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PoT/FE - Shiraishi + Kenya + Update

Concept Art:

There is much rejoicing to be had since…

1) I spent only 15 minutes finding their heads (hooray for PoT Another Story II).
2) Their clothes required zero change of color (unlike my fancy rich Hyotei guys)
3) I didn't have to fight their hair as hardcore to get it out of the background (darn you Kirihara and Yukimura hair)

I like it when I can save 2-3 hours of time.

Click to make larger.

Other PoT/FE news:
- I'll get a final word count for NaFEWriMo (I did write every day! *pats self on back*) and celebrate Part 3 FINALLY being completed. Thank you Baba the Badass!
- I made it through the first scene of Part 4 - Chapter 2 today. Looking to get a ton done tomorrow (I would have more done today, but I subbed for HS Art and decided to try my hand at the project they were doing. Entry about that tomorrow). It's a pivotal chapter in the story and very very emotional. Gotta get it done right!
- Haven't edited Part 3 for a while. Must get back on that too so I don't have to go back a few chapters and re-read again to make sure I remember exactly what connects where.
- As far as concept art, I'm down to just Seigaku… but there are quite a few of them so it's going to take some time and motivation. Not a high priority, but that's where I am. Also, got a great idea for General Sanada (he doubles on swords and a good friend brought my attention to someone when we were thinking about ideas for Tezuka). He's going to look BA for sure!

School tomorrow. Have a good night all! And I need to upload a Shitenhouji icon


Mar. 2nd, 2012 12:08 am (UTC)
That's still amazing. My word count for all of February was only around 5k. ^^;;

I remember there was a site with all the sprites for the GBA Fire Emblems. This one is of Erk from FE7. I love how he tosses out three balls of magic for his critical attack. :D
Mar. 2nd, 2012 12:28 am (UTC)
^^ But I see that you have posted up a new chapter for the Earth Knight fic! I felt as though you had written quite a bit, but that may have been because you posted up quite a few chapters. *hugs* And it looks like as if you're starting to get on a roll, yes?

Yup - I got all of the sprites of my favorite characters! That's how I made that little silly dialogue FE thing I shared with you a bit ago. I thought it was Erk, but then again, I wasn't sure since I only played FE7 once (need more save files dang it... maybe I'll buy my own copy instead of sharing my brother's?). The Erk one is really epic!

I'd make one of Hector. He is a BA. Although I could do one of Wil perpetually spinning his arrow when he readies it in his bow for his critical lol. And Canas the Druid's flappy arms lol. Oswin's "Wind Scythe" ;) I'm so silly.
Mar. 2nd, 2012 01:17 am (UTC)
I'm hoping to get back into writing! I've been scribbling stuff down, but it hasn't been coming together into anything coherent. Finishing things does feel good though. :3

Hector's would look so awesome! I had one of Lyn, but the animation was a bit too long. I think the file size went over LJ's limits, so I stuck with Erk. I love my mages~. Wil's would look very awesome too. Critical with his bow!

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