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Tenimyu - Treasure Match Shitenhouji
feat. Hyotei

Just a collection of screenshots from the show with my thoughts.
Most of them are humorous observations of my favorite actors.

Some information...
- The Baka Pair gets a high-five from me for being able to act that gay in front of that many people. Especially the guy with the glasses since he had to be "gayer" than the other guy.
- The Roller-Blading Thief appears! And also, Sakuno does too…(Wait?! A girl?! … You'll see what I mean later...)
- Shiraishi is ecstasy. He declares it many times just so you know. Mmm… Ahh… Ecstasy x 100.
- Atobe's hair is gone as a result of the last musical :( However, he still pulls off his air of arrogant awesomeness regardless of his new haircut.
- I was sad when Kato Kazuki (Atobe) and Takumi Saitou (Oshitari) weren't back with the rest of Hyotei T.T Two of my favorite actors ever! However, the new Atobe and Oshitari grew on me after I watched Treasure Match, DL6th, and Final Match. Great job guys!
- Boku Wa Kawaru is one of my absolute favorite songs. Fuji's voice is beautiful in this ^^
- Shiten-hou-hou-ji! xD

Screenshots down here…

The ones down here occurred earlier in the musical, but I don't remember where they are from...


( 3 Admirers — Katsu no wa Hyotei )
Jun. 27th, 2012 03:56 am (UTC)
I love the screenshots, they are really funny
I just love Shiraishi in this musical, he's awesome
Jun. 18th, 2014 05:23 am (UTC)

These are too funny!!!!! OMG!!!

This further proves Shitenhouji's awesomeness. KENKURA!!!! Kenya you so jealous. Shiraishi's faces....UNF!!!

Baka Pair never ceases to make me laugh hysterically. Koharu's actor had to be SO GAY but he did it SO WELL!! I love the part where he was assaulting Kaidoh. XDDD

Tezuka gave them masks....that was manly. I love that episode/match for some reason (probably because I'm a MomoKai fangirl >>)

Oshitari cousins worshiping rackets....LOL


The Echizen, Fuji and Tezuka in this were probably my favorite versions of them ( I also liked Sakurada as Echizen and Shirota as Tezuka but still, props to these guys)

Man this makes me want to watch this all over again....
Jun. 18th, 2014 07:17 pm (UTC)
Shiraishi's facial expressions are perfect in this. I especially like the 'I like men who can take care of business…' since he was not actually in their match LOL.
There's a lot of touching in this one too hahaha. Touching touching!

OMG HORIO HAS TWO BALLS! You will never be able to live that joke down. Less ecstasy for you!

I definitely liked the 4th cast Echizen, Fuji, and Tezuka! Yup yup - Sakurada and Shirota were awesome too! 5th cast Echizen is my favorite singing Echizen (and he's just adorable anyawys!).

I don't know if you saw this JanKen Atobe vs Sanada one that I did, but PFFFFFTTTT. I honestly with I had the time to sit down and do more of these, but I have so. many. screenshots. I can't even. And I just realized that I never did share the Dream Live 3rd ones! that I had finished

*nods nods* I don't remember if I had seen Season 2 Hyotei Nationals yet. And I know I did not download Season 2 Shitenhouji because I gots no room on the computer at the moment.

DREAM LIVE 3rd!!! And Final Match 2nd! :D
( 3 Admirers — Katsu no wa Hyotei )

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