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30 Days of Prince of Tennis - Day 1

Your favorite team(s) and/or character(s)
...Geez, that's going to be tough...


Hyotei Gakuen. All of the regulars are very hard-working people and they have this drive to be the best. They're also completely hilarious and partly crazy. xD The showy captain, the mysterious genius, the obnoxious acrobat, the cute sleepyhead, the man of few words, the stubborn player, the gentle musician, and the no. 1 wannabe all make up this team.

Rikkaidai Fuzoku. We will not be defeated - that is the law. They have the pride of kings and the talent to beat any of their opponents. The instill fear in others and seek to win with perfection. The Child of God, the Emporer, the Data Master, the Gentleman, the Trickster, the Devil, the Genius, and the Iron Wall of Defense all make up this team.

I'm quite partial to Shitenhouji (for their silly antics and collection of fun-loving and humorous characters) and St. Rudolph (a diverse group of characters that are very likable) as well.


I'm going to avoid going into detail because I could go on forever about why I like each one of these characters. So I'll just make a list with five of my favorite things about them...

1) Atobe Keigo - Hyotei (talented, competitive, playfully arrogant, rich, inspiring)
2) Yagyuu Hiroshi - Rikkaidai (gentleman, intelligent, serious, tenacious, talented)
3) Oshitari Yuushi - Hyotei (romantic, mysterious, witty, serious, quiet)
4) Fuji Syuusuke - Seigaku (sweet, friendly, hard-working, fearsome, positive)
5) Yanagi Renji - Rikkaidai (calculating, dry humor, unrevealing, caring, intelligent)
6) Sanada Genichirou - Rikkaidai (aggressive, prideful, serious, devoted, perfectionist)
7) Yukimura Seiichi - Rikkaidai (endearing, manipulative, talented, friendly, confident)
8) Niou Masaharu - Rikkaidai (casual, fearless, independent, mischievous, skilled)
9) Tezuka Kunimitsu - Seigaku (stoic, determined, sacrificial, talented, leader)
10) Shiraishi Kuranosuke - Shitenhouji (friendly, skilled, confident, fun, charismatic)

Other top favorite characters...

Oshitari Kenya - Shitenhouji
Ootori Choutarou - Hyotei
Shishido Ryou - Hyotei
Kaidou Kaoru - Seigaku
Mizuki Hajime - St. Rudolph
Saeki Kojirou - Rokkaku

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