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30 Days of Prince of Tennis - Day 4

A team and/or character that deserved more screen time
There are so many characters to choose from, but I'll limit myself...


St. Rudolph. They have such a great group of characters and I've always wanted to know more about their school and how they would play against some of the other teams. Plus I've always been interesting in seeing how Yuuta and Mizuki work during practice and how Atsushi and Yanagisawa were paired up to play doubles.


Seiichi Yukimura. It would have been nice to see him absolutely crush an opponent before he reached the finals of the National Tournament and was defeated by Echizen. Or maybe a scene with Sanada and/or Yanagi talking with him during his stay at the hospital. He's an intriguing and powerful character and I would like to see more of how he thinks and trains.

Kenya Oshitari. You never really get to see him play a match. The match against Eiji in the Another Story OVA does not count since all they did was duplicate themselves about a hundred times over.
 Plus a bit of Yushi vs. Kenya phone conversation would be simply hilarious. They seem to bicker so much.

Choutarou Ootori. I would have liked to see more of his background... how he got onto the team, how he developed such a strong serve, why he became so close with Shishido, etc. His personality doesn't scream tennis player to me (maybe it's because he's so gentle and nice) so it would be nice to see how he ended up joining. And I love that he's a musician... perhaps he should play a duet with Atobe sometime?

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