand away and regaining his composure. “Let’s get there early.”

“Good idea,” Alfred agreed, grabbing his robes from the floor and putting them on as Arthur put his books neatly in his bag. “Maybe there’s a chance that Snape won’t take points away from me today?”

“And straighten your tie! You look like a hooligan!” Arthur said in disgust as he smoothed out his pressed robes. He made sure that nothing was out of place before picking up his bag. “Why did you even through your robes on the floor?”

“No room on the table and it was hot in the library,” Alfred explained as he quickly grabbed his books and head out with Arthur. “Can’t believe you can wear that stuffy vest right now.”

“I’m being presentable and professional,” Arthur said as they started descending stairs to get to the dungeons. They were really good at avoiding large groups of students, having been at school for so long, so they were able to make it to their classroom in good time even when Arthur had to stop and confiscate a banned object from a few third years.

“Come on Arthur, you couldn’t have let them keep it?” Alfred teased as they waited outside the door for their Potions Master to come by and open it.

“No, it’s slightly dangerous and I have a duty to uphold.”

“Right, Mr. Prefect. I swear you are going for the Head Boy title next year.”

“Indeed, and make no mistake, I will get it,” Arthur said with an evil glint in his eyes and Alfred shook his head amusedly.

“Just make sure you don’t get a stick stuck up your butt,” Alfred continued joking, but leaning in as he did so. “Otherwise there won’t be room for me… if you know what I mean…”

Arthur’s answer to Alfred was hitting him hard across the side with his bulging book bag, which caused him to fall to the floor in a messy heap, glasses slightly askew on his face and books scattered everywhere.

“And you forgot to straighten your tie!” Arthur reprimanded as Alfred struggled to his feet. A few of their other classmates had arrived to witness the aftermath of Arthur’s attack and where laughing cheerfully at Alfred. The majority of the school’s students were friends with Alfred in some way or another and they found his antics and quirks quite enjoyable. Arthur preferred being out of the spotlight, so people ended up treating him as a polite acquaintance or a crazy Prefect who was the only one ever to have memorized Argus Filch’s ever-growing list of banned and forbidden objects.

As Alfred started cleaning up his books, Professor Snape arrived and opened the door, beckoning them in with a cold glare. As the filed in and started putting their materials on the desk, Snape headed up towards the front of the room, long black cape billowing out behind him menacingly.

“Overgrown bat,” Alfred said in revulsion as he set his cauldron a stand. “That’s why humans aren’t attracted to him because they know he’s not of the correct species…”

“That’s ten points from Gryffindor, Jones,” Snape said from the front of the room where he was writing down instructions on the chalkboard. “And ten more for making a scene in the middle of my hallway. How about five more in advance for your next disapproving comment of me?”

“Dang it, he got me, the slimy git,” Alfred grumbled as Arthur rolled his eyes at him. He was amazed that the Head of his House hadn’t disowned him for associating with Alfred, but then again, Snape got along well with Professor Dumbledore (because it wasn’t possible to not respect him) and Professor McGonagall (even though they mostly antagonize each other about sports rivalry and ethics).

“On this board are instructions for what you will do for me as homework for the next time we meet. I expect that you will come extremely prepared to start the new chapter and that you don’t cheat your way through your essay requirements by writing obnoxiously large to fill up space,” he explained, crossing his arms and looking at each student in the face with an intimidating glare. “Any questions?”

After every one immediately shook their head, he told them to take out a blank peace of parchment and quill to start the written portion of their test. Turning the other chalkboard over, he revealed a set of questions describing the ingredients in potions and they had to identify what the potion was and its effect. The later questions dealt with the properties of certain ingredients and where they could be found in nature. It was a lot tougher than Arthur had thought, but he was confident that he would pass with an ‘Exceeds Expectations’ or perhaps an ‘Outstanding’ if he did well on the other half of the test.

The written portion was timed so they would have enough time to do the practical part of their test. Snape gave a warning of five minutes left from his spot at his desk around the same time that Arthur approached him with his answers, handing them to him with a respectful nod. As he walked back to his seat, a quick glance around at his classmates told him that they were struggling with the test and he found himself suddenly doubting if he had did as well as he thought.

The practical portion ended up being a preparation of the Draught of Living Death, which was something that was extremely hard for them to make the first time they tried. Arthur should have known that would have been the potion since Snape’s existence was primarily based on the torture of his students and degrading them on their flaws. Alfred put his head on the desk in frustration, groaning loudly, and losing another five points for his house for being a disruption. It was common knowledge that Snape disliked the Gryffindor house, but he specifically disliked Alfred the most since he was rowdy, nonsensical, and just downright cheerful – everything that Snape wasn’t.

Arthur and Alfred lit their cauldrons before taking turns to go over to the store cupboard to grab the correct ingredients. They were only allowed to go one at a time and had to get everything they needed in that single trip. Of course, it you dawdled and held up the line, then you were free for Snape to take points from. Once they were both set, they got to cutting up their valerian roots and throwing them into the cauldron.

Powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood – simple,’ Arthur thought to himself as he reached for the correct ingredients, brushing Alfred’s hand by mistake. Alfred gave him a small wink before looking away to continue working on his current ingredient.

Arthur smiled softly to himself as his started to resemble what he remembered the potion was supposed to look like partway through. He looked over at Alfred, who was quite on edge, shifting through ingredients to see if he could remember what was next. He knew that Alfred was waiting for him to go first so he could follow along (an advantage of sharing a table with someone who was good at the subject), but if he waited too long or was not able to keep up, then the potion was not going to turn out exactly correct.

Or worse, blow up or melt the cauldron,’ Arthur thought dryly, remembering the moron from Hufflepuff in their second year that was so abyssal in potions that mishaps and disasters were a regular occurrence.

He sighed and grabbed his silver dagger and the sopophorous bean to attempt to cut it up. He hated this ingredient with a burning passion ever since taking so long on it hindered his first attempt at the potion. Apparently, Alfred hated the ingredient as much as he did, silently swearing at it while he tried to chop at it, but after a few failed attempts, he ended up crushing it with the flat side in anger. To his surprise, a lot of juice came out and he gleefully put it into his cauldron.

Arthur quickly followed suit and proceeded onto the next step (Alfred was pre-occupied with stirring his cauldron and didn’t see Arthur steal his accidental idea). He started stirring it counterclockwise, smirking as his potion was turning from its black currant color to a light shade of lilac. Arthur felt his excitement building – it was possible for him to get it right today and hopefully impress Snape to earn some points for Slytherin.

Today is a great day,’ Arthur thought to himself as his potion got paler and paler towards the colorless state that the final product would be in. ‘Let’s just hope it gets better from here.’

“Man! That was a tough test!” Alfred complained loudly after they had departed from the dungeons and were on the second floor. They did not want to risk the chance of Snape accidentally overhearing them, not like it would affect Arthur much. “I got my potion to at least be a lavender color. Hopefully he lets me get by on an ‘Acceptable’ grade.”

“How did you do on the written part?” Arthur asked skeptically. “Those questions were tricky and I don’t know if you knew all of the answers.”

“Uh, I probably don’t,” Alfred admitted as they reached the third floor. “But my guesses tend to be quite good, so hopefully I’ll get lucky!”

“Always on the optimistic side, aren’t you?”

“You know it!” Alfred said, clapping him hard on the back before waving wildly to a group of people who Arthur recognized as the Gryffindor Quidditch players. Alfred had been on the team since his second year as Keeper, and his phenomenal skill had drawn in quite a large crowd of swooning girls over the years. Thankfully, they limited their stalking of him to times when he wasn’t with Arthur or the team, which meant that their chances of catching him alone were very rare. Arthur disliked Alfred’s fangirls almost as much as he had previously disliked his sopophorous bean.

They reached the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom and quickly found their seats. This classroom was significantly more crowded than their potions class since the subject was more exciting and had many career opportunities associated with it. Arthur and Alfred had fairly equal ability when it came to Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms, but Arthur was better in Potions while Alfred was better in Transfiguration. Arthur also chose to pursue Arithmancy, which Alfred thought was complete rubbish, while Alfred found joy in Care of Magical Creatures, which Arthur didn’t feel comfortable with.

In this class, they had been spending the last two weeks reading about the Patronus charm and practicing it in the classroom. Since it was a bit more of an advanced charm, the class was barely able to issue so much as a wisp from their wand for a few days. Now they were able to produce almost corporeal Patronuses and Professor Lupin was certain that they would be able to go try their hand in a more dangerous situation.

Alfred, of all of their classmates, got the hang of it first, seeing that it was not hard for him to vividly summon a happy memory in his mind. Of course, Arthur was one of the ones that struggled with it since it was hard to make him feel that way and he didn’t really enjoy recalling past events for leisure like a lot of people did. The fond memories associated with growing closer to Alfred as a friend and eventually becoming his lover gave him feelings of delight, but it was a challenge for him to imagine those feelings in the middle of a classroom without becoming self-conscious.

“Get your Patronus away from me!” Arthur ordered, resolutely trying ignore a dolphin circling around his body. He could hear the bright laughter of the dolphin in his head, which ironically sounded very much like Alfred’s laugh. “He’s ruining my concentration!”

“Mr. Kirkland, are you doing okay?” Professor Lupin asked with concern when he noticed how red in the face Arthur was.

“Fine professor! Just a bit frustrated with my lack of success, that’s all.”

“Okay, but if you need my help, I will be happy to assist you after I’m done with this person,” he offered kindly and Arthur gave him a warm smile in appreciation.

“You got it Arthur. Just think of something happy!” Alfred encouraged.

“What do you think I’ve been trying to do these last few weeks?!”

“…Oh…” Alfred said, waving his wand and causing his dolphin to disappear temporarily to give Arthur some peace of mind. “You’re not happy?”

“Not normally, no.”


“I mean, I am happy sometimes… But, you know…” Arthur said, heat rising to his face as he fidgeted with his wand. “Only with you,” he finished, lowering his voice.


“Do you have to ask me now?”

“Yes because I want to help you.”

“Well… there’s too many things to talk about.”

“Name one memory,” Alfred said, sitting down in his chair backwards and dragging it closer to Arthur. He looked very adorable sitting in the chair that way, head resting on his folded arms with a very interested look on his face. His blue eyes seemed to sparkle with the other Patronuses moving around the room in an extremely attractive way.

Arthur took a deep breath and thought back to all of the time they had spent with each other in empty classrooms and hidden closets to avoid attracting attention from the other students. He recalled their walks around the lake, trips to the Owlry, sharing butterbeer in Hogsmeade, and dealing with a few detentions in the forest (Alfred was responsible; Arthur just suffered by affiliation). Arthur remembered being so proud of Alfred for his first Quidditch performance, unable to resist the urge to join the Gryffindors in cheering for the final result that showed that Gryffindor had won by a landslide and that the other team was barely able to score.

“I think one of my happiest memories is when you fell asleep out in the courtyard against me trying to study for our Charms exam in our third year,” Arthur finally decided on.

“Oh? Why’s that?”

“Because it was the first time I heard you say ‘I love you’… even though you were only mumbling in your sleep,” Arthur recalled, chuckling softly as feelings of elatedness and bliss started to course through his body. “It made me so happy that day because it gave me the courage to confess to you that night my own affection.”

“Aww… Arthur. That was so touching!” Alfred said with a bright smile. “Now just say the words.”

“I love you?”

“No, for the spell.”

“Oh! Expecto Patronum!” Arthur exclaimed, pointing his wand towards the ceiling, causing a lion to appear. The creature looked contentedly around the room at the other animals and objects being playfully urged here and there by his classmates.

“Sweet! You get a lion?!” Alfred said, conjuring up his dolphin with ease to let him join in on all of the fun. “I swear that the Sorting Hat had issues with sorting you. You have the brains of a Ravenclaw, the ambition of a Slytherin, and a Patronus of Gryffindor bravery! Oh, and sometimes you have that Hufflepuff shyness when I make fun of you…”

“Alfred, my patronus doesn’t reflect who I am.”

“You sure? Mine does.”

“That’s because it’s a protection charm. You’re confident in protecting yourself so it fits you,” Arthur explained, feeling slightly embarrassed. “But I’m not that way. This lion represents you too in a way, powerful and fearless. A natural leader if you will.”



“I’m at a loss for words really,” Alfred admitted as Professor Lupin called an end to class and everyone groaned in disappointment for having to stop all of the fun. “It… makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside because I mean so much to you.”

Arthur blushed and hurriedly worked on packing up to avoid looking at Alfred in the face. When he turned towards the front of the room, he saw that Professor Lupin flashed him a pleased smile for his accomplishment and Arthur politely mouthed a ‘thanks’ back.

“Hey Alfred?”


“You have Quidditch practice tonight, right?”

“Yes,” Alfred said as he stood up from his chair. “Should be pretty intense since we have a game tomorrow. Why do you ask?”

“Wait until we get out into the hall and away from people.”

Arthur led them out of the classroom and down the hall, pulling back a tapestry and going behind it to a secret staircase. Alfred followed quickly and he waited until they were in a deserted hallway before explaining.

“Because I want to go in the Restricted Section tonight,” Arthur said simply and Alfred’s jaw dropped.

“But… it’s restricted,” Alfred pointed out and Arthur frowned.

“Obviously. The title implies it.”

“What’s in there that you need?”

“I want to find some complex potions to try brewing. Just to challenge myself – not to use it on anything,” Arthur expressed and Alfred thought about it uncertainly.

“It’s weird ‘cause you’re usually all about following the rules,” Alfred started to say, scratching the back of his head. “Did you inhale too much of the failing attempts at the Draught of Living Death earlier today?”

“I’m fine,” Arthur said, brushing off his theory. “It will be quick and we won’t get caught. Unless you’re afraid…?”

“Me? Afraid?” Alfred questioned in disbelief. “Never! Where are we meeting?”

“Just head in that closet behind the statue near the library right after Quidditch practice and a shower. I’ll be by at 11am on my Prefect duties and we’ll go right to the library from there.”

“Okay, I hope you know what you are doing.”

“When don’t I, Alfred?” Arthur reminded him and he smiled back, excited for an adventure. “I got everything planned out.”

“So, how was Quidditch practice?” Arthur whispered quietly as he cracked open the door to the library. He made sure that the coast was clear on his round before knocking on the statue and telling Alfred that it was okay to come out. He knew that no one had questioned Alfred for being in the hall earlier in the hour because they knew he had been at Quidditch practice.

“Good, except that a Quaffle clocked me on the face hard enough to make my nose bleed.”

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” Alfred answered as he took a look around the dark, deserted library and shivered because of the eerie, ominous feel it gave off. He didn’t mind breaking into other places in the dead of night, sometimes getting caught by Arthur when he tried to escape the Gryffindor common room, but the library was one of those places where you could get into serious trouble if you were caught. “One of our teammates is really good with healing. Took care of me right away.”

“I’m glad to hear it,” Arthur said. “Lumos.” His wand’s tip lit up with a bright white light, and a few seconds later, Alfred’s wand did the same. “Follow me.”

“The door wasn’t locked?” Alfred asked curiously as they started to make their way through the library.

“I charmed it a while ago to open to my command,” Arthur admitted as he took Alfred’s hand into his own to keep him from stopping to peek around a bookcase in apprehension. “I like to read so it’s nice to get in here whenever I want.”

“But you have never been in the Restricted Section?”

“No. Never needed to until tonight.”

“This is a terrible idea. Let’s turn back before it’s too late!” Alfred said, trying to take off, but Arthur yanked him back easily by his hand.

“Don’t chicken out now! We’re almost there,” Arthur said as they approached the roped off area in the back of the library. Carefully, he stepped over the rope and Alfred was forced to follow along.

“For a restricted section, it’s not really well guarded…” Arthur commented as he looked around for anything that looked like a trap.

“That’s because that vulture, Madam Pince, is usually hovering around,” Alfred said testily. “Come on, hurry up and find your book so we can get out of here! I don’t know if Filch fancies going in here from time to time and I don’t want to find out.”

Arthur ignored his protesting as he looked around on the shelves, noticing that many of the ancient volumes were unnamed. Some were falling apart, others looked like they had been trampled on by a whole horde of dragons, and a few even looked bloodstained. Nothing really caught his interest until he saw a book entitled Moste Potente Potions on one of the higher shelves.

“I think I found one that looks interesting,” Arthur said as he picked it off of the bookcase and cracked it open. Alfred peered over his shoulder and they both cringed as they stumbled across some pages with gruesome drawings that depicted the effects of the potions in a rather graphic way.

“Are you sure this is the one you want?” Alfred asked in a disturbed tone. “Maybe there’s something more… pleasant?”

“It is the Restricted Section for a reason,” Arthur pointed out, stopping on a page with the title ‘Polyjuice Potion’. “We probably shouldn’t linger too long.”

“Hold on, let me read that page that you’re on…” Alfred asked, falling silent to skim the page and Arthur joined him, eyes flitting across the page at the list of ingredients and the complex steps required to successfully brew one.

“Haha, wouldn’t it be fun to be each other?” Alfred asked, taking off his glasses and wiping his eyes at the notorious idea before putting them back on. “I mean, I would get to be Snape’s favorite student for a day, which I guess is cool, but you would have to deal with trying to play Quidditch, keeping away from fangirls, detention, Snape’s wrath… your life would be hell!”

“And this is the reason why I would never switch bodies with you,” Arthur stated, closing the book with a snap. “So, Alfred, how are you feeling?”

“Uh, good now?” Alfred asked, confused at Arthur’s sudden sinister stare. “I mean, we haven’t been caught… yet. And there weren’t any scary surprises…” He backed up slowly as Arthur started advancing, letting the book slip from his grasp onto the floor.

“What are you doing?” Alfred asked in alarm as his back made contact with the stone wall and Arthur put his hands on either side of him, pressing into him with the majority of his body. Without warning, he moved in for a smothering kiss full of heated passion.

“We’re in the Restricted Section so why don’t we do some… restricted things?” Arthur suggested enticingly, reaching for the buttons on Alfred’s robes and undoing them quickly. He deftly untied Alfred’s already loose tie, letting it slide to the floor before pressing his lips against his neck.


“I know what I want and it’s definitely you,” Arthur whispered seductively against his neck as he worked on exposing Alfred’s built chest. Alfred hurriedly removed Arthur’s robes before he raised his arms so he could get the vest over his head. Arthur gave him a tempting look, causing Alfred to growl in an animalistic way as he practically tore of Arthur’s tie and shirt to be able to devour Arthur’s warm flesh hungrily with his lips and his tongue.

“So the Sorting Hat didn’t make a mistake,” Alfred said as Arthur pushed him back against the wall, asserting the fact that he was going to be the dominate one tonight, locking lips once again with him and entangling his tongue in a viciously lusty dance. “You definitely belong in Slytherin.”


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Jul. 13th, 2011 06:07 am (UTC)
Nice crossover! It worked well :-)

Jul. 14th, 2011 02:19 pm (UTC)
Books, books, books... totally nailed the literature prompt with Sanada's fist! XD

Glad you enjoyed :) Couldn't resist throwing in some Snape love!
Jul. 13th, 2011 02:08 pm (UTC)
Really good. I liked it a lot.^^
Jul. 14th, 2011 02:13 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much for reading and enjoying!
Jul. 13th, 2011 02:23 pm (UTC)
Oh-ho~ Quite cunning there, Arthur. Alfred, you should have known this was coming. Lovely read. :3
Jul. 14th, 2011 02:15 pm (UTC)
XD Arthur's good at what he does!

Thank you for reading and enjoying!
Jul. 13th, 2011 07:32 pm (UTC)
*is amuse at the Snape parts*

Dammmn, nice going, Arthur! *gives him a thumb up*
Jul. 14th, 2011 02:17 pm (UTC)
^^ I'm glad I was able to entertain you. Snape was my first favorite character of anything fandom-related. *cannot wait to see Alan Rickman/Snape in the last HP movie in a few hours*

Arthur appreciates the thumbs up :D
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