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I was one of the many that went to see the Harry Potter midnight showing. Oh the overfilled parking lot and ridiculously long lines. At least I had bought my ticket online so I was able to just get it and go have a seat in an already crowded theatre (had to wait 'til my brother got out of work). Row 2 is so close lol (but that also meant I got to gawk at Snape up close). He's one of the only characters in any fandom that I like that has long hair.

And then the next day I re-read the 7th book because I needed to refresh myself on what was different. Props to the producers for doing a pretty good job of finding ways to cover all of the inconsistencies from the other movies and for also doing this part of the book well. Sure they left out things for my picky mind to notice, but I didn't actually notice some of the minor ones until I re-read the book. Then I watched it again with my best friend (able to find seats further back!) 'cause she couldn't go to the midnight showing.

So, what lies behind the cut? A list of the characters that come to mind (in order from most to least favorite… ) and how many points they get (or lose) for how they were in the movie. It's my silly semi-spoilish ambiguous rambling… Fair warning for those who are absolutely against being spoiled. For your information, feel free to fire the spoiler cannon at me about anything. I embrace spoiler cannonballs with open arms!

Oh, and one of these days, you're going to see a massive post of the many reasons why I love Snape. Because he was my first favorite character ever. And Alan Rickman because he's my favorite actor ever. Unrelated, but I can never decide if I belong in Slytherin or Ravenclaw more (because I have a lot of qualities of both), so Raventherin it is! Slytherclaw sounds silly :P

Favorite Characters...

Severus Snape = +10,000 (he's Alan Rickman - my favorite actor!), +2,000 (great work in the memory scenes), +100 (for the change from semi-pleading (in the book) to calculated confidence while talking to the Dark Lord), +10 (for defending against McGonagall, but they should have had the battle EXACTLY the way it was in the book. I wanted to see flying daggers and a Snape-shaped hole in the window!), +1,000 (excellent delivery of speaking in the Great Hall scene), +100 (the tear that slid down his cheek instead of letting his thoughts gush out of wounds (like in the book)), +500,000 (BA points)

Minerva McGonagall = +1,000,000 (BA Points for dry humor, witty lines, the fight against Snape, boss magical powers, joking with Flitwick about how Voldemort was going to kill him, etc. Finally she gets some time in the movies where she can be strong, serious, and funny)

Filius Flitwick = +1,000 (for having amazing magic powers… strong enough to shield the entire castle), +500 (the scene where he is running through the Hogwarts soldiers away from the giant is priceless), +10 (looks like an orchestra conductor still)

Remus Lupin = +5,000 (for the beautiful line he said and Kingsley asked 'Who said that?'. And then he says 'me' always semi smug-like), +500 (the added few seconds where he reaches for Tonks's hand BROKE MY HEART)

Albus Dumbledore = +1,000 (memory scene), +100 (for his gentleness in limbo… I missed my gentle Dumbledore!)

Sirius Black = +100 (when he reaches for Harry's heart and says that they are there. So sweet!)

Lucius Malfoy= -50,000 (his final outfit omfg. I can't believe your wife was okay with that. I had better expectations for your choice of style.)

Draco Malfoy = +50,000 (for his Victorian gentleman get-up in the Epilogue. Made. my. night.)

Kingsley Shacklebolt = +1,000 (showing that Death Eater that he meant business), +100 (his powerful voice)


Characters I'm indifferent about…

Harry Potter = +1,000 (for killing Voldemort)

Ron Weasley = +500 (well-timed humorous lines and his attempt at Parseltongue)

Hermione Granger = +1,000 (for managing to not annoy me in a movie… it's not her, it's her character that drives me up a wall), +500 (for Bellatrix at Gringotts. So funny!)

Bellatrix Lestrange = +100 (skipping on rocks when Voldemort talks to Hogwarts, just being all clingy to Voldemort)

The Dark Lord aka Voldemort = -1,000 (the aftermath Gringotts scene was gross!), -1,000,000 (for killing Snape), +10,000 (for 'hugging' Draco Malfoy), +100 (for that really odd yet amusing laugh)

Molly Weasley = +1,000 (THAT line)

Bill Weasley = +5,000 (looking BA there)

Argus Filch = +10,000 (effort points for trying to uphold his caretaker duties)

Neville Longbottom = +5,000 ('You and whose army?!' XD)

Luna Lovegood = +1,000 (for being a refreshing relief from all of the chaos going on)

Aberforth Dumbledore = -1,000 (he seemed too…. fierce for me? I mean, I know he's supposed to have this thing against his brother, but I guess I imagined him sounding a bit different… And they left out the part where he talks about his goats!)

Movie Director = -100,000 (because you wiped out Gellert Grindelwald completely! Thus not making Dumbledore's character/past as deep and complicated as it should have been and making the Deathly Hallows seem less significant because of it. I wanted Dumbledore's family backstory of tragedy for many reasons.) -10 (I kind of wanted to see the memory scene where Lily is ticked off at Snape for his choice of friends or how he was bullied by primarily James and Sirius… I was pissed that they completely destroyed the memory scene in the 5th movie. But the memory scene they did do in this movie was legit even missing what I wanted), +50,000 (for producing a movie that I enjoyed because it was more accurate to the book than most of them).

Death Eaters = +1,000 (shooting cool glowing spells at an equally cool glowing dome shield), -1,000,000 (for burning the Quidditch stadium!)

Snatcher in plaid pants = +1,000 (for being hilarious in plaid pants)


( 1 Admirer — Katsu no wa Hyotei )
Jul. 17th, 2011 06:28 am (UTC)
Who doesn't love Snape?

I can't decide if I'm Slytherin or Ravenclaw either, but if I manipulate my quiz results to put me in Slytherin, then that makes me one?
( 1 Admirer — Katsu no wa Hyotei )

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