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Reflection on Writing - 2011

In the year 2011, I wrote (including the author notes)…

243,090 words in eighteen Prince of Tennis stories (1 chapter fic; 2 drabbles; 15 one-shots)
47,807 words in eleven Hetalia stories (1 two-part fic; 10 one-shots)

Total words: 290,897

[The only thing I wrote, started in late summer 2010, was my first Platinum Pair chapter fic, which came out to 51,093 words]

Holy. Kami. no. Ko. Although 190,000 of those words come from the PoT/FE fic But still, that is way more than I had thought. *feels accomplished*

Thoughts going through everything in chronological writing order for Prince of Tennis… I separated them by era because there are fairly distinct differences in the writing structure, what I focused on at the time, who I liked and which characters I was just getting to know, etc.

The Creative Era
Based on inspiration from things I had read or things that I had created. Marked by gaining familiarity of the Rikkai team members that were not Yagyuu, Yanagi, and Niou. Worked on establishing their characterization and relationships with each other. Gained a strong interest in Tenimyu Rikkai. (Prior to this, Baba/Masa were the reason why I got into Platinum in the first place… Yagyuu and Yanagi were my only favorite Rikkai members from the anime/manga). Wrote in a variety of styles to challenge myself to think in different ways.

Always With Me - Sanada & Yukimura; friendship
This one still remains my favorite of the oneshots. It's incredibly detailed and has a rather relaxed pace for exploration and growth. The primary focuses are a developing a friendship between two very different people, discovering a passion for tennis, and working hard towards perfection. Reading it just warms my heart ^^ This was written around the time I had developed an interest in Sanada's character, but I was just getting to know Yukimura's character.

A Simple Masterpiece - Rikkaidai & Yukimura; friendship
A quote-prompt story using "Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can". It was another characterization exploration story told through how they would represent their personalities through art - colors, techniques, shapes, and composition. The description of what everyone was doing in Yukimura's room was also an attempt to get a feel for how Rikkai was to their captain. Has a hint of Alpha Pair.

Fragments - Rikkaidai
A collection of insightful snippets of the lives of the Rikkai team members. They vary between humorous and touching and everything in-between. Each snippet is headed by a quote. Platinum and Alpha Pair is represented here and Kirihara establishes himself as a clumsy, absent-minded, and oblivious character. My personal favorite ones are "We're all either fools or undiscovered geniuses", "He who laughs didn't get it", "Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple", "Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up", and "Smile, it enhances your face value".

Facets of Every Hue - Rikkaidai
A collection of dribbles using colors (I spent a college class trying to name a color for every letter of the alphabet lol). By this point, I continued loving on my Platinum Pair, developed a stronger interest in the Alpha Pair, YanaKiri was just starting to grow on me, and Marui and Jackal friendship was explored. I enjoy how the story is based on describing settings, inner feelings, and non-verbal communication. My favorites are "azure", "daffodil", "ivory", "jade", "khaki", "mahogany", "silver", "vanilla", "yellow", "zaffre", and especially "navy".

The Fic-prompt Era
A challenge table of fifty subjects that I picked from a collection of hundreds to encourage me to write more often. Examples would include "Letting Go", "Dancing with the Devil", "Blood and Tears", "Bad Things Come in Threes", "Gazing upon the sky", etc. I had 21/50 completed before I started my second multi-chapter fic. I plan on completing the table after that massive story is completed (I have an outline saved for what I wanted to do for each prompt). Inspiration also finally allowed me to write Oshitari/Atobe during this time and one Yanagi/Kirihara. These fics are more dialogue-heavy and action-based than the ones in the Creative era.

Never Fully Satisfied - Oshitari/Atobe; romance/humor
Even though Atobe is my absolute favorite Prince of Tennis character, I never wrote him because I could never get him to be just right. He is arrogant, confident, and narcissistic, but he is also caring, supportive, and extremely hard-working - achieving the perfect balance in his speech and actions was difficult. This oneshot really dives down into Atobe's character as well as introduces the sexy wittiness that is Oshitari vs. Atobe bantering.

Prelude to Waltz - Oshitari/Atobe; romance/humor
Oshitari vs. Atobe witty snarky bantering again! This time, Oshitari turns up the romantic sexy level against Atobe, who knows he can't resist giving in, but is going to stubbornly fight him all the same. I still laugh at the fact that they dance a waltz in an outdoor water fountain without clothes on. It sounds like an Oshitari idea for sure.

A Crazily Unfortunate Day - Rikkaidai & Niou; humor
Ugly sweaters! I'm not a fan of sweaters in general, unless they're the cotton kind, so I point out ugly sweaters in this lol. This is my first oneshot that has a lot of dialogue, but then again, it's the first to feature a lot of characters at a time. At this point, I had really became comfortable with how the Rikkai members were with each other, and found it much easier to write them in a more humorous situation. Platinum Pair makes its return here with bitter!Yagyuu and troublemaking!Niou, but things end on a good note for them :) Also, first time for Yukimura to be more on the evil side.

Trying Doesn't Hurt - Rikkaidai; humor/romance
Platinum Pair loving on each other in the bathroom before Niou drags Yagyuu into discovering the source of the horrendous noise they heard coming from the hallway. As the story progresses, they gather Marui, Jackal, and Kirihara, and eventually run into Yukimura and Yanagi. It's rather zany lol. A lot of their mischievous sides show in this. This marks the first story of Sanada torture, even though it's completely indirect torture.

Inescapable Bonds - Niou/Yagyuu; romance - M-rated
My first adult story that I remember being super nervous about posting. The uneasiness would come from the fact that I didn't think it was any good (not because of the rating). Niou is a seductive individual that ropes Yagyuu into what he wants so easily after a little bit of resistance. I've always liked the idea of "complete, inevitable surrender" in love. Also included is the fact that they're dressed in button-down shirts and ties after seeing a concert. You all know how I love my formal wear.

One Small Mistake - Sanada and Rikkaidai; humor
Sanada loses it against his team. They partially deserved it though since they were playing around with his temper. There's a connection back to the first Alpha fic, 'Always With Me' about how his hat represents their friendship. And of course, more Sanada torture after the revelation point of the story. Yukimura also shows off that he's a manipulative, self-serving individual XD

All I Ask of You - Niou/Yagyuu; romance/humor - T-rated
Niou trying to get his way with Yagyuu with his many attempts at being romantic and Yagyuu keeps shutting him down. A reminder of the fact that Yanagi is Yagyuu ex-boyfriend from 'As the Pieces Fall Together'. This story centers around using songs from 'Phantom of the Opera', which is my favorite musical. I like that no matter how ridiculous Niou can be, Yagyuu still loves him very much.

Wishing Upon Stars - Yanagi/Kirihara; romance
When 'As the Pieces Fall Together' concluded, I had every intent to write a prequel with the Alpha Pair (since I mention in there that they had gotten together prior to the Platinum Pair). After I got into Yanagi/Kirihara some more, I thought a sequel would have been nice as well (since Yanagi is all heartbroken at the end of the story). I haven't managed to get around to either, but this oneshot touches on a few things that I wanted to explore in that sequel. Yanagi is Mr. Romantic through and through :) This fic was also my first attempt at a more serious and emotionally complex Kirihara since he had ever really been in humorous scenes. Lastly, Yanagi gets to exposed to a few things that he missed out in his childhood, which is representative of how I feel like I missed out on things growing up.

Duets of the Night - Oshitari/Atobe and hints of Hyotei; romance - M-rated
Oshitari plays the violin and Atobe plays the piano. More snarky, witty, and sexy bantering! They initially have some disagreements because they're two very different people, but they get over that and learn how to work with each other while they're practicing their duet. The entire recital scene consists of some of my best writing I think - possibly because it's the first time where I had to describe music so that the reader could hear what I wanted them to hear and feel what I wanted them to feel. This fic was nice for me to write because I got to go back to exploring feelings and describing meaning in detail.

Secret Fascination - Sanada/Yukimura; romance - M-rated
This one was great because it was focused on Yukimura's fixation with Sanada's rough hands. I worked hard to make his hands represent his personality with the team and with only Yukimura. There is heavy emphasis on duality and just how significant that was to Yukimura. Very descriptive using a lot of comparisons and hardly any dialogue - just raw, passionate feeling.

Symbolic Meanings - Sanada/Yukimura and Rikkaidai; friendship
Continuing with my fascination for symbolism, I dove into the world of flowers and their meanings. Starts off with some good old manual labor and Sanada torture before going into Yanagi and Sanada sneaking around in the dark, which includes more Sanada teasing. This one was a very nice blend of descriptive setting, humor, dialogue, and a dash of romance. Small hints of Niou/Yagyuu and Yanagi/Kirihara sprinkled around. The ending where the team trickles out and leaves the Three Demons and eventually only Sanada with Yukimura is pleasant and puts a smile on my face.

The Fire Emblem era
I love the Fire Emblem games and I've always had a fascination with knights and nobles as well as swords and bows. I suppose that my perception of the medieval era is of adventure, excitement, and chivalry, which really catches my attention. So, one day, I pictured the Rikkai team members as different units from the game and how they would interact with each other. Of course, I had to challenge myself to make concept art for the characters, and that led to the massive multi-chapter fic that I have been working on since late spring. There is more concept art to come with individuals from some of the other countries.

Fire Emblem: The Law of Rikkaidai - Rikkaidai
Where do I start wit this one? It had CONSUMED MY LIFE. The original outline had 55 chapters, and after removing unnecessary events out of Part 3 and extending Part 4 to match what has happened in Part 3, it's at 58 chapters. Although the Sanada Part 4 chapters are super long so they will probably have to be split. Basically, I wouldn't be surprised if it goes over 60 *le gasp* But holy Kami no Ko, the chapters in Prologue and Part 1 are so short compared to where they are now. However, I don't want to extend them because I liked how it started out with small snippets of everyone's life before the plot really started advancing. This story is full of action and dialogue (which is an aspect of the game), but I tried hard to infuse it with chapters of character development and setting their feelings.

The following isn't a reflection where I talk about things I liked or where certain ideas came from. It's just a sort of vague summary of what occurred in each part.

Prologue - An Undying Oath
Lord Yukimura Sr. and young Seiichi and Genichirou <3 And the Three Demons' rise to power. Plus Yagyuu advancing through the ranks and becoming the Silver Knight. Such happy times.

Part 1 - A Gathering Hope
Niou sleeping in his tree and experiencing love at first sight. General Sanada and a normal day of training with the soldiers. Laser Lance! Yanagi and Yukimura talking about Sanada. Sanada's weekly walk with Yukimura through his garden. Romantic angst. Mercenary fight! Yagyuu attempts archery. Tea time with Yanagi. Emotional tension. Thievery and loneliness. A trip through town. Reading the wind. Sanada torture. A Magic Wyvern Ride! Trouble in the forest. Home-cooking. The Three Demons are legendary! One-sided love.

Part 2 - Of Countries and Kings
The introduction of Seigaku. More Sanada torture. Kirihara's castle break-in, challenge towards the Three Demons, and subsequent capture and release. Marui and Jackal's rescue plan. A group lunch and pre-festival planning. The archery tournament and Yagyuu experiencing love at first sight. Yanagi's heartache. Sanada forced to take a mid-day nap, which he does in his armor. Yukimura and Yagyuu's horse ride. Strengthened resolve. Soothing the temperamental beast. An enjoyable dinner with friends. Rice and mangoes. Kirihara struggling with new feelings. Sleep drooling. The Fire Emblem and the country's history. The search for Niou. Archery training in the forest. Growing closer together. Scouting mission in Rokkaku for Marui and Jackal. Tavern fight against the ugly boss man and his cronies! Yanagi trying to sort out his true feelings of love. An innocently suggestive situation. Plans to head to battle are formulated. Two people confess their love for each other. Yagyuu - temporary commander of Rikkai. The visit to Hyotei and the epic battle in the snow. The opposing army draws closer and Rikkai trains even harder.

Part 3 - Intersecting Vows
The entrance gate bodyguard. Niou makes a big, life-changing decision. Kirihara throws a tantrum in jealousy. Yanagi finally finds a few answers to his questions. Giant pillow collection. Spar practice for everyone including an all-against-one battle. The worst thing that I could have happened. Battle strategy and past revelations. Doing what is best for all. Drowning your sorrows in brandy. The last family dinner at the castle. Weapon jokes. Night of anguish. A gift of love. More romantic angst. A commander and his best soldier. Inspirational speech for the troops. Troubled, conflicting thoughts. The threat of a promise breaking. A horrible day of winter. More loneliness. The giant ravine. Display of absolute power. Terrain scouting and final preparations. Another round of Sanada torture. Battle in the forest at night. Boomerang axe! Lances and bows. The elaborate plan for the battle by the hill. The Farewell Ceremony. Dreams and nightmares. Sworn duty and fighting for those that mean the world to you. The past revisited. Fear, loneliness, and discrimination. An epic battle of magic. No more running away from the past. A family portrait. Graveyard visit. Longing to make things right. When determination transcends all pain. Victory or death. Unexpected surprise. A complicated decision.

Part 4 - In War's Grip (tentative title for now)
I can't say much about it because I've only written two chapters, but it will end close to how the story started - focus on friendship development and enjoying happier, light-hearted times. Any remaining questions get answered and it sets up for the next big mission. Each person has experience a ton of growth and go into the next part of their lives with more confidence, strength, and resolve.

As for the Hetalia fics, all of the oneshots were written during the USxUK comm's Summer Camp challenge, but I was only able to participate for one week. This was an interesting test of my writing skills since I prefer to write on paper first, then type it into the computer so I can add detail as I error-proof. Then I re-triple-check it and then let it sit for a few days and go back at it again. My perfectionist self wants it to be just right x.x Anyway, the fact that I was able to cook out ten oneshots that were of a nice quality really surprised me.

The two-part fic that I wrote for the Secret Santa exchange was my first crunchtime writing. I was so tired from NaNo so I put it off for a bit… and then I had to rush to get it done. It also pulled a PoT/FE on me and took the outline I had written for it and just grew largely per idea. 26,400 words later and I had a wonderful fic that created a nice school setting, established friendships, developed the plot realistically, had an emotional music recital, had romantic elements, and concluded beautifully. If I had more time, I would have developed some of the transitional events more and would have developed the supporting characters and their interactions with Arthur a lot more too.


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Jan. 2nd, 2012 03:23 am (UTC)
Maybe I'm having a dumb, but have you posted these somewhere? I'd like to read more than a few of these. :D
Jan. 2nd, 2012 03:31 am (UTC)
All of my oneshots and my PoT/FE story are here at http://www.fanfiction.net/~flamealchemist007.

The oneshots are here on LJ: http://absolutehymn007.livejournal.com/tag/fanfiction
You'll have to look before the Hetalia stuff though since that's recent.

PoT/FE, As the Pieces Fall Together (multi-chapter Platinum), and some of the 'Creative Era' stories are not on LJ (only ff.net).

I'm so excited to hear that you want to read some of my work!
Jan. 2nd, 2012 03:33 am (UTC)
Whee!!! I will work my way through these. I'm always looking to read fic. :D

But for now, bed.
Jan. 2nd, 2012 03:46 am (UTC)
Have a good night! *hugs*

I have to go fix a few entries tomorrow because back when, I didn't realize that you named the pairing in the order of seme/uke and I labeled mine favorite person/not as favorite person lol or main character/not as main character. But just an fyi, all of my stories that are up are in the order of Niou/Yagyuu, Oshitari/Atobe, Sanada/Yukimura, and Yanagi/Kirihara.
Jan. 2nd, 2012 04:31 am (UTC)
Ooooo. I remember quite a few of those!

And this is why I Favorited you on FF.net :-)

*hugs you lots*
Jan. 2nd, 2012 08:20 pm (UTC)
^^ I'm glad that you remember some of them :) Thank you again for adding me as one of your favorite authors! *hugs*
Jan. 2nd, 2012 04:34 am (UTC)
Oh, what a lovely and thoughtful reflection. :) That is also an amazing word count. Seems like you're an author who sticks to certain fandoms! (I'm completing flitting all over the place, haha... with a fic here, and a fic there...). I love how you have "eras" dedicated to character exploration, fic prompts, and then the PoT/FE crossover that ate your life. ;)

It's amazing that you wrote so many Hetalia oneshots in just one week! Wow.
Jan. 2nd, 2012 08:28 pm (UTC)
^^ Thank you very much!! I really think I just stick to one or two at a time because I'm a perfectionist and want to make sure that I understand as much of the characters as possible to be able to write them. There are a few fandoms that I do want to write for at some point, like Fullmetal Alchemist and La Corda D'Oro, but who knows when I'll get out of Prince of Tennis world to do so? Lol.

That just means your very versatile and that's a totally great thing as a writer.

I created the era thing when I wrote the entry. It wasn't pre-planned lol. But I do a lot of things in groups so I thought that would be a fun touch.

Oh yeah, that week was crazy. The comm was giving away badges and awards by the week so I tried my hand at trying to get as much as possible. I'm out for conquest as always!
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