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[fic] A Simple Masterpiece

Title: A Simple Masterpiece
Author: absolutehymn007
Claim: Prince of Tennis - General
Table: Buffet - 50 Prompts
Prompt: #15 Think of Me
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sanada x Yukimura (at the end), but mainly Rikkai-centric and Yukimura POV
Word Count: 1,294
Summary: Rikkai's thoughtful gift to their beloved Buchou.
Warnings: None
Notes: A "quote-prompt" fic influenced by my interest in colors, art, and creative thinking. Also, thoughtful surprise gifts when you least expect it are wonderful :)

Kirihara would throw huge splatters of red paint because he is violent in his tennis playing style and the effect would remind him of his favorite fighting-style video games. He also liked feeling free to make a mess, which is probably why his team let him do this first and stayed a good distance away.

Jackal would fill in an area with brown paint which suits his calm and down-to-earth nature. He was careful to avoid the dripping paint from Kirihara's attack on it as he worked and thought he would also add touches of dark red to give it some more subtle interest.

Marui would use a variety of bright colors because he found the current color palette to be a bit too basic for his taste. The wild strokes of orange, yellow, pink, and red that had he put all over the place added contrast significantly. He finished his art with a flourish, claiming he was a genius at this.

Niou would find silver paint that changes to different shades depending on the angle of the light. Something like that was fitting of the Tricker who prided himself on creating illusions. He smirked as he painted knowing that he was going to have Kirihara confused as to why the canvas was changing colors on him.

Yagyuu would find a spot hardly untouched by the others and paint it with a careful selection of green, blue, and purple. He wanted to his work to give off the feeling of gentle serenity. Once he finished that, he couldn't help but add a little bit to what everyone else had done and smiled when he noticed what kind of paint Niou had used.

Yanagi would place precise brush strokes of pale blue in areas that he analyzed needed more paint. He had calculated in the data of what all of his teammates would do and planned his work accordingly to result in something appealing in the end. He took his turn after everyone else knowing that it was better to avoid chaos than to be ruined by it.

Sanada would come into the room, pick up the canvas, stash it away the corner of the locker room, and yell at his team to stop wasting time and to get to practice. As they left with Yanagi acting as the fukubuchou for part of the practice, they all knew that Sanada was too embarrassed to be seen doing something "trivial" like this when he had more important things to tend to. Later they saw the beautiful calligraphy that he had left in black paint towards the bottom, but he had disappeared before they could confront him.

Yukimura smiled brightly as Sanada, with the rest of the team behind him, presented their buchou with this wonderful surprise. He was still in the process of recovering from his successful surgery and hadn't seen them in a long time. They asked if they could hang it up and he nodded, watching with an amused smile on his face as Kirihara and Marui scrambled to the garage for a nail and hammer and tripping on themselves in the doorway. When they got back, they proceeded to arguing loudly and throwing pillows at each other from across the room playfully.

Jackal was chosen to put the nail into the wall and to hang it up since he was the most likely to be able to succeed at his task. Yagyuu could have done it as well, but he was a gentlemen who was busy with watering the plants on the windowsill that Yukimura cared for. Yanagi would have taken too long by judging the most aesthetic spot to place it in the room and ended up choosing to organize the books on the desk. Niou was not to be trusted with tools under any circumstances because of the latest series of pranks so he joined Yagyuu with tending the plants.

Sanada was sitting at Yukimura's bedside and was about to stand up and to put them under control, but a frail hand on his arm stopped him. He glanced down with a slightly curious expression and Yukimura shook his head silently, eyes twinkling. It was silent permission to let the team be themselves for a while, no matter how dangerous it might be. Sanada nodded and sat back down, feeling apprehensive inside, but trusting his long-time friend's decision. Yanagi came over to join them and they observed the antics of their fellow team members, sharing the appreciation that they felt for each other both verbally and wordlessly.

The team had departed after an hour or so of spending their time there - laughing with each other and catching him up with the latest news. Yukimura waved them out and they left with bright smiles on their faces knowing that they had made their buchou's day more joyful. Yanagi said a few words of encouragement and hugged him briefly before leaving with the rest of the group. Only Sanada was left and he chose to stay longer so that they could talk privately - something that he had been wanting for a while and he was sure that Yukimura knew the whole time.

Yukimura asked who's idea it was to do this out of curiosity. Sanada had no answer since no one could remember how it came to be, but once the idea was public, everyone rushed to join in on the plan. Yukimura had a slight suspicion that the instigator was Yanagi, who would be crafty enough to do all of the elaborate planning that ensured it was successful without revealing himself (Niou could too, but he highly doubted it was him). He laughed at the same time Sanada let out a small chuckle, meaning that he had come to the same conclusion.

Sanada held Yukimura's hand softly the whole time - their relationship was something that was quite special to him. Their actions were always small and discreet and they had never told each other anything of what meant everything to them. Yet, somehow, they could hear and understand completely what they were not saying to one another, and that was something that they both appreciated.

Yukimura gently lowered Sanada's head with his free hand and kissed him softly on the lips. It felt overwhelmingly wonderful to Sanada who had been missing his touch for a long time and he closed his eyes to savor the moment. Yukimura felt his reaction and obliged, kissing him a few more times before he had to leave. He felt Sanada's hand slide slowly and unwillingly from his as he made his way out. Yukimura always found it amusing that the fiercely stoic fukubuchou of the Rikkai tennis club could be so tender and caring on the inside.

Yukimura leaned back into his pillows and stared at the painting fondly. To a professional artist, it probably looked like a jumble of amateur randomness. To Yukimura, it was a priceless masterpiece with powerful meaning. He knew his team well enough to accurately guess what each person contributed to the canvas and how much they enjoyed themselves as they created this for him.

Tennis was life to Yukimura, which in turn, made the Rikkai team his life as well. Sometimes Yukimura wondered if the team actually liked him or just respected and/or feared his ability. This gift confirmed what he believed was the right answer - that the team did truly like him and trusted him to lead them to victory. The thoughts that went into this was something Yukimura would cherish forever and he felt blessed to have a representation of the strong support of his team, hanging on his wall, to reflect on and to admire for all the years to come.

I wanted to try making it after writing the story :)


( 3 Admirers — Katsu no wa Hyotei )
Jan. 9th, 2012 11:35 am (UTC)
I loved how Sanada reacted when he sent the others to the practice in order to write his part secretely <33 It sound a lot like him :D

That part "Their actions were always small and discreet and they had never told each other anything of what meant everything to them. Yet, somehow, they could hear and understand completely what they were not saying to one another, and that was something that they both appreciated." made me remember about Riken-sama and Susukihotaru from Otome Youkai Zakuro (dunno if you watched that anime? It's a shoujo-ish one xD). They really look alike somehow @__@

I love how tsundere looks Sanada in this one!! <333
And the way you always do Yukimura to take the lead in their relationship as well *____* I always felt it this way, too.

And your painting is just so beautiful!! You really did it for the fanfic? *___*
Somehow... staring at it I feel you really caught all their personalities!
Jan. 9th, 2012 03:10 pm (UTC)
Re-reading all of these takes me back :) To the days where I wasn't as familiar with Sanada and Yukimura and Kirihara as I am now lol

Ah, no, I haven't seen Otome Youkai Zakuro. I only see like one or two anime at a time each season and I totally missed a few seasons as of late.

My Sanada in the earlier days was quite tsundere lol. But it's okay 'cause I love him so. *hugs him*

I wrote the fanfic first and then made the painting 'cause I wanted to see what it might look like and I had just gotten some new brushes in Photoshop. It was a lot of fun and I'm glad that you really like it :D
Jan. 9th, 2012 03:57 pm (UTC)
Ahh don't worry at all ^^ It's not like I watch everything either XDDD;;
Just if you have the chance someday try to watch an episode with those two characters! I would be interesting in knowing if you see the similitaries with Sanada and Yukimura as well, or not :D

Yees! <33 But I always saw him a little like a tsundere-ish boy, so it's totally fine with me :3

Ehhh? You made it with Photoshop? Ohhh~ virtual artist you are then! *___* (I'm totally fail with Photoshop U__U;)
( 3 Admirers — Katsu no wa Hyotei )

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