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PoT/FE - Tezuka and Echizen

Concept Art:

Echizen took maybe 1.5 hours and Tezuka was about 2 hours (so that makes Hyotei by far the hardest group to do… Well, Atobe and Oshitari at least, and I was so-so with Rikkai, but they were the first group that I had ever done…) At least I've come up with a few small tricks to make things go faster (but nothing makes changing the color around fancy trimming faster X.X). ANYWAYS, with Lord Tezuka (Bow Paladin - his horse isn't around this picture though) and Swordmaster Echizen, I am done with all of the FE concept art \o/ !!!!!!!!!!!!! Fyi, last two I did was at the end of September and posted on the 1st of October. TIME FLYING AWAY, WHAT?!

You know what's crazier? I've been working on PoT/FE since May 2011. What's craziest is that I thought, up until a few days ago, that I was still unfinished on Ch. 3 and the middle transition paragraphs of Ch. 8 until I was reading something out of a journal untouched since the summer and some paper fell out… one of which that had the ending paragraphs of Ch. 3. Which means that I've been done with the main story since October-ish and haven't touched until last week because I've been working on the prequel.

Lord Tezuka and Swordmaster Echizen…Collapse )

What's going on right now?

1) School (came up with some new things for my 6th grade brass kids to get stickers for)

2) Typing/Editing PoT/FE (Part 4 - Chapter 3 has been a ***** to edit…) (To edit: 3, 5, 9, 10) (To type from journal: 6, 8, 11) (Typed and Triple Checked: 1, 2, 4, 7)

3) Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem (completed the game last night!!! Post with screenshots sometime)

4) Writing Japan Trip entries (so many things to type!)

5) Writing PoT/FE's Prequel (over halfway through since before Japan Trip, but now I'm getting some progress on it during my break at school)

6) HS Musical Rehearsal (every other weekend) and HS Pep Band (every week on Friday or Tuesday)

7) Fire Emblem: Awakening comes out February 4 and I'm getting the Cobalt Blue Nintendo 3DS bundle pack akl;flask;jfask;jf;sj

8) Need to find a second part-time job to make ends meet. =.=

Kyou Kara Maou!

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG KYOU KARA MAOU HITS THE STAGE!!!!!! This was the second anime series that I watched /major nostalgia
Conrad and Gwendal were my character loves. Conrad massively so <3

XDDDDDDD Kane as grumpy/annoyed/serious Gwendal.

\o/ Awesome things!

Today puricoffee shared Tumbling 3! BABA TORU IS SO HILARIOUS IN THIS (before it gets serious for his character) AND LOOKS AMAZING IN ALL OF HIS SUITS. *__*

Imagine Yagyuu with that expression. Or Souji. Riiiiiiight XD

Adorable! <3

ksafjl;kajfdlka;fksdjf <33333

And then amyused shared 2nd season Rikkamyu. I watched it with imma_holiday on a television screen when I was in Japan and alkjfa;klsjf;alkjs over Ogasawara Ken as Sanada, the badassery of the Three Demons' voices together, and Omaera Gakeppuchi Giri Giri.

Rokkai... wait! Btw - this skit is so funny!

Ah, there we go! Joshou Rikkai!

Ken!!! <3

About that Japan update that hasn't happened yet...
I spent my time awake unpacking from the trip (down to the very last bit) and packaging/writing gifts/letters for seventeen people and being at school. Will do my best to get things going this week! So much to share regarding pictures and stories! Bare with the delay a while longer.

Sleeping schedule, why?!?!

Before Japan: Sleep at 12-1am, wake at 7am. Eat a pocket-sized snack in the morning, have a small lunch, eat a bigger dinner.

After Japan: Sleep from 6pm-9pm (or 5pm-8pm) and again from 3am-6:30am. Actually have time to make a small breakfast. Try to eat lunch despite not being hungry. Remain not hungry during dinner time and settle for a late night snack.

MURRRRR this schedule is so darn wonky. Tomorrow I need to force myself to NOT sleep an evening nap ARGH.

The tack board I worked on at 1am last night to hang up new things I've acquired (I'm out of little hooks on my closet door). The new things are the KnB stuff - I've had the PoT stuff... and the charms in the lower left hand corner are from my mom when she went to Vietnam... and the Triforce I bought in the US XD The empty pins will be filled by the Kise, Aomine, Yanagi, and Kenya Yura Yura Cips + Atobe and Oshitari glass fruit charms when they arrive over the next couple of months. Loving the KnB school straps though - all my favorite players (Kise, Midorima, Imayoshi, Aomine, Takao, Kasamatsu). Too bad Kiyoshi or Izuki weren't an option too.

Tomorrow I need to strategically re-arrange my room to fit my mini clearfiles on the wall and two incoming stick posters... and this BA poster that my brother and I teamworked a UFO crane game (EVIL GAME Y SO HARD?!) to win. It was Imayoshi's jacket-on-the-shoulders pose and Aomine's pose (and then I flailed at Kise) that actually caught my attention and YOU COULDN'T BUY THE POSTER ANYWHERE so you had to find a UFO game that had it as a prize. By a stroke of luck, we found one in an arcade in Akihabara (1800yen to win it... if we won it in less tries, we would have gone for the other poster of hot sexy Midorima and Takao and handsome Kiyoshi).

(sorry for the crappy quality of the second poster... it's a macro shot of the side of the poster box).

- Hoping to put up Animate purchases tomorrow. Stationary another day. Photosets/Photobooks yet another day. And then all of the Japan stories. So many things to do!

Happy New Year everyone!

A look back at my year typing on my iPod Touch... As far as I can remember, it was filled with almost all good things - got a job at a school with my college best friend, subbed at a great music program before that, went to Japan, met a lot of new, wonderful friends, published the first volume of my PoT/FE book, got a good amount of the prequel done for NaNo, became closer to friends that I already have, met Baba Toru in real life... Yeah, lots of awesome things! :)

So here is to another year with success, love, laughter, fun, friendship, and all other good things in life! And here is my wish for all of my dear friends to have a wonderful year filled with those things as well! *hugs* Lots of love <3

Today I went to the shrine (around 5:30pm) and got my fortune. According to my brother, mine was the third best luck. :D

Oh, and Utapuri 2nd Stage is coming to DVD in March. Suwabe and Kishou I cannot wait!!!!!! And Mamoru and Suzumura too!


Merry Belated Christmas!

LJ was down for me when I wanted to post and I haven't had a chance to get Internet access until I got to our hotel in Tokyo (in which we have walked around a set of a few blocks the wrong way before finding it).

Lots of stories when I get back home. But I definitely want to thank krystalphoenix for being such a generous host for me during my stay in Osaka - showing me around and making me eggy bread every morning! And yayayayayay for meeting fic_faery in Namba and having the most wonderful time!

And Baba Toru in 2 days homgomgomgomgomgomg!!!!!!!!!

Today's the Day!

Seven hours left until my flight to Japan - ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /rolls around

Errr... /rolls around more in nervous excitement

I'm thinking some more Utapuri music. YUP.
Or maybe Les Miserables in Japanese? Just so so so good.
Jekyll and Hyde the Musical. Nostalgia!
GRANRODEO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unf, Kishou Taniyama


Cleaning, Catching Up, Crashing

And jamming to Utapuri Live while doing so. Mirai Chizu = SO MANY FEELS AND MY FAVORITE SONG OF 2012. Good gods Kishou Taniyama and Suwabe Junichi - your singing voices <333333 And Suzumura ad Mamoru too! Favorite Utapuri character song: Top Star Revolution (like I said before, if PoT/FE was a game and had an epic opening, that would be the song playing).

alexdonnelly - Gots the Christmas card in the mail. I LOVE THE BIRD on it and the recycle symbol ornaments akl;fjakjfa;j Thank you so much for the message and love, Alex!

Last Saturday, I went to see my MS/HS Best Friend for her small Christmas party. It was nice and relaxing - played Disney Trivial Pursuit, Euchre (ahhhhh my team lost 9-10, 2-3 in the last round! >< ), and Apples to Apples. Also talked for hours about life and psychology - whee!

Cleaning: The kitchen, my room, the refrigerator, my purse
Catching Up: Livejournal, Facebook, E-Mail
Crashing: Considering that I have been going to bed at 3am, 5:30am, 1:30am... and this morning we had a staff meeting at 7:15am (about school security in light of the elementary school shooting) and tomorrow we will have a staff meeting at 7:10am (because one the eighth graders has died and I don't know why/how?). ;-; So much unnecessary loss.

Just UGH

Because of a series of threat letters, doujin events and such having Kuroko no Basuke things have been cancelled. Comiket 83 has prohibited all Kuroko no Basuke-related circles from participating. Jump Festa 2012 has cancelled the Kuroko no Basuke Super Stage event and all exhibits and the sale of goods have been cancelled.

It angers me that this has been going on for months and that people would be so low as to write threat letters that cause fear, limits the success of a series, and makes it hard for fans to contribute to and enjoy the fandom. WTF PEOPLE.

>_< Seriously, I was so excited to be going to both events for KnB and I know the fanbase there is upset about the cancellations too. I'll be hitting up K-Books and Animate pronto when I get there since they'll still have stuff and I want to support them. *siiiiiiigghhhh* I hope they get to the end of this soon.

Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem

Had a DS Emulator downloaded from when the Prince of Tennis Doki Doki Survival was shared on the tenipuri comm and saw that the English patch for this game was out. Reward for finishing NaNo - Yuuuuuup. AND I beat the Elite Four the other day (yes, I made it the last 3/4 of November without playing Pokemon) so whee onto Kanto! (I'm saving that for the Japan trip bus rides and such).

Anyways, this game is WAY WAY WAY WAY better than the three chapters I played of Shadow Dragon. I'm playing this one first before I continue Shadow Dragon too haha. My Unit ended up being named David (so I didn't know that you could use My Unit in battle... otherwise I would have named him Yagyuu lololol). He's a cavalier, born from a noble family, is known for his kindness, and seeks enlightenment. I should point out that I didn't know the answers to his background questions affected his stat growth (silly Hymn). I'm fine with it now.

David the Cavalier!

Luke is my second best unit. Also a cavalier.

Rody, another cavalier, is the second best looking character in the game. Abel is my first (... also a cavalier, but he might be a paladin (the class up) in this game).
But gah, Rody gets terrible level ups! >.<

Oh David... you do. You're just in denial.

PoT/FE Fanart

From azalifinrandi for NaNoWriMo 2012 <333333333333

Epic Wind Sage Yanagi is so epic and badass!

From lechaco for buying her doujinshi <3333333333333

The garden scene from Part 1 - Chapter 4 - the first scene I had ever written for PoT/FE :)

Here I'll be linking any art/gifts related to my fanfic ^^ Thank you for all of the support - I am deeply humbled by how much love my story has received and will continue working hard to accomplish all that I want to do with the universe.

Art...Collapse )

NanoWriMo - Day 13-30

All of the other word counts...

Day 13: 33,725
Day 14: 36,082
Day 15: 38,467
Day 16: 40,467
Day 17: 42,905
Day 18: 44,960
Day 19: 46,460
Day 20: 48.581
Day 21: 50,774 (Winner)
Day 22: 50,774
Day 23: 52,974
Day 24: 54,574
Day 25: 54,574
Day 26: 56,897
Day 27: 57,897
Day 28: 57,897
Day 29: 57,897
Day 30: 60,477

Alrighty-o! I have maybe 1/4 of the Yukimura parents story left (oh how my stories expand) and more than 1/2 of the Yagyuu parents story left (this one is shorter than the other one). For December, I'm going to work on typing out PoT/FE Part 4 stuff onto the computer, and then on the my flight to Japan and back, I'll see if I can wrap up writing my NaNo.

Thank you to everyone for their support (sorry I failed hardcore at putting up a daily wordcount)! Please feel free to shower this post in Pokemon though! I am going to try to tackle that collage of Pokemon on a relatively free weekend. *hugs to all*

Eighteen Pokemon…Collapse )

Black Friday Shopping

So FYE didn't have Season 3 of Nurse Jackie, but Best Buy did for $34.99 :/ Considering I got the first two seasons for $10 a piece (interestingly enough, this FYE had it for $20 each), it was a no.

Things I did get: A Navy Blue V-Neck Sweater from the GAP for my brother, a darker teal sweater from American Eagle (it seems as though I only get sweaters from there on Black Friday, but this is the first year in three that it's actually a woman's sweater and not a men's), 1.5inch black dress heels from Sears (I haven't bought any since like 10th or 11th grade seriously - I'll try to post a pic at some point), a nice formal black watch from Younkers (finally, no more staring at my wrist during concerts! Should post a pic of this too), Despicable Me DVD from K-Mart ($3.99 whoo!)... I think that's it.

I didn't end up with any teacher clothes this year (and I usually end up with more clothes than other stuff). *nods*

Okay, down to the last 10 or so Christmas cards. I counted them today - 42. /rolls around

> Also, if it was unclear on the last post, any cards that get to me while I am gone will be held at the post office (so it's not out in the cold in my tiny little mailbox) and I won't be able to let you know that I received it until I get back. If you're more comfortable with waiting until after Jan. 4th before sending because things get busy, then that's totally okay too.

Speaking of tripping... trip planning for another country = difficult. Too many ?s ahahaha. /needs to know all of the things
But hey hey, I'm super duper excited - got addresses to where I want to go printed out, train stations I must use to get there printed out, praying to the gods that I get tickets to two events I want to go to... Gotta book a night bus trip (another second one too if something works out). THINGS.

Also talked myself out of bringing my laptop ;-; 1) I highly doubt I'll have much time on it. 2) I have the Best Friend's iPad. 3) Pictures can wait to be uploaded once I'm home.

krystalphoenix and fic_faery and amyused - thank you soooo much for all of your help and everything <3333


Happy Thanksgiving US People! (and other people too if you celebrate it).

I was up at the lovely stroke of 5:20am this morning 'cause mom wanted to get my brother headphones at K-Mart at 6:00am lol. My brother tends to either lose or destroy his headphones and they were $2/$5 for those earbud type ones.

While I was in the electronics section looking at things, I saw Despicable Me for $3.99 \o/ Got mom a 8GB SDHC card for my parents' camera (yay $6) and mom got a buy one get one of equal of lesser value work shoes for dad. Oh, and socks. I needed black socks.

Then we made our way to Meijer's (think Midwest-area Target w/ the grocery store). Got a Canon Powershoot A4000 IS for $99 instead of $178 (we were thinking of hitting Best Buy at midnight for either the same camera or one very similar, but there was no rush at Meijer's by the time we got there). My only other camera was a Canon 550 something from 7 years ago that I dropped at our university's stadium and somehow the case (despite being split open at the top) hasn't given up yet. I love that camera, but YAY NEW CAMERA THAT CAN USE SDHC INSTEAD OF ONLY SD CARDS FOR DECEMBER TRIP.

Other items were food: Pasta Sauce (Prego released a new flavor called Creamy Vodka and it tastes really darn good!), 12 boxes of various fruit snacks from Kellogg's for the brother, box candy (Sour Patch Kids for the brother), Stuffing (yum!), and other things for dinner.

Stores to hit tomorrow (btw, screw you Black Thursday Night Transitions Into Black Friday): FYE, Best Buy, JcPenny's, (how I wish we had Express or Banana Republic!!!), Kohl's, Barnes and Noble. Things needed to buy: Nurse Jackie Season 3 and maybe a few long-sleeved button downs.

And let's talk about Christmas cards. I have a stack of 30ish (40ish?) and I want to say I've gotten through like 2/3s of it (hello NaNo, hello). All engines ahead people, because I'm sending the international ones next Monday and the domestic ones Thursday.

Reminder, if you want me to get your Christmas stuffs in the mail, I have to have things arrive by December 18th. I have put in a request at my post office to hold all of my mail between December 19th-Jan. 5th so it will be safe there (but perhaps inconvenient to them during holiday season?).

Alan Rickman's voice apologizes on my behalf for having to rush Christmas.

When I get back from Thanksgiving Break, I shall have my uber NaNo update with lots of Pokemon. I passed 50K yesterday \o/


Jump Festa 2013 - II

Okay, I think I need to analyze this for my sake to move on and be able to write my NaNo stuff (so behind today... argh!)

1) The Shiraishi tapestry is EFFIN' SEXY. So is the one where he is laying on the ground, but you all know me and ahem button down shirts.

2) The Set of 12 clearfiles for 5000 yen I believe are the same pictures used on the 800 yen box of cookies. I like the background on the Set of 12 things (I like school crests A LOT), so yeah, if I can find these outside of the Festa event, I'm buying them (Yagyuu and Oshitari's hotness OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG). Why is the picture of the box of cookies so small?!?!??!?!


Anyone getting the Digital Trading cards? Set 2 was like Set 1, but Set 3 is totally up my formal attire + casual/formal attire alley.

I bet you KnB is biding its time to crush my bank account.

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