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The other night, I was quizzing a group of friends over random PoT + Tenimyu facts about me. Like who my first Tenimyu love was (pre-Kane and pre-Baba era!) or least favorite character on each team. Anyway, we got into a discussion about Tenimyu songs, and I have 121 favorites (including some repeats) out of a chosen 16 musicals (no Season 2 in here yet). So, I have created the Ultimate Tenimyu Song Quiz Challenge!!! Just how well do you think you know Hymn's musical tastes? My favorite songs are sung by strong voices, have good instrumental composition and progression, and have passionate emotion and intensity. :)

Want to try the quiz? XD Not all of this will fit in one comment, so break it down to make it work. Most likely you will be doing this in small chunks over the week and the next (copy and pasting will be your friend!). It might be a fun trip down nostalgia lane too! Here is a list of all of the songs :)

I am planning on making banners for completion and the results XD In your first comment, please pick your favorite Tenimyu character to be your avatar. As you comment, I'll post your current point total :)

FIRST ROUND - 1pt Each
Favorite songs from each musical. Some songs are shared between musicals, but not all of them.
* The difference between 'duet' and 'solo + solo' is that the duet alternates between people more often and they also sing together at the same at some point.

Dream Live 1st
1. (Seigaku)
2. (Seigaku)
3. (Seigaku)
4. (Solo)

Dream Live 2nd
5. (St. Rudolph)
6. (Fudomine)

Imperial Match Hyotei in Winter
7. (Duet)

Dream Live 3rd
8. (Solo)
9. (Duet)
10. (Instrumental)
11. (Encore)
12. (Seigaku)
13. (Seigaku)
14. (Seigaku)
15. (Seigaku)
16. (Hyotei)
17. (Hyotei)
18. (Hyotei)
19. (Mixed Ensemble)

Advancement Match Rokkaku
20. (Hyotei)
21. (Hyotei)
22. (Mixed Ensemble)

Absolute King Rikkai First
23. (Solo)
24. (Duet)
25. (Mixed Ensemble)
26. (Mixed Ensemble)

Dream Live 4th
27. (Duet)
28. (Duet)
29. (Duet -> Mixed Ensemble)
30. (Instrumental)
31. (Encore)
32. (Rikkai)
33. (Mixed Ensemble)
34. (Mixed Ensemble)
35. (Mixed Ensemble)
36. (Mixed Ensemble)
37. (Mixed Ensemble)

Absolute King Rikkai Second
38. (Duet)
39. (Duet + Mixed Ensemble)
40. (Seigaku)
41. (Rikkai)
42. (Rikkai)

Progressive Match Higa
43. (Solo -> Duet -> Solo)
44. (Trio -> Mixed Ensemble)
45. (Rikkai)
46. (Rikkai)
47. (Higa)
48. (Mixed Ensemble)

Dream Live 5th
49. (Solo)
50. (Solo)
51. (Solo)
52. (Solo -> Duet -> Solo)
53. (Duet)
54. (Duet)
55. (Rikkai)
56. (Rikkai)
57. (Rikkai)
58. (Mixed Ensemble)
59. (Mixed Ensemble)
60. (Mixed Ensemble)
61. (Mixed Ensemble)

Imperial Presence Hyotei
62. (Solo)
63. (Solo)
64. (Solo + Solo)
65. (Solo + Solo)
66. (Seigaku)
67. (Hyotei)
68. (Mixed Ensemble)

Treasure Match Shitenhouji
69. (Seigaku)
70. (Seigaku)
71. (Mixed Ensemble)
72. (Mixed Ensemble)

Dream Live 6th
73. (Solo)
74. (Solo + Solo)
75. (Solo -> Ensemble -> Solo)
76. (Seigaku)
77. (Mixed Ensemble)
78. (Mixed Ensemble)

Final Match Rikkai FIrst
79. (Rikkai)
80. (Rikkai)
81. (Shitenhouji)
82. (Mixed Ensemble)
83. (Mixed Ensemble)

Final Match Rikkai Second
84. (Solo)
85. (Solo)
86. (Solo)
87. (Solo)
88. (Solo + Ensemble)
89. (Two solos + Ensemble)
90. (Duet -> Ensemble)
91. (Seigaku)
92. (Seigaku)
93. (Seigaku)
94. (Rikkai)
95. (Mixed Ensemble)
96. (Mixed Ensemble)
97. (Mixed Ensemble)
98. (Mixed Ensemble)
99. (Mixed Ensemble)
100. (Mixed Ensemble)

Dream Live 7th
101. (Solo)
102. (Solo)
103. (Solo)
104. (Solo)
105. (Solo + Ensemble)
106. (Solo + Ensemble)
107. (Instrumental)
108. (Seigaku)
109. (Seigaku)
110. (Rikkai)
111. (Rikkai)
112. (Rikkai)
113. (Shitenhouji)
114. (Mixed Ensemble)
115. (Mixed Ensemble)
116. (Mixed Ensemble)
117. (Mixed Ensemble)
118. (Mixed Ensemble)
119. (Mixed Ensemble)
120. (Mixed Ensemble)
121. (Mixed Ensemble)

SECOND ROUND - 3pts each
Top 34 Favorite Songs from all of the musicals

Dream Live 1st - 2
Dream Live 2nd - 1
Imperial Match Hyotei - 1
Dream Live 3rd - 6
Advancement Match Rokkaku - 1
Absolute King Rikkai First - 1
Dream Live 4th - 2
Absolute King Rikkai Second - 1
Progressive Match Higa - 2
Dream Live 5th - 3
Imperial Presence Hyotei - 1
Dream Live 6th - 3
Final Match Rikkai First - 3
Final Match Rikkai Second - 6
Dream Live 7th - 1

There are two songs here that I like two versions of (ex. Yomigaerishi mono from both Dream Live 6th and Progressive Match, but that is not one of the answers to this Top 34 question)

Top 11 Absolute Favorite Songs

I had to listen to them over and over to actually narrow it down to 11 -.- But these I could listen to over and over and never be sick of them. One is a solo, one is a duet, and the rest are group songs. You have to specify what musical it is from. 2 bonus points each if you * the top 5 and 10 bonus points if you ** the top song!

EXTRA ROUND - 3pts each
There are a few answers for each that I will accept, but guess only one unless there are other instructions. The ones with a * only have one answer though. Just a reminder, these are all my personal preferences.

Favorite Dream Live Team Skit -
Favorite Dream Live Mixed Skit -
Dream Live Dorkiest Dancing Songs -
Favorite Stage Musical Skit -
Favorite Move from Sanada during a Dream Live song -
Favorite Move from Sanada while he is playing tennis -
What I usually make fun of when I put up screenshots of Sanada -
Best singing voice (put three answers here) -
Best dancer (put two answers here) -
Song with Creative and Well-Executed Choreography (specify the musical is is from) -
Thing I look forward to while the actors are going to take their bows individually -
The actor with the most charming stage presence -
* Favorite Best Actors Series CD (Extra point for getting my favorite song on the CD… it's one of the non-Tenimyu Songs) -
* Song I really just don't like (it's from Absolute King Rikkai First and one of the Dream Lives) -

Total Possible Points: 350

WHOO!! You made it to the end!!! *applauds*


( 2 Admirers — Katsu no wa Hyotei )
Dec. 30th, 2011 12:20 am (UTC)
This scares me. This quiz... is longer than my quarterly exams. :O And all of those are like enumeration, while my quarterly exams are made up of mostly multiple choice questions. 8| I want to try this quiz, though.

Dream Live 1st
1. (Seigaku) This is The Prince of Tennis
2. (Seigaku) Now and Forever
3. (Seigaku) Victory ~ Omae wa Seigaku no Hashira ni Nare
4. (Solo) Shinkenshoubu to wa Sou Iu Koto (Acoustic Version)

Dream Live 2nd
5. (St. Rudolph) Erabareshi Elite Shuudan
6. (Fudomine) Shinkenshoubu to wa Souiu Koto

Imperial Match Hyotei in Winter
7. (Duet) Ikki Uchi

... I'll continue this later on. It's too early in the morning. >.
Dec. 30th, 2011 01:04 am (UTC)
Aww... it scared me too when I finished typing it lol. But I figured if I was going to do it, might as well make it exciting, right? XD But I'm so excited that you're going to try! Good luck :)

I'll give you a current point total when more people comment so that it's less clear who has the right answers when. Have a wonderful day!

PS - Don't forget to select your favorite Tenimyu character!
( 2 Admirers — Katsu no wa Hyotei )

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