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30 Days of Prince of Tennis

garrusposted this "30 days of Prince of Tennis" meme on the tenipuri</lj>community. So I'm going to do this because it is going to be fun.

Here's the list...

Your favorite team and/or character - Day 1
Your least favorite team and/or character - Day 2
A team and/or character everyone else loves and you don't understand why - Day 3
A team and/or character that deserved more screen time - Day 4
A character that you thought had an interesting 40.5 profile - Day 5
Your favorite character that isn't a middle school tennis player - Day 6
Your favorite pairing - Day 7
Your least favorite pairing - Day 8
Your favorite tennis match or story arc - Day 9
Your favorite song from TeniMyu - Day 10 (currently locked for a quiz)
A character you wouldn't mind dating - Day 11
The team and/or character you can relate to the most - Day 12
The team that should have beaten Seigaku - Day 13
The team you would join if you were a prepubescent Japanese male tennis player - Day 14
Your favorite team coach - Day 15
Your favorite character song - Day 16
Your favorite outfit worn by Atobe or Mizuki - Day 17
Your favorite episode/part of the story that doesn't involve a tennis match - Day 18
A match that should have happened, but didn't - Day 19
Your pick of seven players that you'd love to be on a team together - Day 20
The character that is most like you - Day 21
A team and/or character you used to dislike but now like - Day 22
A character you'd love to have as your sibling - Day 23
Your favorite tennis move - Day 24
Your favorite buchou and/or fukubuchou - Day 25
Your favorite doujinshi/fanfiction/other non-canon work - Day 26
A Tenimyu actor you wouldn't mind dating - Day 27
The doubles pair that has the most questionable sexuality - Day 28
A character whose backstory you want to know more about - Day 29
A series that you think would make for a great crossover with TeniPuri - Day 30

(Assume that these can all be plural and that they all say "and why" at the end.)

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