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Very lengthy Prince of Tennis Meme

Saw this meme on speadee 's LJ. Just had to do it.
To randomize the list, I simply put my favorite characters' names through a list randomizer that I found online.

Pick 10 characters and answer the questions below. You can pick any characters you like, both boys and girls.
1. Kuranosuke Shiraishi

2. Hiroshi Yagyuu

3. Seiichi Yukimura

4. Renji Yanagi

5. Genichiriou Sanada

6. Keigo Atobe

7. Syuusuke Fuji

8. Masaharu Niou

9. Kenya Oshitari

10. Yushi Oshitari

Part 1

What if...

1. Number 1 (Shiraishi) was really your mother?

We'll say father since he is a male. I feel like if he was my father, he would be totally cool with almost everything that I wanted to do, and if he wasn't, he would threaten me with what is underneath his bandages. Although I do know what is under there now. He would also be really good about making sure I was eating healthy and letting me take dance classes to move as well as he does.

2. Number 2 (Yagyuu) was who you were going to marry?

I would be the happiest girl in the world. He is the character that I most see myself with - he is a gentleman, intelligent, hard-working, talented, and professional. I also like his hidden competitive side and I feel that he is definitely a bit of a romantic.

3. Number 3 (Yukimura) got turned into a frog?

I'd wonder about his powers as the Child of God (isn't he supposed to be invincible?) Also, if we're thinking about Tenimyu Yukimura's actor (Yagami Ren whose nickname is 'Ouji'), then I'd give him a kiss and turn him back into a human ;)

4. You and Number 4 (Yanagi) got drunk and made out?

Well, Yanagi did get drunk with Inui in one of the Seigaku Tenipuri Family episodes… I drink occasionally, but it's never more than three drinks and so I've never been drunk. But I would not say no to making out with him.

5. You and Number 5 (Sanada) woke up in the same bed and didn't remember how or why?

I would fear that Yukimura would be out for my blood. But if he was out of the question, I would feel that things would be just fine and I would move closer to him and feel content. The chances of Sanada (and I) not remembering how he (we) got somewhere is zero though.

6. Number 6 (Atobe) moved to the other side of the world?

I would be terribly sad because he is awesome and I would be missing someone who I would consider to be one of my best friends.

7. You found out that Number 7 (Fuji) is a man?

The western episode's characters would be in shock for sure. But he is already a male even though every once in a while it is questionable.

8. You caught number 8 (Niou) in a polka-dotted thong?

It wouldn't surprise me although it would be ridiculously gross.

9. Number 9 (Kenya) confessed their love for you?

I'd accept it and give him a big embrace.

10. Number 10 (Yushi) kissed you?

Most likely melt in his arms. I feel like he would be an exceptional kisser.

11. Number 1 (Shiraishi) just started sniffing you?

Be pretty confused, but dismiss it as one of his eccentricities.

12. You found out that Number 2 (Yagyuu) was doing drugs?

He would never do drugs. Ever. If by some improbable chance that he did, I would have Sanada backhand him for being stupid.

13. Number 3 (Yukimura) could fly?

It would not surprise me if he could. In fact, I expect him to have that as a superpower.

14. Number 4 (Yanagi) was pregnant?

Yanagi is male, so that's impossible.

15. Number 5 (Sanada) told you that they were never going to see you again?

I would be terribly upset.

16. Number 6 (Atobe) ate your cookie?

I didn't think that Atobe would eat something so common as a cookie. Unless it was one of those exquisite ones with the finest chocolate and other top-quality ingredients. However, I wouldn't have the money to have those cookies. If he decided to eat mine, I might jokingly tell him to use his vast wealth and buy his own.

17. You and number 7 (Fuji) went to the zoo?

We would take lots and lots of pictures of the animals (I love photography and so does he). I also feel like he also enjoys exploration and looking at nature and I that is something fun for me too.

18. Number 8 (Niou) lied to you?

He would never lie to hurt someone's feelings. The only lies Niou would tell are ones to get him out of trouble from the pranks and unfortunate events he would be accused of causing at school.

19. Number 9 (Kenya) turned into a coconut?

… I'm not sure actually. Find a way to change him back definitely.

20. You and Number 10 (Yushi) were deserted on an island?

Sounds like something from one of his romance novels. He's really intelligent so we would put our minds together to find a way to survive and signal for rescue. And spend time together enjoying the island if it was like a tropical paradise :)

Part 2

What would you do if...

1. Number 5 (Sanada) was stranded on the toilet because he/she was out of paper?

Go get him some toilet paper before he loses his temper. And laugh inside my head because it feels like silly events would happen to him.

2. You came home one day and found Number 3 (Yukimura) and Number 7 (Fuji) in your house, both drunk out of their minds?

Take the rest of the alcohol away and take care of them for the rest of the night… number one priority would be to give them water and something to eat and trying to get them to sleep. Then I'd lecture them in the morning for being stupid. Realistically speaking, neither one of them would ever be that drunk.

3. Number 8 (Niou) offered to fix the plumbing problems with your house?

Refuse. I love him, but I feel that that would be the perfect opportunity for him to set up a prank.

4. Number 2 (Yagyuu) showed up at school as your substitute teacher for the day?

Respect him because I know he knows exactly what he is doing and would be a highly capable educator with strong classroom management skills.

5. You accidentally saw Number 10 (Yushi) wearing nothing but a small purple speedo?

Tell him to put him on some pants after turning away. I might ask if those were from Atobe's closet because it seems like something he would own haha.

6. Number 3 (Yukimura) insisted on driving you around town to wherever you wanted to go for the entire day?

I would choose to go to places we would both enjoy. In this case, an art museum, gift stores, a greenhouse (or somewhere with plants and flowers), and/or a nice restaurant. And we would have to go play tennis at some point!

7. Number 9 (Kenya) killed Number 4 (Yanagi) right in front of you?

Be completely in shock. Kenya would not be a killer and Yanagi would know if he was going to be killed. Plus they don't even have any relation to each other.

Part 3

Would you allow...

1. Number 6 (Atobe) to redecorate your house for you, however they see fit?

Absolutely. He has the money and wonderfully refined tastes. I would tell him to leave out frilly things though and go easy on the purple.

2. Number 1 (Shiraishi) to be your dentist and work in your mouth with a drill?

I feel like he would do a good job since he is a perfectionist. He would find the most efficient way to get it done.

3. Number 10 (Yushi) and Number 5 (Sanada) to be left alone in your house or apartment unsupervised for an entire weekend?

Yes, they're very respectful people and don't cause any trouble. Sanada can practice his meditation while Yushi reads his romance novels.

4. Number 8 (Niou) to borrow some of your clothes and wear them in public?

He could definitely wear my t-shirts or windpants since they look like they're for either gender. The long-sleeved button downs would be fine too. And that's quite a bit of what I have.

5. Number 2 (Yagyuu) to try to fix your computer when it's messed up?

He's very smart - he could definitely do it. :)

6. Number 4 (Yanagi) to set you up on a date with Number 9 (Kenya)?

Yanagi's plan would be flawless and unsuspicious so I would agree to it.

7. Number 1 (Fuji) and Number 3 (Yukimura) to operate heavy machinery together?

They could do it, but I can't picture it in my mind. They seem too… unmanly to be working with heavy machinery. Yukimura would definitely pawn it off to Sanada in his subtle way and Fuji would convince Tezuka to do it.

Part 4

Relationship Section

1. Number 5 (Sanada) asks Number 2 (Yagyuu) out on a date. Upon seeing this, what do you do or say?

Definitely wonder what happened between Sanada and Yukimura as well as Niou and Yagyuu (because they're perfect for each other!). And I would also think it's kind of a weird date since they don't seem like they match in any way other than in how hard they work and how serious they are.

2. Number 7 (Fuji) asks you to a dance. Do you accept?

Of course. I feel like he would be a fantastic dancer.

3. Number 8 (Niou) and Number 9 (Kenya) are fighting over you. What happens now?

I'd give them both a chance, and after that, decide on who makes me feel more comfortable and complete. I wouldn't what them to fight each other and I would not want to hurt their feelings more by dragging the ordeal out.

4. Number 1 (Shiraishi) tries to kiss you. What do you do?

Let him. He is a very nice guy and he is very attractive.

5. Number 3 (Yukimura) confesses his secret love for Number 5 (Sanada). What do you think of this?

^^! Congratulate him and tell him that it was about damn time. They're completely meant for each other. Their friendship was already strong (and quite precious) and it will be even more so in a relationship.

6. Number 6 (Atobe) is cheating on Number 7 (Fuji) with Number 3 (Yukimura), and you find out about it.  What do you do?

This would never happen. Okay, well, there is a chance that Atobe would cheat, but he would never be in a relationship with Fuji. Also, Yukimura would never be a part of someone cheating scheme.

7. Number 4 (Yanagi) proposes to you. Your reaction?

Be pleasantly surprised and accept it. He would make a great husband with his attention to detail, his intelligence and talent, his need to support others, and his romantic side. Plus I can make fun of his dry sense of humor.

Part 5

Random Nonsense

1. What in the name of Holy Rabbit Dogs was Number 1 (Shiraishi) doing outside in nothing but a small pink towel at 3 AM!?

Not sure, but it definitely wouldn't surprise me. Maybe he fancied a look at the stars after a very late shower?

2. What if Number 2 (Yagyuu) tied Number 4 (Yanagi) to a flagpole and threw shoes at him/her until he/she cried?

Freak out because Yagyuu would never do that. I might double-check to make sure it wasn't Niou being Yagyuu first. Also, Yanagi would not be tied to the flagpole long enough to cry because he would find a way to summon the other two demons to aid him.

3. ...and then Number 8  (Niou) and Number 5 (Sanada) danced around the table naked. Your reaction upon seeing this?

Question their sanity. Especially Sanada's since it would be most unlike him to do this. And throw their clothes at them and tell them to put them back on.

4. Number 10 (Yushi) has just officially been given a Pyro License. What happens now?

Watch out - I feel like he would definitely set a few things to fire just to get a reaction out of people. His intentions are shrouded in mystery.

5. Would you tell Number 9 (Kenya) to "WOO! TAKE IT ALL OFF!"...?

No way. I'd only tell him to take it off if we were in a serious relationship together.

6. What was Number 6 (Atobe) in prison for?

He would never do anything to be in prison for, and if he did, he could totally buy his way out. In fact, he could probably own the prison.

7. What if, suddenly, Number 4 (Yanagi) smashed through the wall of your room totally naked, posed, and shouted "OHHHH YEEEEAAAAH!"...?

After getting over the shock of the damage in my wall, I'd probably laugh and tell him he's ridiculous and then tell him to put on some clothes. But he would never do this.

Part 6

What would you do if...

1. Number 1 (Shiraishi) woke you up in the middle of the night?

Talk to him and see what's going on. I'm always willing to help a friend in need.

2. Number 2 (Yagyuu) got sent to jail?

That would never happen. He's a completely decent citizen with good morals.

3. Number 3 (Yukimura) walked into the bathroom while you're showering? 

I wouldn't mind because he would have a good reason for going in. He would only go in if he absolutely had to (and he would remember to ask for permission) and he is modest enough to not make a big deal out of it.

4. Number 4 (Yanagi) announced he/she's going to marry Number 9 (Kenya) tomorrow?

Ask if he's joking since he's already with Kirihara. And if he's not, question him since the likelihood of this happening is practically zero.

5. Number 5 (Sanada) cooked you dinner?

I would thank him and accept everything humbly. I feel like he would be a good cook for traditional food.

6. Number 6 (Atobe) was lying next to you on the beach, sleeping?

Look at his handsome appearance and smile fondly before laying down as well and joining him in some peaceful slumber. So romantic.

7. Number 7 (Fuji) suddenly confessed to be part of your family?

Ask him how he found out and accept him as a member.

8. Number 8 (Niou) was in the hospital?

Go see him and make sure that he is okay. I'd do anything for him.

9. Number 9 (Kenya) made fun of your friends?

He would never do that. If he ever did, I would put him in his place by making him feel absolutely ashamed that he ever said what he did.

10. Number 10 (Yushi) ignored you all the time?

He would never. He may be quiet, but he would never ignore his friends.

Part 7

1. Two serial killers are hunting you down. What will Number 1 (Shiraishi) do?

Threaten them with frightening stories about his bandaged hand or scare them with his knowledge of poisonous plants.

2. You're on a vacation with Number 2 (Yagyuu) and manage to break your leg. What does Number 2 (Yagyuu) do?

He would know exactly what to do about taking care of my leg and taking me to the nearest hospital. He would also carry me in his arms to take pressure off of my leg.

3. It's your birthday. What will Number 3 (Yukimura) give you?

Something beautiful and original like one of his artworks.

4. You're stuck in a house that's on fire. What does Number 4 (Yanagi) do?

Call the fire department as he quickly calculates the fastest and safest way to create an escape route or how to survive until the fire is out.

5. You're about to do something that'll make you feel extremely embarrassed. What will Number 5 (Sanada) do?

I hardly ever put myself in embarrassing situations. In the case that I do, he will convince me not to do it since he will say it's ridiculous and that there are better things to do with my time.

6. Number 6 (Atobe) appears to be a player, breaking many hearts. What do you do?

You think he would be, but that is not the real Atobe. The real Atobe has many admirers whose hearts will end of breaking when they realize that he has one love and one love only.

7. You got dumped by someone. How will Number 7 (Fuji) cheer you up?

Be there in person for me, holding me, letting me talk it all out, and just simply listening or offering me some advice. He is one of those people that I feel creates a warm, comforting atmosphere that is uplifting.

8. Number 8 (Niou) thinks he/she will never get a girl/boyfriend.  What will you tell them?

I would say that he is an incredible person that has so much to offer and that is genuinely nice. He just hasn't met the right person yet and that he needs to have faith in himself that it will happen when he least expects it. He seems confident on the outside, but he's probably a bit insecure on the inside as well as very impatient. Come on Yagyuu, let him know...

9. You compete in a tournament. How does Number 9 (Kenya) support you?

Cheer me on from the stands and smile brilliantly when I look back at him. He'd also help me train for the tournament (especially in the speed category).

10. You can't stop laughing.  What will Number 10 (Yushi) do?

Chuckle along with me with his deep tone of voice. And maybe smirk and adjust his glasses.

11. Number 1 (Shiraishi) is all you've ever dreamed of. Why?

Because he is ecstasy xD Very charming, charismatic, nice, and friendly.

12. What is Number 2 (Yagyuu)'s ultimate fantasy?

To be Niou's significant other forever.

13. You're dating Number 3 (Yukimura) and they introduce you to their parents. Would you get along?

Yes, my parents would find him to be endearing, sweet, and supportive. They would also approve of how well he does in school and how he is as a leader and inspiration to his team. Plus they would share their love for gardening with him.

14. Is Number 4 (Yanagi) gay?

Initially he was for Inui. And then probably Yukimura before falling for Yagyuu. Now it's Kirihara and he wonders why he didn't like him sooner than he did.

15. Who is Number 5 (Sanada)'s favorite person on your Top 10 list?

Yukimura - no question about it.

16. Who on the Top 10 list loves Number 6 (Atobe) the most?

The one and only Yushi Oshitari.

17. You had a haircut and Number 7 (Fuji) can't stop looking at you. What goes on in your mind?

I figure that he finds it very attractive and it doesn't bother me.

18. Why would Number 8 (Niou) get fired from his/her job?

If his boss catches him pulling pranks on co-workers and other bosses he doesn't like.

19. Number 9 (Kenya) is too shy to face you and confesses their love by sending an email.  Now what?

I call him and respond gently with a "I love you too".

20. If Number 10 (Yushi) could only do one more thing before he/she died, what would it be?

Go to some romantic place like Italy or France with Atobe and spend time exploring the sights and sounds and enjoy the joys of simply sharing a wonderful experience with your loved one.

Part 8

What if...

1. Number 1 (Shiraishi) asked you to marry them?

I'd say yes in a heartbeat and be the luckiest girl on earth.

2. You had to throw a party for Number 2 (Yagyuu)?

I would enlist the help of Niou and Yanagi in the the planning. Then it will be an nice low-key party with his teammates that will be both enjoyable and full of hilarity.

3. Number 3 (Yukimura) asked you to help them find a job?

I would help him with looking for the type of jobs he is interested in, contacting people I know that can help, and help him get ready for being interviewed.

4. Number 4 (Yanagi) decided that he/she was going to live with you?

Agree because he would be a very organized and clean roommate. Plus we can share data we have on other people and read from each other's book collection.

5. Number 5 (Sanada) snuck in your bed in the middle of the night?

Pull him closer and run my fingers through his hair before make a light-hearted joke about him and going back to sleep.

6. Number 6 (Atobe) noticed he/she wasn't invited to your birthday?

He would probably have me sent to prison for leaving out his awesomeness. Or at least make my life a living hell at school. However, I love him, so I would never leave him out of my birthday party.

7. Number 7 (Fuji) won the lottery?

He would most likely give a lot of it to his family and friends and save some to travel the world.

8. Number 8 (Niou) had quite a big secret?

It wouldn't bother me one way or another since he is very secretive.

9. Number 9 (Oshitari) became a singer?

He would be the leader of a rock band and perform on the drums as he sings. They would be one of the most popular bands in the area.

10. Number 10 (Yushi) had a daughter?

Ignoring the fact that I think he's Atobe's only… If Oshitari had a daughter, he would teach her to be as witty and mysterious as he is. And they would enjoy reading fantasy and love stories together before she went to bed.

Part 9

1.  What does/would Number 1 (Shiraishi) think of 2 (Yagyuu)?

He would respect him as a formidable opponent. He might also think that he needs to lighten up a bit since he is so serious all of the time.

2. Why might Number 2 (Yagyuu) disagree with Number 3 (Yukimura)?

Of all members on the Rikkai team, these two would never disagree. I just don't see it happening.

3. How would Number 3 (Yukimura greet Number 4 (Yanagi)?

With a warm smile and a simple "Hello." And possibly a hug once in a while since they are such close friends.

4. What would Number 4 (Yanagi) envy about Number 5 (Sanada)?

Yanagi probably envies Sanada's powerful strength and dedication to victory and the success of his team. Sanada's resolve is unbreakable and Yanagi probably self-doubts himself from time to time.

5. What dream would Number 5 (Sanada) have about Number 6 (Atobe)?

He would dream of absolutely crushing him in a tournament match.

6. What do Number 6 (Atobe) and Number 7 (Fuji) have in common?

They're both utterly vicious tennis players when they choose to be. They're also both extremely popular and handsome.

7. What would make Number 7 (Fuji) angry at Number 8 (Niou)?

If Niou impersonated Tezuka to trick Fuji. Or if Niou messed with Yuuta in any way.

8. Where would Number 8 (Niou) meet Number 9 (Kenya)?

At the National Tournament.

9. What would Number 9 (Kenya) never dare to tell Number 10 (Yushi)?

Anything that Yushi could use to embarrass him, which could be a lot of things. I don't know if they have any big secrets between them since they are cousins that are very close, but they like to tease each other, bicker, and try to be better than the other.

10. What would make Number 10 (Yushi) scared of Number 1 (Shiraishi)?

Not sure really. Oshitari does not seem the type to scare easy at all so he wouldn't even by intimidated by the legend of his bandaged arm.

Part 10

1. You're about to marry Number 10 (Yushi).  What's Number 1 (Shiraishi)'s reaction?

He would probably say "Mmmm… Ecstasy" before making plans to throw an epic celebration party.

2. Number 2 (Yagyuu) tells you about his deeply hidden love for Number 9 (Kenya).

Even though I know that Yagyuu doesn't lie, I would think that he was joking. Maybe he has been hanging out with Niou a little too much lately?

3. Number 4 (Yanagi) also loves Number 9 (Kenya). What does that mean?

That nothing makes sense. Very un-Yanagi-like.

4. Will Number 5 (Sanada) and 6 (Atobe) ever kiss?

Absolutely not.

5. You spot Number 10 (Yushi) kissing Number 1 (Shiraishi). How do you react?

Highly unlikely scenario. I would ask why Shiraishi was kissing the wrong Oshitari cousin.

6. You notice that Number 3 (Yukimura) and Number 4 (Yanagi) have been inside that hotel room for MORE then a few hours. What are you thinking?

That they're probably plotting about something to do with Sanada - good or bad. They are demons after all. Or they're having a very in-depth discussion about tennis, which would mean that Sanada is also in the room.

7. Could Number 1 (Shiraishi) and Number 6 (Atobe) be soul mates?

No because they would spend all of their time proclaiming their brilliance or making sure they looked good.

8. Would Number 2 (Yagyuu) trust Number 5 (Sanada)?

Most definitely.

9. Number 4 (Yanagi) is bored and pokes Number 10 (Yushi). What happens after that?

Yushi probably wouldn't react with more than a slight eyebrow lift or a small frown. Yanagi would note this in his mental data.

10. Number 5 (Sanada) and Number 1 (Shiraishi) are forced to go back to school together.  What study will they pick?

No idea… I've never really thought about what they would do for the future. Probably tennis xD

11. Number 7 (Fuji) and Number 9 (Kenya) apply for a job. What job?

Fuji would probably apply for something where he can take pictures or work with people. Kenya would probably apply for something that is fast-paced and requires him to move a lot throughout the day.

12. Number 8 (Niou) gives Number 5 (Sanada) a haircut. Is that okay?

He would do a great job since he is so precise in what he does. But he doesn't really like Sanada so it might not be a wise choice if he doesn't want to end up with a more wild haircut.

13. Number 9 (Kenya) sketches what Number 6 (Atobe)'s perfect mate should look like; will Number 6 (Atobe) be happy?

If he verbally describes him, I'm sure Atobe would listen out of curiosity. I don't think Kenya would be good at drawing.

14. Number 2 (Yagyuu) sent a message to their bf/gf but 9 (Kenya) got it. What would happen?

He would probably disregard it since he would be too busy bickering with Yushi on the phone.

15. Number 5 (Sanada) and Number 6 (Atobe) did a workout together?

They have before. And then Atobe influenced him to play a match with him that was never resolved and they both ended up on the all-star team. I feel like if they worked out again, they would try to out-match each other in strength and endurance.

16. Number 1 (Shiraishi) accidentally kicked Number 10 (Yushi)?

Shiraishi would apologize and Yushi would say that it is not a problem.

17. If Number 6 (Atobe) and Number 3 (Yukimura) cooked dinner what would they make?

Atobe wouldn't cook - he would have his servants cook. If he had to, Yukimura would have to help him through the process. As for what Yukimura would make, he would make something tasty and healthy. Maybe a nice grilled fish.

18. Number 10 (Yushi) and Number 9 (Kenya) are blushing while they talk. What is their conversation about?

Probably about who they have crushes.

19. What might Number 1 (Shiraishi) and Number 3 (Yukimura) be doing together 10 years in the future?

Still playing the wonderful game of tennis :)

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