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20 Celebrities Meme

(1) List 20 celebrities you would have sex with without even asking questions.

(2) Put all of them in order of your lust for them. (1 is the hottest.) *I split the lists into American and Japanese celebrities.

3) Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.

(4) Supply photos.

(5) Tag five people!

1. Alan Rickman (Harry Potter and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves)

Everything about him, but especially his voice, is amazingly sexy.

2. Anderson Cooper (The Mole 2: The Next Betreyal)

His sense of humor is adorable. His eyes are also gorgeous. 

3. Jonathan Roberts (Dancing With the Stars)

Love his style of dancing and his gentlemanly personality.

4. Travis Willingham (Fullmetal Alchemist)

He is completely hilarious and has an amazingly deep voice.

5. James Spader (Boston Legal)

He's quirky and well-spoken. I also love his choice of clothing.

6. Zachary Quinto (Heroes)

He is a hot badass with a smoldering look.

7. Brendan Fraser (The Mummy)

Simply charming and funny.

8. Peter Facinelli (Twilight)

A soft-spoken, but very nice guy with a nice smile.

1. Baba Toru (Tenimyu - Dream Live 4th)

Handsome, adorable, and has a nice voice. I love how serious, yet kind he is as Yagyuu and he is great at interacting his character well with his team.

2. Kanesaki Kentarou (Tenimyu - Dream Live 5th)

Also very handsome with a powerful voice and intensity in how he moves on stage. He is the epitome of Sanada's personality in such an epic way.

3. Nakagauchi Masataka (Tenimyu - Dream Live 5th)

His dancing skills are addicting to watch and his unique tone of voice is great to listen to. He also makes a sly, devious, (and sexy) Niou.

4. Yuu Shirota (Tenimyu - Dream Live 3rd)

His voice is beautiful and his passion is inspiring. He portrays Tezuka as a devoted and strict leader to his team well.

5. Kato Kazuki (Tenimyu - Dream Live 3rd)

His charisma is captivating and his voice is deep and sexy. He captures Atobe's arrogance and narcissism in a brilliant way.

6. Masuda Toshiki - (Tenimyu - Final Match Rikkai Second)

His voice is beautiful and he is immaculate in what he does. His portrayal of Yukimura as a deadly, serious, and talented player is dead on.

7. Yagami Ren - (Tenimyu - Absolute King Rikkai First)

He is soft-spoken, but endearing, and he always looks so stylish. He does a great job with making Yukimura seem gentle, yet determined.

8. Junichi Suwabe - (Prince of Tennis)

His voice is the Japanese equivalent to Alan Rickman. It has a characteristic sound that is so alluring and sexy and he sings very well. And he voices my favorite character from the series - Atobe Keigo!

9. Saitou Takumi - (Tenimyu - Dream Live 3rd)

Calm, serious, and mysterious with a lovely Kansai accent. He fits the cool and reserved Oshitari character well.

10. Irei Kanata - (Tenimyu - Dream Live 4th)

He has a very charming and engaging persona. As Saeki, he is also fun-loving, positive, and humorous.

11. Kamakari Kenta - (Tenimyu - Dream Live 3rd)

He's sweet and adorable. He does a nice job being stubborn, passionate, and caring as Shishido.

12. Yamaoki Yuuki - (Tenimyu - Final Match Rikkai First)

He genuinely cares about his friends and what life has given him. His portrayal of Yanagi as a powerful player that is not to be underestimated is well-received.

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