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[fic] Songs that Remind You of Me

Title: Songs that Remind You of Me
Genre: Romance
Pairing: US/UK
Word Count: 1,328
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 (mention of adult material); Fluff (a whole lot of it)
Summary: Arthur goes through Alfred's CD collection and they start talking about different songs.
Notes: For the usxuk Summer Camp challenge (Day 14 prompt - Theatre)

"You have the Les Miserables 10th anniversary concert on CD?!" Arthur asked incredulously as he was looking through Alfred's collection for something to listen to. They were currently in his living room, resting for the night from cleaning the floor, dusting, and putting things back where they belonged in his house. Some rooms only needed minor attention - others were complete disasters. They would resume their tedious task tomorrow morning, which was something Arthur was not quite looking forward to.

"Yeah, and on DVD too," Alfred said as he gingerly stretched his arms and legs out. "Fantastic show."

"Indeed. I really liked their choices for each character. They really breathed life into their parts. I wish I could sing like some of them."

"Hey Arthur?"


"Which song in that musical reminds you of me?" Alfred asked curiously, leaning forward and resting his forearms near his knees. Arthur looked away from his CD collection, crossing his arms and making a face in thought.

"How about 'Do You Here The People Sing'?" Arthur said after mentally deliberating between a few of them. "It's very heroic and speaks of gathering together to rebel against tyranny. Enjolras is not afraid of leading the people to a better future. In fact, if you wanted to be in a musical, you should really be Enjolras."

"Awww, Arthur!"

"You asked!"

"I love your answer!" Alfred said, grinning brightly as he hugged a sofa pillow happily, wiggling back and forth. "I feel all warm and fuzzy inside because you said I'm a hero!"

"Now you need to pick one for me!" Arthur said sternly. "It's only fair."

"Hmm… I think 'Stars' is the one. Javert's solo song."

"Oh really? Why is that?" Arthur inquired, spying another CD that interested him and reaching for it.

"It's all about how you believe that you know what is right and true with some religious undertones. It's got quite a bit of conviction and devotion behind it - he'll never stop pursuing his goal even if it kills him and you're like that."

"Wow… never thought about it that way," Arthur admitted. "Uh, thanks Alfred."

"Not a problem. What's that you got there?"

"Jekyll and Hyde the musical."

"Good stuff! Your turn first this time."

Arthur took a moment to re-read the track listing. It had been a while since he had seen this one in a live production so he was trying to recall the songs in his head.

"The one I have closest to you is 'Dangerous Game'," Arthur said with a laugh. "It just reminds me that you have me completely ensnared in your trap. I can't control myself with your touch, your voice and when you look into my eyes."

"Speaking of eyes, this is mine for you even though it's a bit more of a sad, but hopeful song. 'In His Eyes' because every time you look into mine, you find safety and warmth. Everything that you're searching for you find by looking there."

"There you go with your ability to be romantic again," Arthur said, trying to hide his faint blush. "Here's another: Avenue Q."

"That one is hilarious! Can we watch it again sometime?" Alfred asked excitedly. "It's definitely still running on Broadway."

"It's not very high on my list of things to watch," Arthur said, but then Alfred made that begging face that he had an absolute weakness for and he found himself caving in almost immediately.

"Fine!" Arthur spat at him and Alfred let out a small cheer. "But only if you go with me to see 'Much Ado About Nothing' next month in my country. The list of actors and actresses looks promising."

"The Shakespeare play?"

"I'm glad to hear that you know Shakespeare wrote it."

"I can't believe you can understand all of that old English still," Alfred pointed out, leaning back in his seat and sighing. "It makes no sense to me now so I'm glad someone invented wikipedia and sparknotes."

"You're telling me that Shakespeare is incomprehensible?" Arthur said furiously. "What about all of that slang your country has developed over the years? And internet talk? You lazy Americans!"

"What about you? Why do you have to a call a coat or jacket a 'jumper'?"

"My country was here first! We invented the language!"

"My country is better! We took your language and made it easier to understand!"


"Wow, that got heated. Can I blame Shakespeare?" Alfred asked and Arthur shrugged.

"Sure, why not? I don't think he'll mind after all of the years you've harped on him anyway. So anyway, let's go with Avenue Q to stay with the trend. And you can't use 'If You Were Gay'… 'cause we kind of are."

"You're Rod because you're stingy and easily embarrassed."

"And you're Nicky because you don't know when to stop talking," Arthur retorted back. "Oh my, we could totally be in that musical too and do well."

"Okay, mine for you is 'There is Life Outside Your Apartment' even though you live in a house."

"Why that one?"

"Because you don't like to go out and do anything. You stay inside and avoid people. So I'm indirectly telling you to get out more."

"Well thanks," Arthur said sarcastically. "Because I had a nice one for you."

"Which is?"

"'You Can Be Loud As The Hell You Want'."

"Are you giving me permission?" Alfred said with a wink and Arthur chuckled softly.

"Only in bed as the song states."

"One last CD and then I'll go take care of what that last song calls for," Alfred said with a wicked grin and Arthur found himself looking very forward to what Alfred was going to do with him that night. He hurriedly looked through the CDs for another musical that they could talk about.

"Think fast - West Side Story," Alfred called out, trying to catch Arthur off-guard.

"Uhhh, America?"

"Uncool! Of course that song describes me."

"Your turn!"

"I Feel Pretty."

"Do you want to die?"

"Haha, no," Alfred said, standing up and joining Arthur by the enormous CD rack. "I didn't realize how many CDs I had… and how much diversity there is."

"All I can find is Beauty and the Beast right now," Arthur said, pulling it off of the rack and looking at it. "When was this a musical?"

"Half of the Disney films are musicals, I swear," Alfred pointed out. "So, let's see…"

"This is hard… None of these really match us. Except…" Arthur looked up at Alfred, who looked like he had thought the same exact thing.

"'Beauty and the Beast'," they said aloud in unison before laughing and tossing the CD onto the sofa. Alfred hooked one arm around him as they headed towards the bedroom, pushing the door open with a lot of energetic vigor.

"So, who is who?"

"I'm Belle because I'm beautiful, intelligent, kind, and Gaston wants me. Badly."

"You're really not any of that in the amount that Belle is," Arthur said rolling his eyes. "Why do I have to be the Beast anyway?"

"Come on, isn't it obvious? You're so grouchy and you try to scare everyone away, but deep down, you're completely soft-hearted and really shy."

"Shut up," Arthur said as he was pushed down on the bed before Alfred climbed on top of him. "I don't want everyone knowing that."

"I'm so excited we're going to watch Avenue Q together soon," Alfred said as he bent down to kiss him passionately.

"Please. You just like watching puppets have stage sex…"

"It's just one of the many reasons," Alfred admitted as Arthur sighed teasingly. "Wicked is playing too. We can see that as well."

"Shh… no more talk," Arthur said, pressing his finger to Alfred's soft lips. "I need to show you what 'Defying Gravity' feels like right now," he finished seductively, pulling Alfred down for an even deeper kiss as they continued showing each other exactly how strong their love was.


( 3 Admirers — Katsu no wa Hyotei )
Jul. 15th, 2011 02:11 am (UTC)
Some excellent musicals :-) *sighs* We occasionally have some come through here...wish I a) could afford to go and b) had someone to go with!

*hugs you*
Jul. 15th, 2011 03:35 am (UTC)
*grins* That is great. :D
Jul. 15th, 2011 08:56 am (UTC)
Well, we like all the same musicals. I absolutely LOVE Les Miserables, and I sat here and gushed about it to myself as I read this. Also, all the others, and 'Dangerous Game' is my FAVORITE MUSICAL SONG EVER.

Okay. I'm done. ♥ This was adorableeee thank you!
( 3 Admirers — Katsu no wa Hyotei )

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