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fc_smorgasborg - Fanfic Challenge Tables

I discovered these prompt tables the other day and have been in the creative writing mood since I finished my Platinum Pair story a few days ago. I like challenges and I think these will be fun to try and fill out over the next semester.

40_loves Table

01.Smile 02.Laugh 03.Touch 04.Cry
05.Hug 06.Lovers 07.Sex 08.Embrace
09.Sun 10.Moon 11.Stars 12.Wind
13.Summer 14.Winter 15.Spring 16.Autumn
17.Fallen 18.Comfort 19.Swim 20.Acceptance
21.Hope 22.Bed 23.Cook 24.Clean
25.Smoke 26.Candles 27.Skin 28.Lips
29.Eyes 30.Hands 31.Words 32.Actions
33.Silence 34.Deafening 35.Dance 36.Date
37.Kiss 38.Magical 39.Flirt 40.Swoon

Buffet Table

1.Uncontrollable wrath 2.Look Beyond 3.Leap of faith 4.Gazing upon the sky 5.All sorts of complicated
6.Intoxicating the mind 7.Dancing with the devil 8.And that's when I stopped believing in gravity 9.Dream the impossible 10.Endless darkness
11.Fail with honor 12.That's all I ask of you 13.Dangerous illusion 14.A path to follow 15.Think of me
16.Shooting star 17.The beginning of goodbye 18.Like shattered glass 19.Left behind 20.I never thought...
21.A lonely tomorrow 22.Balance of power 23.Last time 24.Deliverance 25.Better left unsaid
26.Lonely by candlelight 27.Resisting temptation 28.Dancing in the fountain 29.You cannot lose what you never had 30.Blood and tears
31.Remember me 32.Letting go 33.Unfinished Tale 34.Lights out 35.Touch me
36.Flash of lightning 37.Alone in a crowd 38.Before the next year falls 39.Abandoned resistence 40.Clinging to the edge of control
41.Another fine mess 42.Promise me 43.Rough hands 44.Pierce the sky 45.Caught in the act
46.Silent watcher 47.Order from Chaos 48.Second Chance 49.Surrender to Me 50.Bad Things Come in Threes

1. One Small Mistake (Sanada + very slight Sanada x Yukimura)
2. Reach for Me (Sanada x Yukimura)
4. Perspective (Yagyuu x Niou)
8. As the Pieces Fall Together - Chapter 12 - True Desires (Yagyuu x Niou)
11. Trying Doesn't Hurt (Yagyuu x Niou + Rikkai)
12. All I Ask of You (Yagyuu x Niou)
15. A Simple Masterpiece (Rikkai + slight Sanada x Yukimura)
16. Wishing Upon Stars (Yanagi x Kirihara)
18. As the Pieces Fall Together - Chapter 7 - Broken (Yagyuu x Niou)
19. As the Pieces Fall Together - Chapter 6 - Fire and Ice (Yagyuu x Niou)
25. Always With Me (Sanada x Yukimura friendship)
27. As the Pieces Fall Together - Chapter 9 - A Dangerous Game (Yagyuu x Niou)
28. Prelude to Waltz (Atobe x Oshitari)
30. As the Pieces Fall Together - Chapter 11 - Uncertainty (Yagyuu x Niou)
32. As the Pieces Fall Together - Chapter 10 - Letting Go (Yagyuu x Niou)
34. Inescapable Bonds (Yagyuu x Niou)
40. As the Pieces Fall Together - Chapter 8 - Heavy Rain (Yagyuu x Niou)
43. Secret Fascination (Sanada x Yukimura)
44. Never Fully Satisfied (Atobe x Oshitari)
45. Caught in the act (Atobe x Oshitari)
50. A Crazily Unfortunate Day (Yagyuu x Niou + Rikkai)

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