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Quick Update

HAPPY BIRTHDAY monarchist!
I hope that the Emperor, Master of Death had a fantastic day <3

Hello to new friends from the friending meme! *waves* I hope that we have a great time getting to know each other, have fun sharing stories with each other, and be supportive of each other :D

Yesterday I started writing THE scene for my 'Lord Yukimura Sr. meets his wife' story and it's coming together quite well. My biggest obstacle has been naming the characters (followers of my PoT/FE story know that the non-PoT characters go by their titles to spare me from naming them lol). You know you're Kuroko no Basket obsessed when two of the characters gain names from that series >.> Now to find last names for some of them /o\

If you're curious, I used the names 'Ryouta' and 'Shintarou' for my favorite two. XD

If this original story becomes a time-consuming monster, I will hit it with the Tarundoru Bat. I swear it.

Two weeks left until I move and three more days after that starts my job! Pre-marching band camp whooooooo! :D



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Jul. 22nd, 2012 04:15 am (UTC)
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Jul. 22nd, 2012 03:42 pm (UTC)
Jul. 22nd, 2012 06:27 am (UTC)
*Strolls in* Harrrrrroooooo ====(~'w')~ I'm sure we'll have fun!

I'm seeing so many getting into Kuroko no Basket XD Another one of my friends told me it's the new PoT/like PoT. Got to admit that the fanart I'm seeing is really pretty... ;_;
Jul. 22nd, 2012 02:16 pm (UTC)
Heeeelllloooo! *waves* Lots of fun to be had for sure!

I got into it 'cause the art was pretty and it was a sports anime. But what really got me hooked was how likeable the main team was (I tend to not like the main characters or the main team of any series much). And the characters are quite different from each other, which also makes things interesting.

I suppose I can see how people see it as the new PoT/like PoT because of the sports and the good-looking guys and the lots of pairings to ship (I'm not much of a shipper fyi - once they get paired up, they rarely pair up with anyone else). It's got an explosion of pixiv art going (dial-up internet is not a friend to images) and Namja Town is featuring themed food after the show currently. Crazy.

(moving tenipuri comment here)

PoT/FE battles are difficult to write ;-; Especially when they have lots of elements like the night and a forest and other stuff.

There would be no way I would get the Gaiden chapters even if I knew you had to let people die. My soul couldn't handle it TT

Ahahahahaha, so funny! Watch out for Sanada's axe! :D

I like the depth of Yuan's character and story. And his badassery. :D

PS - ^___^ His hair was tough (so were quite a few characters). Clothing color change is what takes me the longest and Atobe and Oshitari's had to be completely changed around (screw you gold trimming!!!!). I love Wil <3 He didn't get to go on the final mission, but if I played the game again, I would for sure be able to set it up so he can go.

<3 You're wonderful.
Jul. 22nd, 2012 11:34 pm (UTC)

The animation/art is indeed very pretty. I think I watched the opening sequence? I do see alot of screenshots so that much count XD I know what you mean about not liking main characters/teams. Even for PoT, I grew out of Seigaku and found the rival teams a lot more interesting. Not to mention my favorite character is a minor one. 8|

I think I see more shippy fanart of Kuroko on tumblr more than actual sport aahahaha. Chances are I'll give the anime a go. I'm just still "mad" at my other friends who got me into Sakamichi no Apollon and I was sobbing by the end. >:'( Ahahaha.


I would think battles in general are hard to write! There's too many factors but I think you did an awesome job :DD

Yeahhhhhh even.. I don't know about getting Gaiden chapters. XD Like some chapters were special so you could recruit new people but I'm sure that requires me to kill off 5 people or something O___O Even though there was a lot of characters I didn't use I want to keep them alive.

Hee hee Sanada I will totally watch you handle a badass axe any day! *__*

Yuan is one of my favorites in Symphonia for sure. His character design was epic. Also, SWOOOOORD \XD/

PS Hair editing can be tedious. XD Especially if it's all over the place, it won't make the editing any easier. Atobe looks spot on though, like the king he is XD Wil was always a solid unit, also I love archers (well in general I like range fighters. HELLO MAGES!) I'll have to replay 7, I missssss it.

You are more wonderful~ I look forward to your stuff! ♥
Jul. 23rd, 2012 01:52 am (UTC)
My favorite band from Japan is GRANRODEO. They sing the OP. I watch it constantly haha. Not all of their songs are great, but man the ones that are are AWESOME. Can do!!!!

I must go take a look at your friending meme answers. Brb.

It is very shippable material. I'm sure that's one of the main reasons why there was a mass explosion in popularity (and the show is well-done and voiced by awesome people). I just watched Ep. 5 of Sakamichi no Apollon and I can totally see why a few of my friends were like "ALL OF THE FEELS ;-;" I don't cry watching shows or reading even if it's sad or tragic or dramatic... only when it's just amazingly inspirational. How about you?


Sometimes I forget to light a light source when it's dark or have them see each other smile when they can't. *shakes fist at medieval*

Exactly! Living is of the good even if I never use them.

XDDDD He's a total pro with it. As is all of Rikkai with their weapons.

He had a MAGIC SWORD like Kratos. But it was a double blade. \o/ lightning magic.

PS - Two of my other Fire Emblem friends are big on mages for range fighting. I tend to have long-movement units (partly because the cavliers/paladins are handsome //shot//) and any other space is for mages and an archer. *nods*

I missssss FE7 too. I've played Radiant Dawn quite a few times and Path of Radiance some. They have more save files lol. I have a problem with trying to delete a finished game to start a new one :/

Awwww shuucks. *hugs tightly* Also, sorry if the comments keep getting looooooong.
Jul. 23rd, 2012 03:02 am (UTC)
Oh I see! I haven't heard of the band before but the song was quite catchy!

I think one of the main reasons why everyone was telling me to watch was for the seiyuu, and damn, the series really does have a great cast. Like... all the big names are in it. XD Sakamichi no Apollon was really good, I still have to read the manga myself. I think I may tear up while watching really sad things but it's mostly really just me going "SOB CRY I HATE YOU GUYS WHY DID YOU TELL ME TO WATCH THIS" all over plurk/twitter. Then my friends laugh at me ;~;


Ahahha you bring up a good point XD So flashlights--- NOPE.

I mostly kept everyone alive because I never knew if I needed one to recruit someone else. Honestly I think Shadow Dragon was the first FE game I played to encourage you to have less units? O__O

Alllll of Rikkai are badasses with their weapons *_*

Oh god I love magic swords. I actually played as Genis when I played Symphonia with my brother, tells me to keysmash A to cast spells faster lol what. I need to look at Symphonia's OVA again, just to see Yuan. YUP.

PS Yessssss mages *__* It's true that the paladins are handsome, especially in 8. :DDD Sometimes I got nuts with magic users. One damage? HEAL HEAL HEAL.

7 was my first game, I must have replayed it so many times just to get all the supports. FE should always have lots of save slots. Three is just not enough you know T__T (also if you need to share the game lol sob)

Heeeeee ♥ /SQUISH No need to apologize! It's all good~
Jul. 23rd, 2012 06:50 am (UTC)
To make a long story short, Kishou Taniyama voices Len Tsukimori in La Corda. I like his singing voice -> find out he's in a band called GRANRODEO -> they specialize in doing anime OP/EDs but do other J-Rock music too. Kishou also sings in Uta no Prince-sama.

I cannot unhear Ono Daisuke as Sebastian Michaelis when he is talking on KnB (he plays a very cold and serious character) that I LOVE. My favorite seiyuu is Suwabe <3 Yours?
<3 I like finding those anime that are deep and make you feel all kinds of feel. \o/ Substance. *pat pat*


If I run into a problem, I usually have Sage Yanagi be the problem solver. He's magic lol. Shhhh.... ;)

The only games I have are FE7, FE8, PoR, and RD (aka all English released ones). I can't wait for this new one being localized though!!!

My brother played as Genis on our first run (and maybe the second too). But he's very versatile so he likes getting good with all of the characters. Now he favors Regal or Persea. I cling to Kratos, and when he's mia, I use Lloyd. YUAN <333 I need to finish watching the OVAs

PS - I like to keep my units at full health too! My brother is very good at strategy games so he's thought far enough ahead to figure out how many units can attack one before he feels the need to heal them and sets it up so he blows through each chapter. It's ridiculous.

Also, the brother was doing that with FE7 a few weeks ago. Yeah, and we share one copy :/

*is squished* You're so much fun to talk too! And flail about fandom stuff with. *cheers* Okay, sleep time for me... Catch you later!
Jul. 24th, 2012 03:20 am (UTC)
Oooh I see! I'll have look more into GRANRODEO then. That Can Do song is just so cool *_*

OH THAT'S RIGHT, I forgot that Ono is in KnB. That really just makes the series more tempting. And I do like cold/serious characters. My favorite seiyuu... would have to be Okiayu Ryoutarou and Namikawa Daisuke. Quite frankly PoT has one of the greatest groups of seiyuu EVER.


When in doubt, Yanagi. XD That works for me! Also magic is shiny.

I have all the ones released in English and 6 and 12. I have emulated FE4 but I never beat it because the maps intimidate me and I get angry lol. I'm so happy about the 3DS one! I can't wait either, oh god all the DLC..... :||||||| Just wasting my money~

Oh neat! :D I also play as Presea a lot but Lloyd is normally my main if I play alone. Kratos I pretty much have to have with me all the time since who can hate Judgement? XD I may need to rewatch the OVAs, even I'm forgetting to what happened

PS Holy crap that's amazing. I get so paranoid well playing SRPGs (probably why I fail at them XD). I move so slowly and I insist full heal. It also doesn't help that I level abuse XD

Ahahha yeah sharing can be a bummer with limited slots. Dammit Nintendo four slots isn't helping me 8||||

Awww you as well! It's nice to spaz about the series again, even my old FE friends have grown out of the fandom even we don't talk much about FE anymore XD I will be around! Sleeping probably. Or dying of the heat lol
Jul. 22nd, 2012 07:27 am (UTC)
Yes! Hit it with the Bat! :-)

I am sorry I was not available when you called earlier! :-(

*hugs you*
Jul. 22nd, 2012 03:43 pm (UTC)
The bat hasn't been used for a while. It's dying to hit something or be shaken at something.

Hey, it's okay. Just had some time to kill after lumberjacking was done.
Jul. 22nd, 2012 02:33 pm (UTC)
I'M SORRY. I'M SO DENSE >.<" Did you mean you wanted me to repost my comment here...?
Jul. 22nd, 2012 02:42 pm (UTC)
I have your old comment in my e-mail, so here is my reply:

I wish that they had the option to learn cello as an instrument class, but they only had violin/viola. :/ I actually did alright on viola though (it had more clearance so you didn't actually hit two strings at once).

But yay you play violin and piano! :D

I was interning I think when Careless Whisper/Sexy Saxophone Man was big. So I didn't get to hear any of my saxophone friends play it lol. But it gets stuck in the head by just the title too lol.

Band is not compulsory at all. But it tends to be one of the largest programs at a school. A lot of elementary schools do the recorder thing because it's easy to teach (not easy to make sound well), but it makes the student feel good regardless.

You just took the words right out of my mouth for their moves. It sounds more like a triangle with one side falling out ahaha. Poor Nadal ;-; Yes, I have seen his impersonations. That guy is so silly sometimes. And Troicki too. I'm not really familiar with Troicki so I don't know about his douchbaggery.

LOL. I love amusing sports crowds. I hate the ones that are very degrading to the other team though (or start riots when their team loses). :/

You're so funny - I love you. I love hearing different accents too! Nothing wrong with patriotism. I'll cheer on Australia for you too! \o/
Jul. 22nd, 2012 03:27 pm (UTC)
My sister plays cello, and I've always thought it had the best string instrument sound :) So rich and pretty~ *o* We had a couple of kids play Elgar's Cello Concerto in orchestra, which was amazing ♥

Haha I'm such a 'typical music student' ^.^; Violin and piano...OTL I love piano, though :) Someday I'd like to try messing around with a synthesizer, or one of those looping devices :)

Have you seen the music video on YouTube? :P The guy is hilarious :P The song actually sounds really nice on piano, though. One of my piano-playing friends has perfect pitch, so she figured the chords and all for it after listening and it was actually rather beautiful...Then our saxophonist friend joined in and it all went downhill from there XD Have you ever tried majorizing a minor song or minorizing a major song? He majorized that song :P

Ah, the saxophonist friend I was just talking about did concertos on the recorder ^.^; It's a surprisingly versatile instrument :P

Nadal~~~ ;A; Troicki's not really in the big leagues, but he's the equivalent of Wawrinka to Federer - countrymen alliance! Sadly 'Serbian tennis player' seems to be a bit of a synonym for 'douchebag' nowadays, judging from Djokovich and Tomic....But it's okay, because Thomas Berdych is the biggest jerk on the court! XD I admire him, but I don't think Berdych will ever be free of the judging looks due to his refusal to shake hands at the end of a match *cough* Sanada, are you learning something? *cough*

...I think Philadelphia's the kind you hate ^.^; I dislike them intensely, but when a team manages to take that in stride like the Penguins did, I LOVE IT ♥

///// Aww, you're so sweet! >.< I just have a huge interest in culture, so I get really excited about literally anything to do with different countries (and often with my own too...) Yay Australia fans! Jamaica's probably going to take all the running events and if America doesn't win basketball that'll just be embarrassing. I say China for the synchronized stuff but Russia for the gymnastics, and so Australia's totally got to own swimming >.< The old swimming legends are mostly gone, but hopefully this year's team does well too! ^o^
Jul. 22nd, 2012 03:40 pm (UTC)
I love rich sounding instruments <3 Bass Trombone, French Horn, and Oboe are rich sounding so I'm glad that they're my strongest three.

LOL - that reminds me of something the Assistant Director of Concerts at my university said to me once: Typically Asians play a string and/or piano... so what happened with you? He's so funny - I miss him ;-; If I could grant me certain music powers, I would give myself the ability to play piano, the drumset, and sing well. Perfect pitch wouldn't hurt either since my ear is horrible.

Yes, I've seen the video. It's so amusing.
I've done that to songs here and there, but not very often. Just never think to, but it gets amusing results often.

Booo not shaking hands at the end of a match. Lamesauce. Win or lose - you're all sportsmen. *shakes the Tarundoru Bat at Sanada*

Bwah. That's really funny, but hey, as long as you like them, then it's all good :D

Jamaica or some African country will own the running events. It's totally their thing. The US tends to embarrass itself quite often, but not like poor England who have a tough time winning anything they've invented. I pull for them in soccer... and Quidditch XDDDD I love that country.

I love watching the gymnastics (especially the men on the pommel horse). It's just crazy some of the stuff they can pull off.

\o/ Best of luck - should be an exciting time as we try to keep up on all that's going on in the Olympic world.
Jul. 22nd, 2012 04:28 pm (UTC)
Oboe's are pretty~ *o* So are bassoons :D It's a pity they're so rare though :(

Your Assistant Director of Concerts certainly knew what he was talking about XD Ooh I would love to have a proper sense of rhythm >.< I have a lot of respect for drummers because I'm terrible at keeping even >.<

It's both cringeworthy and hilarious, changing minor keys to major and vice versa :) YMCA, in particular...

Humph, I know right! Smash your racquets if you like, yell at the umpire, yell at the ball boys, yell at the audience...but don't forget to shake hands at the end. That's like, the golden rule of tennis =.= Silly Sanada :/

If you remember Usain Bolt, he was beaten twice in a row by some random in the qualifiers >.< And practically all the people on that team have 100m times that are like, world records @.@ Everyone else is screwed :P At least England's been doing well lately :) They had Murray in the Wimbledon final and they've got Bradley Wiggins ready to win the Tour de France, so that bodes well for London, at least :)

Mm, gymnastics is a real pleasure to watch ♥ I'm pretty curious about the <49kg men's boxing competition, actually :P It's always interesting knowing the competitors are lighter than you @.@

Yes! Let's do our best to cheer for our countries ♥
Jul. 22nd, 2012 05:21 pm (UTC)
PRE-BAND MARCHING CAMP ohhh the memories!!!! ;w; (Hopefully the weather isn't crazy hot where you are)

btw- I finally snagged a copy of Path of Radiance last week! 8DD
Jul. 23rd, 2012 01:59 am (UTC)
It was crazy hot for weeks, but last week and this week have been 82-90 degrees with not-too-much humidity which is bearable. I think that it was hot practically everywhere :(

Yup - Pre-Marching Band Camp! That will run Tuesday-Thursday with one 9am-9pm and two shorter rehearsals. Then the next week is Band Camp Monday-Friday 9am-6pm. They're non-competitive marching band so they don't do the 8am-11pm type rehearsals that I had when I was in high school.

YES!!! Enjoy Path of Radiance!!! \o/ Let me know your favorites when you get to the end. I'm curious as to if you'll have similar people as me.
Jul. 23rd, 2012 04:56 am (UTC)
Ick, I swear it gets hotter and hotter every summer. >.< Those are some crazy hours, though! I think we had some law in our state that regulated that we couldn't do more than x hours of practice per week. But oh I miss those days! What's it like from your new perspective of a director?

Will do! I just invaded Daein and so far Astrid has turned out beastly, somehow. @_@ My Stefan's pretty crazy, as well. Reyson is eyecandy for me, even though he hasn't contributed a ton so far. XD
Jul. 23rd, 2012 06:39 am (UTC)
I'm so thankful I live on Lake Michigan - inland places were getting 100 degrees+ when we had 92-96 x.x I think that your state does have that law because I remember someone mentioning it in the "Texas bands are kickass, but they rehearse less than we do during the summer and fall. Unfair!" argument. They forget that the weather there stays warm for more of the year and can rehearse over a longer span of time. *nods* Texas and Indiana have powerhouse competitive marching bands.

I worked at their band camp last year actually as the trumpet instructor and visual tech. And the director is my best friend and I love helping him so I felt like I had the perspective already. But now, I have the title so I will be more involved throughout the season with all of the logistics and everything. Should be good since I was the assistant to the marching band in my final year of university. Long answer... the short answer is that I know what I'm doing and it will feel nice that the students will have a higher level of respect for me from the start since they know I'm 'legit'.

Astrid can totally turn out beastly in that game. I dropped her towards the end 'cause my final crew is all-male and there was no room :/ Stefan is pretty strong, but he's even stronger in Radiant Dawn (though it's because he comes in late game).

Reyson <3 If we're talking bird laguz, Naesala is eye candy for me lol. But my favorite is Geoffrey. Such a noble and serious man!
Jul. 23rd, 2012 09:02 pm (UTC)
That still sounds pretty brutal. >.< I remember we could only do outdoor summer band camp in the mornings because of the weather, then would go inside at noon to work on the music portion. When do other states stop marching for the season?

It's good that you already have the experience! Has much changed over the years? Ahhh... I've always wanted to see the field from atop the directors' tower~

Haha, an all-male crew sounds nice. I've been trying to use her less and less because over her Paragon skill... and I might swap out Jill for Haar when I recruit him, too and follow that model. XD

Naesala is so meannnnn to Reyson lol <3 I know that experience of being betrayed and all was traumatizing to Reyson but I found their spat kind of cute. ^^; *hides*
Jul. 23rd, 2012 09:29 pm (UTC)
Band Camp for when I was in high school: (Pre-Band Camp was similar except it was held at our school and new members + section leaders were in the morning and full band was at night... percussion had afternoon and evening practice)

Wake-up: 7am
Breakfast: 8am
Morning Outdoor: 9am-12pm
Lunch: 12-1pm
Afternoon Music Rehearsal in the shade or Indoor Sectionals: 1pm-4pm
Recreational (like sleeping or the pool): 4pm-5pm
Dinner: 5pm-6pm
Evening Rehearsal: 6pm-10pm
Evening Activity (not mandatory): 11pm-12am

Repeat Tues-Fri (Monday didn't have the morning rehearsal because we would be moving into the dorm rooms at a college campus). Saturday was morning rehearsal and then performance at noon.

Then the rest of August and then the school year were 5pm-9pm rehearsals Tues-Thur and 9am-9pm ones on Saturday. Once competitions start late September, then it was 9am rehearsal until the it was time to leave for the competition. And (home) football games were on Friday nights.

A marching season goes end of July to mid-November typically.

Non-competitive marching band will do a tamer band camp (say 9am-6pm) and do only one or two rehearsals a week in addition to their 1 or 1.5 hour class time.

I'd say that competitive schools have upped the amount of rehearsal time over the years... and the amount of content on the field. It used to be just solid music and intense drill moves, but now there's a ton of props and dancing and all that to try to win over with general effect. But also, there are many schools pulling out of the competitive circuit because it costs so much money, people have lost sight of what marching band should be about, the organization in the state is doing a poor job of running it, etc. It's become something where if you don't have loads of money to pay for complex drill, solid music arrangement, band camp instructors, and don't have a large program, then there's no way you'll survive.


I'm afraid of heights. Can't climb those towers unless they have stairs and are sturdy. But it's a sweeeeet view for sure.

Haar is one of my favs. He totally gains a level of badassery in Radiant Dawn XD
*pulls you out of hiding* :D He is mean, but he does care about him. He's a total Snape character... only he is quite charming and Snape is not. I LOVE THEM BOTH. Also, Tibarn vs. Naesala = Amazing.
Jul. 24th, 2012 04:08 pm (UTC)
Wow, that sounds INTENSE, our schedule doesn't even compare! But it sounds amazing to just totally immerse yourself in the band for an entire week (some of my old classmates would beg to differ). We never got to room in dorms at all during summer practice, that sounds like so much fun! If I recall, our schedule was something like..

9 am: warmup/outdoor practice
11 am: woodwind/brass indoor sectionals
1 pm: then they let us go home for shower/lunch/anything
6 pm: outdoor practice til 8~9pm?

And then during the rest of the school year, it'd just be 2 hours after classes ended every day. No weekends unless there was a game or competition (I LOVED competitions!!)... Our schedule sounds so tame compared to yours. ^^; Our school wasn't super hardcore though; we went to state one year but barely placed #10 or something.

I remember coordinating with the color guard (flag peeps) and dancing team for our shows! And for my junior year show, they pulled two of the flute players in our section to actually do this tango in the middle of the show. XD It's sad to hear that this kind of stuff is looking to be NECESSARY, though... Too bad they are judged on flashy stuff as well as how hard they work at their execution.. It's still a blast just putting together a show with 100+ other people... how often does a high school student get to do something that incredible?

Don't be sorry! That was really interesting to read! Really nostalgic, too. ;w;

I took a peek at the Radiant Dawn character portraits and... Woah Sothe! D8
He plays all suavely innocent when confronting Reyson about it later, too. "It's YOUR fault you ran away before I uh... had a chance to go rescue you," basically. XD They were both transformed when they had that conversation too, so I could just imagine this white bird bristling at this smirking crow. <3 Does Tibarn get to smite Naesala for his behavior later? XD
Jul. 23rd, 2012 08:16 am (UTC)
Good luck with the job and your move :D
Jul. 23rd, 2012 08:24 pm (UTC)
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