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PoT/FE - Fuji and Inui

Concept Art:

These two took between 2.5 and 3 hours to do (not much to change with their clothing and their hair was very cooperative). The last time I worked on concept art was early July - woooooow that's a ways back. Only Tezuka and Echizen left!

Click for larger picture.

Today, we were SUPPOSED to get our internet back, but it turns out that the address we gave them was not "federally correct" (we said #2 instead of .5 in our address line). So now the appointment has been moved to Wednesday. WTF. They had apparently stopped by at 2pm, and they called the Best Friend who was at school, but didn't knock or ring the doorbell or anything. And for security reasons, they couldn't change the address line there. OTL.

So, hi, I'm at Pizza Hut for dinner and using their internets. Band Booster meeting tonight!


Oct. 2nd, 2012 11:26 pm (UTC)
:D Did I ever tell you what bodies I am using for Echizen and Tezuka? I don't know because I was keeping it a secret... I think.

Oh geez :/ I am so so glad that you caught it before it damaged your eyesight. Keep me posted on your recovery. I want to wait until you are healed before posting a massive block of text for you to read. Also, I welcome my Yukimura review with wide open arms. Lol I luv you.

- I went home to get my computer after marching band rehearsal. Left the car running so I unhooked my lanyard to get in the house.
- When I got to McDonald's, it was raining so I did stuff on the computer before getting out. The Best Friend had arrived and I thought he went inside.
- Checked my pockets and felt keys and the lanyard was hanging on my belt loop. When I got inside, I realized that the keys that were in my pocket were the HS keys I forgot to give back to the Best Friend.
- Good news: Best Friend had Triple A and we were a couple doors down from a towing service.
- End saga.
Oct. 2nd, 2012 11:37 pm (UTC)
I was here when you were looking for bodies for Tezuka and Echizen. Lol. You showed me your concept art for everyone before you edited it. Goof. XD Unless you've changed em, I should know. Either way, they are all epic.

Me too, though my prescription is nearly 8 years old, my eyesight can't get too much worse considering. XD I shall keep you in the loop my dear. Aw damnit!! I knew I forgot to do something!!! I shall get that to you when I get home then! It's an open file on my laptop so it'll be super easy to post. \o/

XDDDDDDD Aw man that sucks, but a happy ending is good!! 'End saga' Lol nice. I love it. When does it hit stores?

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