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[fic] Musical Night

Title: Musical Night
Genre: General/Romance
Paring: US/UK
Word Count: 1,618
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: It's movie night and Arthur chooses to watch his favorite musical, Phantom of the Opera.
Notes: For the usxuk  Summer Camp challenge (Day 14 prompt - Theatre)

"Movie night! I love movie night!" Alfred exclaimed as he ran into his living room with a large bowl of popcorn and a glass filled with pop. He set his items down on the coffee table for squeezing Arthur tightly, who had been peacefully relaxing in the comforts of a fleece blanket.

"Get off of me!" Arthur said as he tried to struggle out of Alfred's grasp, but failing in his attempt. "And are you really going to eat all of that unhealthy popcorn?"

"Yeah, want some?" Alfred offered, taking a handful and munching down on it. "Ooo… buttery and salty. So good."

"Maybe a little later, but practically that whole bowl for you alone seems a bit much…"

"I'll work it all off with my exuberant energy!" Alfred loudly proclaimed as he grabbed the remote and pointed it towards the screen to turn it on. "By the way, what did you pick for a movie?"

Alfred couldn't really tell what Arthur said in response because he mumbled it quickly and under his breath, making it incomprehensible on purpose. He noticed that his ears were a little bit red and that he had drawn up the blanket to hide his flushed face.

"Say that again?"

"I said, it's Phantom of the Opera," Arthur repeated as he completely ducked under the blanket and Alfred stuck a hand in to stroke his face.

"What do you have to be so embarrassed about?" Alfred said in a soothing voice, trying to make Arthur comfortable enough to come out of hiding. "It's one of the greatest musicals of all time…"

"You like watching all of the scary crap when you are not watching action films, violent movies, and humorous comedies. Which really are not as funny… they lack wit and cleverness unlike British comedies."

"Yeah, I do like all of that," Alfred admitted as he found his way to Arthur's neck and tenderly stroked a sensitive spot. "But I'm diverse. I do like my musicals. Even if we watch this one quite a bit."

Arthur finally peeked out from his blanket, blond hair popping out first before a pair of beautiful green eyes shyly looked at Alfred.

"You sure?"

"Yes, so let's get going!" Alfred said, firmly pressing the 'play' button and reaching for his bowl of popcorn to set on his lap to eat. They remained silent as they watched the opening scene, but Alfred smiled when the overture started playing the theme, starting at first only with an intense organ and some drum hits. Alfred enjoyed the sound of the organ - powerful, mysterious, and he loved it when the pedal notes shook the theatre hall in live performances.

"Ah, I love the part halfway through the song where the entire brass section comes in," Arthur said contentedly. "Such a strong statement. Nothing beats the sound of powerful french horns."

"They did a pretty good job with this movie I think," Alfred said and Arthur nodded. "Although it does not come close to comparing to the original broadway run."

"Hardly anything is better than the original," Arthur pointed out.

They resumed their silence as the movie proceeded on, wincing occasionally when Carlotta came onto the scene and started singing or even talking. She was good at being completely annoying. When Christine first appeared on the screen, Alfred saw Arthur frown and laughed softly.

"Don't like her?"

"I think it's the actress's portrayal of her I don't like. She has this vacant expression almost all of the time that bugs me. Especially in scenes where all of the drama unfolds."

Alfred laughed loudly as he quickly recalled some of the scenes in his mind that matched what Arthur had just said. Arthur smirked back at him before he turned his attention back to the television screen as Alfred reached for his glass of pop and started drinking it. He knew better than to interrupt Arthur when 'Think of Me' was playing because he always thought of Alfred. The song was full of reminiscences and fond memories of young America, which were things Arthur liked to ponder from time to time.

When they reached the 'Angel of Music' song, they both turned to each other with the same exact thought on their mind: Roderich Edelstein. They ended up crying with mirth about the idea of Roderich playing the part of the Phantom because there was no boldly confident bone in his body. The pair couldn't see him as a person lurking in an underground lair either or seducing the object of his affection with a deep, alluring singing voice. The Roderich they knew was soft-spoken and easily picked on.

The famous boat scene, which Arthur had to quickly rant about since the way it was done on stage was completely magical and the movie failed to do the same, came and went before the Phantom started singing 'The Music of the Night'. Alfred found it very hard to take the song seriously because it was very suggestive in his mind and was subjected to a scolding from Arthur about being more mature.

"How can I be mature about the song when it uses phrases such as 'surrender to your darkest dreams' and 'let your fantasies unwind' mixed with commands like 'touch me' and 'savor each sensation'?" Alfred said as Arthur grabbed the nearest pillow and clocked him over the head with it.

The song 'Prima Donna' was silly compared to the rest of the serious songs, which was nice for contrast, but that didn't mean they liked Carlotta the character any more than they did. The full company ending was quite spectacular though, full of exuberant singing and joyous expressions.

Alfred sat back when he was finished with his popcorn and pop, setting the bowl and glass onto the table. He looked over at Arthur, who looked quite content with his blanket covering his body and a small smile on his face since his favorite song, 'All I Ask of You' was about to start. Alfred thought that it would be appropriate at that time to cuddle with Arthur, moving behind him and laying him down into a position where he could hold him. They sang the song together with the movie, Alfred with Raoul's lines and Arthur with Christine's lines (Arthur lost a game of rock-paper-scissors from the first time they wanted to sing the song).

The Masquerade scene was one of Arthur's favorites because it reminded him of those days in history where aristocrats through grand balls with formal suits and beautiful dresses. Alfred was sure he was nostalgic of the festive music, the polite exchange of news, and the more dignified style of dance. He would have to indulge him sometime by dressed up in Victorian style clothing and asking him for tea in the garden or a horse ride around the countryside.

'Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again' was Alfred's own heart-tugging song. His thoughts didn't necessarily reflect the lyrics, but the truly sad feelings being expressed through the vocal and instrumental parts reminded him of certain events. For him, it spoke of fallen soldiers that fought for freedom and the pain he endured when they were struggling to establish a country that believed in equality and respect. During the toughest times, he found himself wishing that Arthur was back with him to help him pick up the pieces and carry on in the right direction, but he had to force himself to say goodbye and do it on his own like he said he would.

The scenery and costumes in the Don Juan production were simple, yet quite artistic. Alfred particularly liked the imagery of the flames and the dances of passion preluding the song 'The Point of No Return', which was in another tier of emotional impact. It had tension, seduction, power interjected with tenderness and a yearning for affection. The instrumental music that played when the Phantom surprisingly stole her off of the stage, with its frantic fast notes played by the high string instruments and sharp interjections by the trumpets behind an extremely low, bold statement of the theme in the trombone and tuba parts, was highly thrilling and satisfying.

Some time later, after the exchange of taunts, demands, pleas, and revelations from the Phantom, Christine, and Raoul in a cleverly constructed collage of various songs throughout the whole musical, they started speaking again while watching the final image of the rose on the screen with a smile.

"… I love that musical," Arthur said endearingly.

"I know you do," Alfred replied sweetly, kissing him on the back of the head. "I enjoy it as well."

"I always feel a bit emotional at the part where the Phantom lets her go."

"Did you want her to be with him and not with Raoul?"

"I don't think it's that… more like, he realized all of his wrongdoings and makes the sacrifice of his own happiness for hers. It's tragically beautiful, especially when he says that he loves her in such a delicate and pure way."

"You alone can make my soul take flight," Alfred sang softly into his ear and Arthur turned slightly so he could look into his eyes. He was rewarded with an affectionate kiss before Arthur turned back around.

"How long should we two…"

"If you're going to finish it with 'wait before one', my answer is tomorrow morning," Arthur said as shifted and presumably shut his eyes. "I'm tired and nothing you're going to say is going to get you anywhere."

"Can't a hurt a man for trying," Alfred concluded with a smile, pressing his lips on Arthur's cheek and giving him a moist kiss. "Especially for the one he loves."


( 1 Admirer — Katsu no wa Hyotei )
Jul. 14th, 2011 10:41 pm (UTC)
LOL...that was cute :-)

Gee, I get the impression that you are some sort of musical connoisseur. Do you have a music background or something? *giggles*

I do love a nice fluffy romance. Which Phantom is not, but your story is :-)
( 1 Admirer — Katsu no wa Hyotei )

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