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More tennis, yeah?

Contents include "The Kid" and the USTA Boys National Tennis Tournament...

So, in my earlier entry about the little girl taking tennis lessons and the two passing by boys that suddenly wanted to try ('cause they were inspired by watching us attempt to destroy each other in a fierce manner have fun), I remembered some of the earlier days of tennis four years ago…

… Wait, I've been playing tennis for four years now? Holy time passing!

Okay, so at my university, there are eight courts on the upper level (my campus has large hills) that are open to the public and like ten or twelve courts down the hill (reserved for the varsity teams). Only the upper courts have stadium-bright lights (makes playing at night in the early fall SO EPIC). Apparently my university has a very strong tennis team, but I've never had a chance to watch them. *just had to talk about the super nice courts*

Well, one day within that first year, we saw this boy who looked like he was in 4th grade maybe? He had a white hat and a white polo shirt and I was curious 'cause almost all of the players were college students or adults (that are really good! Especially this one Asian and African American best friend pair). His trainer was a few feet behind him and they went to go warm-up. His trainer is his dad.

Only their warm-up made our top-notch playing skills look absolutely pathetic.

So we kept sneaking glances and were in complete awe/envy. They rallied forehands (eventually counting out loud… when you keep a rally going for 40 at the speed/power they were going at with such precision…just wow). And then did backhands the same way. Worked on netplay and serves. And then they played a game...

"The Kid" (that's what we call him) showed up almost ever time we played for the next year and a half (I don't know where he is now). Hardcore training + a game or two. Always wearing his white hat. And he's Asian (although Chinese), but he LOOKS LIKE ECHIZEN RYOMA. I am not kidding. His dad could totally be Nanjirou if he change into the right attire and messed up his hair a bit because he is only slightly better than The Kid. He doesn't say much out loud to him - just advises him here and there. But when they play games, they go all out. One time, The Kid accidentally hit a ball out on an important point and he let out a yell of frustration. It was fearsome. He gets worked up like crazy too when he messed up on important points or makes silly mistakes. Also, some of the things he says to his father has that 'Echizen-snarky or Echizen-Hmm, I need to do better' feel.

In other tennis related news, my university's hometown is the home of the USTA Boys National Tennis tournament. It's a ten-day tournament for 16 and 18 year old boys (So the first round is the Round of 256 for Singles). How this place is the site of the NATIONAL TOURNAMENT, I still have yet to find out. They host all of the crazy good tennis boys on both my university's campus and the nearby college's tennis stadium (who has a tennis team that is nationally recognized and they hold some kind of National record for something I think). Well, these boys have a good week coming w/ mid-high 70s (August is usually 80s-90s).

I've watched a few matches in the early rounds when my brother and I drove up a few years ago to play tennis w/ the college marching band director and Kev, but were totally didn't realize that a tennis tournament was going on. Months later, I realized what the tournament actually was. Another year, I watched some of quarterfinals in the stadium (which is really just a few courts with tall bleaches and roofing along one of the longer sides and cameras for online viewing). So. crazy. good. At the age, holy cow.

I heard the winner of the Boys' 18 Singles gets a spot in the US Open. Talk about some intense stuff.


( 2 Admirers — Katsu no wa Hyotei )
Aug. 7th, 2011 08:09 pm (UTC)
o.o man all the talk of these kids makes me think of tenipuri right away. and "The Kid"...those are some coincidences.

wah~ I wish I could watch tennis like that. Other than watching friends play I haven't seen any matches live(nothing goes on around here). I'd love to watch some actual tennis teams.
Aug. 8th, 2011 02:12 am (UTC)
Wow...so cool! :-)

LOL, you've seen Echizen!!

So...going to go watch the Tournament this year?
( 2 Admirers — Katsu no wa Hyotei )

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